Chapter 91

Chapter 91

“Ah! Ugh!”

He pressed her body onto the bed, pinning her as he continued his thrusts, riding out his org*sm. He watched as she arched her neck, seeing the way she threw her head back in pleasure was very satisfying.

He knew by the way she clenched up around him, she had cl*maxed a second time. She arched her back higher, letting out a sharp, but loud gasp, as warmth flooded around him. He gave one last push, burying himself deep within her until his movements finally stopped.

She was still clamping around him, so he waited until she finally came down from her ecstasy.

She choked back a groan, sounding a lot more like a sob. She had become overly sensitive, thanks to the two cl*maxes she’d had, especially when he moved inside her. It was painful, overstimulation wasn’t very fun.

But it wasn’t just pain she could feel. The rapture remained even as he resumed his thrusting motions.

She was still convulsing around him, sucking him in eagerly. Eugene could feel every groove on his stiff member and could only imagine the bulging veins. It was an exhilarating feeling. She was flailing, floundering like a fish out of water over the sheets.

It only proved to turn him on some more.

He repositioned himself between her, hands gripping her waist tightly as he fixed himself, before giving one deep and sharp thrust, hitting her sweet spot without remorse.

“Hak!” She yelped, her thighs convulsing around him at the sensation. She dug her nails into his forearms. She was sure she’d leave a mark. She shook her head desperately…

“No, stop!” She gasped aloud, but Kasser was persistent.

“One more…” He urged, and got ready. 

Eugene shook her head… “No… please-!”

He rolled his hips, jerking it in an upward thrust as she clenched around him once more. He watched as her pupils dilated, his derriere clenching with anticipation in synchrony as she let out another choked sob.

He poured inside her once more, watching her with silent and subdued orbs. He rode his org*sm out once more, thrusting softly and gently this time, almost as if he wanted nothing to spill out. He ran a gentle hand around her body, startling her with his touch.

She was gasping for breath, letting out a groan in exhaustion.

It took a while, but eventually, Eugene was able to regain her normal breathing, her eyes shut as she felt someone press soft gentle kisses on her eyelids to her forehead, to her temples. It almost felt like… a praise for holding out so well.

She found herself irritated at his last stunt. He’d pushed her to her limit, but she didn’t have enough energy to even push him away right now, not even to open one eye and shoot him a glare.

He was still inside her, plugging his seed before he eventually slipped out. Eugene plopped down like a rag doll. She was too enervated, her limbs hung uselessly around her. She felt like an animal who had just gone out of its heat.

He lifted her up easily, slipping off the rest of her dress and dropping them to the floor. At this, Eugene finally popped one eye open, watching his silhouette as he moved.

She supposed she hadn’t removed her clothes properly. She suddenly burst out in a chuckle as she recalled what happened earlier.

“I still can’t believe you broke the window.” She breathed out. 

Kasser remained silent as if he’s fixated on keeping her naked. She could hear more rustling of clothes despite being bare and all until she remembered that Kasser hadn’t even removed a single thing on his body. He’d only pushed his pants down before taking her.

It was a real mess to see, she thought with amusement, hardly the one that would befit a royal couple. She broke out in another fit of giggles.

“There’s gonna be rumors that you broke the window glass.” She pointed out.

He only grunted. “You can just change the broken glass.”

“Who would blame the king for breaking some glass? The real problem is the reason.” She reproached him. 

Kasser only moved beside her, turning her on her side before pulling her flush against him, her back against his chest.

His breath tickled the back of her neck before the lips nipped at her earlobe. A hand gently grabbed her chin and turned her to face him, then he planted another one of his searing kisses.

“You’re an accomplice, too. Don’t pretend you’re not.” He accused her shamelessly.

“Me?” She was taken aback.

“You would have gotten angry if we really had gone to the bedroom.” He reasoned, putting all the blame of his actions on to her shoulders.

“Oh? Stop lying!” She exclaimed at his roguish behaviour.

His hand swept up from her lower abdomen to grab her br*ast. He repeatedly kneaded it, enjoying the soft feeling of it contorting in his hand.

“You told me to hurry.” He retorted. 

Eugene snorted. “When did I?” She never knew he had such a brazen side to him.

“That’s what I heard,” he said, shrugging, absolutely unremorseful.

Eugene was beginning to get bothered by the hard thing poking at her butt. She had expected it wouldn’t be done after a single round, but she needed some time to regain her strength. The least he could do was let her rest.

She discreetly tried to twist her body away from him, but his ironclad arm made it difficult to do so. In fact, the moment she moved, he tightened up around her, before gripping her thighs, bringing one up in the air as he shifted behind her.

In one swift movement, he was fully sheathed inside her.

Eugene let out a sigh, as her eyes rolled back to a close. It was impossible to shake him off at this point. A compromise would be better in this situation.

“Gentler this time.” She sighed aloud. “Please…” She added for good measure. He nipped at her neck, not bothering to respond as he pushed deeper inside her and began to roll his hips.

She let out short, breathy gasps and moans.

The sensation from him was different now. Despite it not reaching deeper as much as before, the sensation of him rubbing up against her was even more pronounced this way. She was also still wet from the previous session, so he was moving more smoothly inside her than before.

She could feel the slick slide down her thighs; the cool air and his warmth battling around her. Just thinking about it would make her feel a wave of embarrassment.

Such a crude position indeed. The flush on her face wasn’t because of bliss.

I’ve been fooled, really! She thought, recalling her first impression of him. He was so stiff back then, serious and rigid, as expected from a king. She wouldn’t have pegged him as someone who could be so warm, caring, and bright.

She let out a sharp gasp as she felt him begin to pick pace within her. A thought ran through her mind at that very moment.

I’m not getting any sleep tonight…




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