Chapter 3.2

Confined within the confines of the secluded Queen’s palace, Lelusha pondered her circumstances. The signs had been evident, signaling the inevitable outcome. It commenced with Jocelyn’s brazen appearance alongside another woman on the official platform.

Though she had sensed his affection waning since his coronation, he had adeptly maintained a facade, carefully delineating between public and private matters. Despite any private indiscretions, he had meticulously avoided public scrutiny, ensuring rumors of infidelity never gained traction. So why had he so carelessly paraded his mistress in the public square?

Not only had he failed to conceal his indiscretion, but he had also publicly unveiled the presence of a mistress. What could this possibly mean?

She knew it was only a matter of time before her reign came to an end. She had anticipated it thoroughly, yet even with full awareness, she was at a loss for words.

Her abdication seemed inevitable—a natural progression. Her position had relied solely on the king’s affection, which had waned considerably since the early days of his reign. Two years on such precarious ground had stretched far longer than she had expected.

It was time to relinquish her throne. There was nothing inherently surprising about it. It was just the manner in which it was unfolding that left her bewildered.

Poison was found in the king’s utensils, and the young servant insists it was all orchestrated by the Queen.

She’s merely a kitchen maid we recently hired, barely a month into her service.

So, she arrived after the dinner preparations began.

There was little doubt that it was a scheme concocted to frame the Queen, whether by Jocelyn himself or his mistress, Princess Odette. With the likelihood of any investigation being slim, there seemed little point in probing further.

A modest wife harboring resentment towards her husband and plotting his poisoning… It’s a motive that’s easy enough for anyone to understand.

Lelusha had steeled herself to accept the outcome with humility. If she were to be dethroned, she wasn’t certain where she would go, but the prospect brought a sense of relief. She preferred a quiet existence to desperately seeking affection from a man she once loved.

So, she waited in silence for a week. When Jocelyn finally awoke and news circulated that the poisoning incident had been resolved, there was no surprise that no investigation had taken place. She hadn’t faced interrogation even once during her confinement.

While she remained trapped within the palace, outside, the Queen had already been cast as the prime suspect in the attempted regicide against the King. The atmosphere was tense, with fears that it wouldn’t end with just abdication.

Falsely accused and unable to defend herself, with no allies to turn to within the palace, Lelusha felt a profound sense of loneliness. She realized how pathetic her life had become, devoted solely to one man who now saw her as an enemy.

As she grappled with the realization that she may have lived her life amiss, an unwelcome visitor arrived in the dead of night, disrupting the slumber of the palace.

“Oh, apologies for disturbing your beauty rest,” the intruder quipped, accompanied by Princess Odette, dressed casually, and Matthias, clad in his warrior’s garb.

“Apologies for the late hour, but urgent matters compel my presence,” Jocelyn continued, prompting only silence from Lelusha.

“As the lady is wise, explanations seem unnecessary,” he added.

With poise, Lelusha interlocked her fingers and stood tall, meeting Jocelyn’s gaze directly. “Are you suggesting I should relinquish my position?” she inquired.

“Do you truly believe I desire merely that? Stripping you of your title would be a trifling matter,” Jocelyn remarked, settling into a seat. Princess Odette followed suit, while Matthias remained vigilant by the door.

Gazing down at Lelusha, Jocelyn issued a chilling command.

“You will die here, my lady.”

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