Chapter 88

Chapter 88

“I see,” Eugene finally said, “Forgive me, I must sound so silly.” She laughed it off slightly, trying to brush off whatever growing concern the king was having.

Kasser nodded at her before looking away, his gaze trailing along the bottom of the railing, trying to hide the relief he was feeling. He thought it was a good thing she endured everything rather quietly, and had not felt rejected. He decided to change the topic as he assessed the height.

“I haven’t exactly measured just how high I can jump.” He began leaning over the railings as he watched the bottom floor. “But I think…” He pulled away and turned to her once more. “… I could jump this height, even with you in my arms.” He declared.

Eugene quirked up an eyebrow…

“Really?” She was shocked, as well as reluctant to believe him. But when he burst out laughing, she narrowed her eyes at him, giving him an unamused stare. “You think I’ll get scared with a little height?”

She’d never been afraid of heights, and she wasn’t about to start now. In her world, she had ridden the most extreme rides in the amusement parks such as rollercoasters and many more without feeling stressed about it. When Kasser remained skeptical of her bravery, she stood beside him, looking down and then right back at him again.

“All right, let’s do it!” She declared.

Kasser raised a brow at her.

“Don’t underestimate how high up we are.” He pointed out.

Eugene nodded.

“I know,” she said. “And it seems like fun. Shall we?”

Kasser frowned. “You’re bluffing.” He accused.

“Not at all!” Eugene replied confidently. “I don’t fear much.” She stated, before remembering she was supposed to not know anything about her past. “At least, it feels like I don’t have many fears.”

Kasser mistook her amendment for a sign of fear and began to feel mischievous as he gave her a devious grin. Immediately, he grabbed her around the shoulders, and picked up her legs from beneath her knees, hauling her close to his chest.

She let out a gasp of surprise as she looked up at him with wide eyes. He picked her up like she was a paper doll weighing nothing. Her arms tightened around his neck as he hopped up the edge of the rails, balancing with expert ease.

“Don’t cry when this is over.” He teased.

She shot him an unamused stare.

“I won’t.”

“Are you sure? You don’t want to stop?”

“I’m ready. Jump whenever you are ready.” She goaded him, her eyes glinting in anticipation.

She even looked a little mischievous than usual, which made Kasser’s heart feel mysterious. To keep that look on her face, Kasser could feel he could jump at any height thousand times over.

He had agonized quite a while over something similar. However, he didn’t take it seriously right now even though he knew a small deviation could be serious because it would lead to big consequences.

Kasser didn’t want to disappoint her, so he wasn’t going to back down now.

Eugene took in a deep breath and held it as Kasser stepped forward, and finally jumped over the railing.

Eugene felt her stomach plummet the opposite direction, enthralled with the way the Praz wisped around their bodies. The blue flame whipped around them, surrounding him and her… Devouring her.

Everything seemed to progress in slow motion. She was so enthralled, she completely forgot the sense of falling.

Kasser had landed gracefully on the ground in an upright position, with her secured in his arms. When his feet touched the ground, there was no noise, almost like gravity had no hold over them.

Slowly, Eugene finally unwound her tight wrap around his neck, blinking slowly as the adrenaline rush soon dissipated, and her racing heart finally steadied once more.

“Are you all right?” Kasser asked with concern.

Eugene gave him her brightest smile in response.

“More than all right.” She gasped out happily. “It’s the best I’ve ever felt!” She gushed, giving out a breathy laugh when it was cut off by a soft sensation against her lips.

Eugene gasped as she felt it, and realized Kasser was kissing her.

The light-hearted feeling gradually changed as his lips moved against hers, and Eugene closed her eyes and gave in.

Just like that, the innocent mood changed into one of passion.

Kasser pulled away. They stayed there, silent, staring into one another, until the man surged forward once more, capturing her lips with another passionate kiss. Her heart was beating hard once more, that she feared it would burst out of her chest.

Ever since the Lark ambush had ended with Kasser returning safely, she had been anxious about him sending a servant to her, summoning her within just a few days. To be honest, she was quite hoping for it, and had been thinking that perhaps, today would be the day, especially as she was preparing for the night earlier.

Eugene’s lips parted, allowing his lips to dart into her mouth, tasting her, savoring every corner inside. Their tongues tangled together, battling for dominance. Eugene’s eyes squeezed shut as her knees turned jelly, clinging onto him for dear life. Despite their standing positions, she was lucky he was keeping her upright, with a gentle yet firm hand, pressed lightly on her lower back.

She was fortunate he was still carrying her.

A small groan seeped out from deep within Eugene’s throat, a rumble shortly after. It was almost like she was purring in pleasure.

The satisfaction she felt was real, and overwhelming after so long. Her fingertips, which were buried deep in his hair, went numb when he would greedily suckle on her tongue.

He slightly tilted his head and covered her lips with his. Their lips were deeply interlocked with each other. They fell into a trance after they tasted each other’s lips, their salivas mixing.

With the way he was kissing her, she felt him steal her breath away, drinking it in himself with the kiss. She was breathing roughly through her nose as he kept kissing her. He was so engrossed it seemed as if he was determined to taste every part of her lips and mouth in detail. He licked and bit her lips and rubbed the tender flesh inside of her lips with the tip of his tongue.

Maybe it was because she wasn’t currently grounded, but inside Eugene’s mind, it felt like it was spiraling out of control. She was going to get motion sickness. Eugene unwrapped her arm from his neck and twisted her body as if to push him away.

His lips that had been tenaciously clinging onto her lips, finally let go. Kasser pulled away and looked at her with hesitation in his eyes.

She was breathing harshly, trying to catch her breath. Her lips felt swollen from the kiss, even her tongue ached lightly from when Kasser had been pulling on it. She was avoiding his gaze, her ears red with embarrassment.



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