Chapter 89

Chapter 89

Kasser moved closer, asking silently for permission. Eugene gave a terse nod in response. And so, he drew close, peppering kisses all over her face, on her eyelids, on her forehead, cheeks, and he finished it off with a light gentle kiss on her mouth.

The kisses felt a little ticklish, she couldn’t help but let out a giggle.

Kasser’s kisses continued, trailing from her chin, then down to her neck, before nipping her lightly. Eugene let out a startled gasp as she looked up at him in surprise.

Their eyes locked together, his orbs darkened by desire, but she wasn’t sure if it was because of the dim lighting, or if his Praz had changed once more.

“Eugene.” He whispered huskily, sending a wave of shivers down her spine. It sounded so tempting, as he asked for implicit permission.

She let out a soft sigh, closing her eyes momentarily before opening them once more. She could feel her heart thump sporadically in her chest, vibrating in her ear.

“Let’s go to-” She gulped. “-the room.” Her hoarse voice sounded strange to her.

Kasser nodded and began to move. He soon sped upwards even as she was clearing her throat, so she hung onto him for dear life. They passed through their surroundings so quickly, she barely chanced a look.

“Ah!” Eugene yelped.

Suddenly, her body felt like it was floating. Her eyes widened as she watched the ground get farther and farther away from them. She learned that not only could Kaiser jump down from high distances, but that he could also jump up as high.

Wow, incredible! She couldn’t help but marvel at his physical prowess. She could finally see why the people of Mahar would treat a king like they would a god. He truly seemed like a higher being, compared to mortal humans.

Eugene, who in her original world had seen the many wonders of modern technology and science, was even in awe of him.

Kasser did one last leap, landing perfectly on the balcony railing, before jumping down, and pushing open the balcony doors as he strode inside the room. But it was locked. He put her down, grabbed a small rock, and broke open the window.

He reached inside, shifted the lock open and the door swung wide, leaving Eugene impressed by his swiftness. Although she was a little indignant by his damage to property…

“You broke a window!” She exclaimed in hushed tones.

Kasser looked at her and shrugged. “I know.”

He entered the room. Eugene followed him reluctantly, taking a cautious look inside.

“Where are we?” she asked after him.

“I’m not sure.”

“Someone could be here!” She called out in a whisper.

Kasser chuckled. “Nonsense, this is a guest room,” he said, “And I’m certain no one is occupying it.”

Eugene was too busy recalling the structure of the palace, by the time she realized where she was. Something hit her at the back of her knees, leaving her sprawled on top of the bed lying on her back, as Kasser crawled on top of her, adjusting her slightly.

He then wasted no time in pressing an urgent kiss on her lips once again before his tongue darted back into her mouth, curling around hers, battling for dominance once more.

“Ha…” She gasped aloud as Kasser pulled away slightly.

A numbing sensation spread from her fingertips to her elbows. Eugene, whose fingers were pressing into his skin, wrapped her arms around Kasser’s neck loosely. His hand moved to grab her chin softly, moving it downwards in a sweet caress before he captured her lips in another kiss, and then another, and then another…

The kiss was so good, Eugene felt as if it was the s*x itself. He was so soft at first, before transitioning into something more passionate… rougher.

She could practically feel the impatience with every kiss, and Eugene could feel she too was growing more impatient the more they kept up with the foreplay, the desire building up, overriding her logic and reasoning.

Could excitement be contagious? Eugene wondered as she let out a huff of warm breath as her body felt hot and flushed.

She moaned when his hand cupped a breast, his lips moving away from her lips to nip on her earlobes, biting and licking the sides sensually.

Kasser moved up the bed, bringing Eugene along with him, before laying her down. She thought that if it wasn’t for his hand supporting her from behind, it would have been uncomfortable as she was only loosely dangling on his neck.

She imagined it would have ended ridiculously.

Another kiss came, seemingly as if he was trying to drink from her mouth, smothering her with his heat and desire. His hands moved away from her breasts, clasping onto the top button, making them undone as he slowly worked his way through her entire dress.

More and more, she felt her clothes loosen up, sagging around her.

In Mahar, buttons were already being used thanks to their advanced textile industry, as such, there wasn’t much need to untie or tie strings as one would in the medieval century to get changed.

The only thing different was that for aristocrats, the button placement was of a different order. While for the common folks, buttons were placed in front of them, for people with status such as them had their buttons behind.

Soon, all the buttons had come undone. Eugene’s focus was back to Kasser, as his hand immediately made contact with her bare skin. She shivered at the sensation, it was odd, to be so unbothered by the touch which went to places no one else would have access to.

He grasped her breast momentarily before tugging her dress down, and the breast cover over her head. When the remaining clothes were off, he was greeted by the sight of supple flesh and taut nubs, hardened by anticipation.

Kasser felt his mouth water, remembering how soft and pliant it felt under his calloused hands.

“Ngh…” Eugene writhed beneath him as he dipped his head and suckled on one of the nubs eagerly as a hungry babe would. He twisted his tongue around it, scraping his teeth, pulling lightly.

“A-ah!” She moaned.

She could feel her breasts being kneaded and squeezed, her nipples hardening as the stimulation kept up. The heat pooling in her stomach became increasingly familiar, along with the throbbing sensation deep inside her.

Another hand came up, her skirt rising along with it, until the warmth paused within her thighs, squeezing lightly. Instinctively, she pressed them together.

“Ha…” She gasped into the dead of the night, squeezing her eyes shut in anticipation. She felt him toying with the edge of her underwear, his fingers brushing up against her entrance.

She could feel her cheeks flush at the feel on his fingers rubbing circles against her, trailing downwards. She let out another breathy moan as she felt herself getting wet, moistening her insides as her underwear began to stick against her…

“Uh, hngh…” She bit her lower lip.

Kasser let out a low, breathy chuckle. His muscles tensed up, holding back the desire to ram deep into her. His fingers slipped, moaning at the warmth squeezing around his digit.

Not yet, he thought, she’s not yet ready.

He moved his digit, making slow and deliberate thrusts. His mouth moved to the other breast, repeating his ministrations as he thrust his fingers.

She was writhing and moaning as he teased, bit, and caressed her all over. She could feel her mind turning into mush, her senses overwhelmed by the onslaught of stimulation…

She could feel her sanity slip away, replaced by only lustful need.



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