Chapter 90

Chapter 90

“Ha, just… do it.” Eugene gasped.

 But Kasser refused.

“It hurts if I do it right away though. I don’t want you to bite my shoulder again,” he said, as Eugene looked up at him with half-lidded eyes, trying to catch her breath.

Isn’t he overreacting a little? She didn’t even bite him that hard! It didn’t even leave a mark. While he, on the other hand, left tons on her.

He pumped his finger faster, picking up pace, rubbing against her sweet spot as she felt it grow more sensitive by the added stimulations. She bit back another moan, arching her back in anticipation as she writhed.

A blinding white light flashed in front of her vision, her body racked with pleasure as she came down from her climax. She lowered her back gradually, as the pleasure began to die down.

She blinked up at him, mind still hazy, watching him as he lifted his body, lowering his pants. He looked partially amused, snickering at her wanton expression.

As he watched her lie so vulnerable beneath him, he caught sight of the broken window and hummed in satisfaction. Despite the knowledge that he had done it due to his rush to take the woman beneath him as his, he still couldn’t believe he didn’t even need to think twice about breaking into his own palace just for s*x.

He felt so aroused, that every breath he took felt vain as it prolonged the time until the main event. He could feel his member throb, begging for the warmth. To satiate his hunger, he lunged for another kiss.

He hastily removed his trousers, freeing his stiff member. The tip had reddened and adorned with a hint of prec*m as he moved between her legs, directing it to her entrance.

His calloused hands gripped her thighs, spreading them to accommodate his hips as he hooked her legs behind his waist. Then, he pushed in and Eugene arched her back with the sensation of him breaching inside her…

“Aaah…” Eugene gasped as she writhed beneath him, her hands still clasped on the sheets, bringing it along as she flailed her arms in the pleasure.

Kasser sunk balls deep within her, his pulsing sending pleasurable vibrations and he began to thrust in slow gentle strokes.

She could feel herself building up once more.

She breathed out a little harder, her insides overstimulated from her previous cl*max. Despite the added lubrication, Kasser never ceased to overwhelm her whenever he pushed in.

There was a tinge of pain to be felt but she reckoned it was mostly because it’d been a while since they’d done it. But then again, the transition always seemed rough in the beginning every time they did it.

It was like he was growing bigger every time he entered her.

Despite spending several nights with him. She’d never been able to see him properly, mostly because there was little to no light involved. Thus, she didn’t actually know how his looked.

She didn’t even have the guts to actually touch him as he did to her. But as she watched through the faint shadow reflected from the moonlight, she could hazard a guess that he was above average.

She could feel her stomach tense up, a slight bulge on her belly as he filled up her walls.

“Eugene.” Kasser groaned in that sexy, husky tone of his as he thrust sharply. “Relax.” He whispered to her, before sucking in a breath as she clenched around him.

He braced his arms at the side of her head, leaning down to kiss at her passionately, suckling and nipping on her bottom lip as she moaned in pleasure.

“Ahhh… Uck …”

Their sounds replaced the silence, alongside the sound of flesh slapping against flesh, sheets being rumpled, bed creaking.

His thrust soon turned sporadic, his rhythm breaking up as he began to jerk in short frantic thrusts. Eugene couldn’t hold back the whines and sounds she was making so buried deep in the realm of desire.

He was hitting her repeatedly and sharply in her sweet spot. She could feel him rub urgently, scraping against her walls. She was turning dizzy.

“Ah! Aaah!” Loud moans erupted from her as Kasser pounded into her. She was clinging onto his arms, trying to keep herself grounded to reality as the obscene sounds of flesh against flesh continued to fill up the room.

Her thighs were shaking, moving along with Kasser’s rhythm as she kept it around his waist, pushing him deeper into her, aiding him. She could tell she wasn’t thinking clearly, only keeping the pleasure coming.

She squeezed her eyes shut, let out more moans, before hazily looking up at Kasser. It still felt like she was dreaming, her body was layered with a sheen of sweat, everything else felt numb as he kept going.

In her mind, she could notice the blue glint in his eyes, growing brighter as he kept an intense gaze on her.

Suddenly, she could feel her stomach tense up, as the heat erupted inside. She felt her insides stirring, being messed up further with every movement. She let out a groan…

It was too much… too much!

“Slow – slow down!” She begged him, as Kasser grunted in response. Her vision was swimming, her breathing erratic and not just from the pleasure…

“I… am…,” he said, gritting his teeth as he desperately tried to control his pace. He couldn’t stimulate her any further, if he did, she’d be in more pain than in pleasure.

But still, it had been a while since he’d had her like this. He could feel himself become addicted to her taste, the sweetness he felt in his mouth as he pried her mouth open with his tongue, deepening the kiss.

Everything was spinning in front of her eyes, her breathing became irregular.

“I am… doing it slowly.”

He thought his desperation for her would disappear with a simple hug, but he was sorely wrong. The hug only multiplied his need for her tenfold. Though he was proud of holding back long enough before releasing inside her, he could feel that this was it. He couldn’t hold back any longer.

Suddenly, he was spilling his seed into her, he could feel his body tense up as he gave one last thrust, his hips stuttering in their movements. He had to blink a few times, trying to calm down, but he could sense his Praz getting stronger, his eyes turning brighter.



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