Chapter 93

Chapter 93

While the carriage was moving, Eugene conjectured about the warrior class- a hierarchy of class that held a special position in Mahar.

First of all, their physiques were the same. All five of them, including Sven, were about the same height and size.

Even so, when the king was placed next to them, one could instantly tell the difference, as Kasser was a head taller. However, some of the people passing by the square had physiques similar to the warriors. So, it was fair to say that the warriors’ physique was considered average in Mahar.

On their wrist were bracelets made of a thin, black leather string with beads, which, she surmised, designated their class.

Not everyone could become a warrior or a knight just because they wanted to. They weren’t picked solely based on their strength or physique. But, rather, they were bestowed upon an extraordinary talent from birth.

They could store a special type of energy in their weapon. Although their ability was nowhere near the king’s Praz, it could be lethal to the kingdom’s greatest enemy—the Larks crippling the vast expanse of the desert.

The warriors were able to learn abilities through vision and strengthen them by training. The king would bestow the vision onto the warriors and train them so that they would become weapons of the kingdom.

When the warriors wield their swords, it would slash their targets with great power. Their attacks were much more destructive but consumed less energy in each strike compared to that of ordinary people.

Although they were deadly human weapons, they were not a threat to the world as they were only assigned to attack Larks. Thus, severe punishments would be given to them if proven they harmed a civilian.

In the novel, implied that the warriors’ abilities were hereditary, but…

Just because the father was a warrior didn’t mean the son will be. However, to manifest a warrior’s power, there needed to be at least one warrior in the family’s ancestry.

Still, the setting I created doesn’t perfectly fit so, who knows!

Soon, Eugene felt the carriage halt. She drew the curtains open and saw the tree in the plaza.

Knocking on the carriage door, Sven opened it immediately.

“Sir Sven, come in. I have a question.”

“…Yes, Master.”

After a moment’s hesitation, the warrior entered the carriage, leaving the door open.

The vehicle was so spacious that, even in a sitting position, one’s knees did not come in contact with that of the person sitting across.

Eugene asked Sven to sit down and said, “Did the king say anything in particular to you?”

She did not ask for permission from the king before she left the castle today, because he said that she didn’t need to. Therefore, Eugene assigned all preparations, such as choosing the guards and excursion decisions, to Marianne.

Nevertheless, Eugene knew that doing anything without being noticed by the king was impossible as Marianne and the guards were all under the monarch’s control.

She couldn’t blatantly ask, ‘Will you report where I went and what I saw?’ Hence, she beat around the bush.

“He told me specifically where not to go.”

“Where not to go?”

“Yes, Your Grace. He ordered me to prevent you from going to the repository—the treasure house.”

It wasn’t a secret order as Kasser had clearly instructed Sven: “If the queen still insists on going, tell her I don’t allow it.”

Thus, Sven freely confided in the queen.

“Repository? It is near here?”

“No, Your Grace, It’s a long way ahead.”

“Why would he think I would want to go to the repository…” Eugene suddenly remembered the conversation she had with the king.

Is it because he thinks I might test my Ramita with the seeds? That was such a long time ago that she had completely forgotten about it.

That man does not forget things. Truly, being his enemy would be troublesome.
“Is there anywhere else I cannot go?”

“No, Your Grace.”

“He didn’t say anything else?”

“Besides the repository, nothing else, Your Grace.”

“Today, I’m planning on… going to the street I last visited.”

Eugene did not give a reason, but carefully watched Sven’s reaction. “Yes, my queen.’ The warrior replied, his face devoid of any signs suspicions.

Later, she got off of the carriage with Sven in tow. Then, they headed towards the street where the closed inn was.

Greeting them was the bustling plaza. People seemed to be enjoying the brief moment of peace. Despite the active season, the Larks had not attacked the kingdom’s walls for four days straight.

Just like last time, on the streets, numerous workers were still diligently working at this late hour of the night.

However, there was one difference from her previous outing. This time, Eugene noticed people glimpsing at her and her guards, and some taking a long way around to avoid her group.

They seemed to find them unusual. She wondered if the people knew that her company consisted of warriors, so she checked the guards’ wrists. Their bracelets were tucked inside their cuffs; she couldn’t see them.

Even if the people don’t know that they’re warriors, even at a glance, they look far from being a commoner. I would be wary and avoid walking near them, too.

She arrived in front of the closed inn. Eugene looked around the inn, which hadn’t changed since her last visit.

She glared at the window, sealed with wood and nails. Nothing new came to her mind.

Eugene intentionally walked around the building for a while as if she had some leftover business to take care of. As she did so, her eyes raked over the place, examining her surroundings.

I can’t come here without anyone knowing. If I’m going to get noticed, I might as well take advantage of this situation.

The man she saw in Jin’s memory or any other person related to this building must be near. They will, for sure, notice and react when they see a suspicious group of people snooping around their place.



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