Chapter 92

Chapter 92

As soon as the maids helping Eugene with her clothes took a step back and bowed their heads, Marianne said, “It’s done, my queen.”

“Is the convoy ready?” she asked.

“Yes, my queen. They are waiting outside.”

Eugene nodded and headed for the door. The maids skillfully opened it at the right time so that it wouldn’t interrupt her stride.

For this, she couldn’t help but briefly glance at the maids who still had their heads down. Mahar was a world where science had not yet advanced, so humans had to do what was usually done by the machines in her original world.

Nonetheless, this was better. Humans can think and judge situations, unlike machines that could only move according to the inputted commands.

Cultural development for convenience’s sake, isn’t that meaningful to the aristocrats in this world anyway?

It wasn’t until she became a queen, who had numerous maids attending to her, that she realized this. The frustration from having no modern technology like cellphones or elevators only lasted a few days—she could just have her messages delivered through her maids, and slowly walk up the stairs without fuss.

Just like everything else, the days went by slowly as there was no reason to hurry and save time. It was much more comfortable having subordinates, who acted as her hands and feet, than living as an ordinary person in a technologically advanced world.

Marianne and the maids tailed behind Eugene down the hall.

Her ensemble today was similar to the one she wore when she had gone out with the king last time. A long robe was draped over her plain clothes, and a hood concealed her face.

The convoy of guards and wagons were waiting in the yard. The carriage, however, was twice the size of the one she rode before. Peering inside, the front seat had enough room for three people to occupy and space in the back for people to hang onto the carriage.

Eugene imagined the five big warriors hanging back and forth on the carriage with their sharp eyes. She would probably witness the miraculous sight of crowds of people splitting apart like the Red Sea.

Anyone could probably tell just by seeing us. This was basically announcing that someone special is aboard!

Somehow, it was much simpler when she went out with Kasser, but she didn’t wish to drag the busy king out for her own agenda every time.

As their queen drew closer, the convoy of guards bowed their heads in unison. Except for Sven, they were all new faces.

“Greetings Your Grace. Though I may be unworthy, I will be leading the convoy today.” He bowed low before her.

“Please take good care of me, Sir Sven.”

“I am honored. I will protect the queen with everything I have.” He continued. “I will call you ‘master’ when we reach the outskirts of the castle.”

She acknowledged with a nod. Her eyes then narrowed—she couldn’t help but scrutinize the faces of the four other guards. She had received the report on the convoy, but she couldn’t tell who was who just by reading the description of their appearances.

In Mahar, the most prominent distinguishing feature was the color of one’s hair and eyes. However, it was too dark to tell, even with the light near the vicinity.

Despite this, she knew that their features wouldn’t probably be distinguishable during the day either. She wasn’t familiar with the method to categorize dozens of different shades of brown. It all looked brown to her.

As soon as he noticed Eugene’s gaze on the guards, Sven told them.

“Greet the queen.”

By this order, she knew that Sven was indeed a knight of higher rank than the four others. The arrangement of the guards was entrusted to Sven, so he probably chose the men that he was most comfortable with.

“Matteo Ansen; greetings, my queen.”

The warriors introduced themselves one by one. Eugene memorized the distinctive features of each of their appearances to remember which name belonged to which knight.

She got into the carriage, and moments later, they started. Marianne and the maids deeply bowed their heads down.

As they departed, Marianne raised her head with a face full of worry. The sight of the wagons slowly disappearing from her view. I hope she comes back safe, and nothing happens.

After a while, she turned around relieved, letting out a small laugh at her ridiculousness.

I’m getting more protective, even worrying for no reason.

There was no way that anything unfortunate would happen to the queen—not with five warriors escorting her.

A warrior was a top tier of human resources. The king’s decision to put five warriors to escort his wife, particularly during these times, was shocking.

Does the queen know?

The queen doesn’t even remember numerous basic information after losing her memory, so she may not know the weight of having warriors accompanying her.

I should tell her when she returns.

A convoy of five men seemed plain, but what made it so special was that all five were warriors. Not only that even a hundred soldiers would turn to dust in comparison to the king’s five warriors.

That’s how much the king thinks and cares about her, so the queen should know.

Marianne got excited every time she saw the royal couple get closer—it was as if she was the one falling in love. She would snatch every opportunity to strengthen their relationship.

She was full of hope. These days, Marianne welcomed the radiance of dawn with excitement. For she knew it wouldn’t be long until she received good news.

There was nothing she wanted more than to hug a royal baby in her arms, and sooner. It would just be like old times—when she used to cradle a blue-haired chubby babe and sing lullabies until the big, blue eyes that gazed up at her with curiosity, would flutter close. She would then be rewarded by little snores.



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