Chapter 100.1 (Rated 18)

Chapter 100.1 (Rated 18)

Erna looked up towards Kalion and asked, “What do you mean?”

Go outside? Has he gone mad?

Although Erna was jealous and bothered seeing Adelaide and Kalion goofing around, she was not immature enough that she would beg him to spend time with her this instant. 

Kalion further explained as Erna looked at him pathetically. “We’re not just going to hang out. I found a clue regarding Richard Hessenguard.” 

“A clue?”

“I found one of his adjutants.”

After he had become suspicious towards the grand duke, Kalion started to investigate the past records. The incident occurred ten years ago so there were still a number of servants, regardless of gender, who were there at the time left in the castle. However, most of the servants were assigned to other responsibilities and did not work closely with Richard.

“That time? I’m not sure. When I didn’t see him around for a while, I thought he had gone to do some inspections. Then, suddenly, there was his funeral. I was so perplexed…”

Worrying that asking the servants directly would alarm Vanessa, Kalion had ordered Cedric to find some tenured servants to inquire about the grand duke. Fortunately, Cerdric was adept in dragging the conversation to make it seem like they were talking about the recent dinner menu in the castle, rather than about the grand duke.  

Then, Kalion had searched for close associates of Richard. But he could not find anyone. All of Richard’s adjutants and close associates have either died in the war or gone missing. 

It was true that after Richard’s death, many have died in the war between Haband and Aether. But how could there not be a single man alive? Perhaps the records were deleted on purpose, he had speculated. It was probably Vanessa. Indeed, there weren’t that many people who could change the entire records and claim several people missing.

Still, Kalion had hope on the missing list. If Vanessa wanted all of them dead, she would have marked them dead from the war. However, missing meant that she either couldn’t mark them all dead or chose not to. 

So, Kalion had traced the whereabouts of the missing people. He had searched for a long time but could not find anything. Right before he was about to give up, he had found a clue from somewhere unexpected. 

“There is someone under Chenille Regis’s recommendation.”

Chenille Regis—she was Richard’s adjutant general that Kalion had been tracing.  

She would have turned 56 years old this year. In the pile of Richard’s files, there were several documents that she had approved. Handling documents next to Richard meant that she was a trusted general, just like Orpé and Cedric.

Chenille had passed away, but a man named Leto, who had come to the castle due to her recommendation, seemed to still be alive.

Like other kingdoms, a recommendation letter was very important in Hessenguard. The two must have had a special relationship if she had written a letter to secure a job in the grand castle.

Kalion had then changed his plan and ordered Cedric to look for Leto. Cedric had started to search immediately, and after a short while, he brought a letter to Kalion. 

“What is this?”

“It’s a letter sent to Leto. It came from someone called Alexia, but the contents are a bit strange.”

“Let me see.”

Kalion had started to read the letter. 

“It’s a relief to hear that you are doing well. How is everyone else? Madam Vanessa had recently visited. She said it wasn’t a big deal, but it seemed like she was up to something. Is there something going on in the castle? I heard the news that the ambassadors had come. I’m already having a headache from just thinking about the impossible demands that they would propose. Please tell me the details if possible.” 

It was indeed an odd letter, like Cedric had said. Kalion searched for the name, Alexia, but there was no notable information except for the fact that she had temporarily worked as a maid when she was young. And a young maid would not send a letter to Leto, who was currently a member of the parliament, especially in such a manner. 

Someone who wasn’t even in the castle talking about Vanessa and the ambassadors… More so, asking about what was transpiring within the castle. 

Kalion’s instincts told him that Alexia was Chenille. He then ordered Cedric to look for Alexia and compared the physical descriptions of Chenille and Alexia. Kalion was certain it was her. 

“So… I’m planning on visiting her.”

Kalion brushed his hands down Erna’s back as he explained everything he had found out till now. Erna flinched every time his hands brushed her fuzzy skin. But she was still carefully listening to what he was saying.  

“Thankfully, Chenille is staying not far from the capital. It’s a place called Sentis. Do you know where that is?” asked Kalion.


She had never heard of such a place. Erna tried to remember if she had seen it on the map. Looking at her struggling to remember made Kalion smile and kiss her on the lips. Him suddenly pushing his tongue inside her overwhelmed Erna, but she still accepted it. 

But she soon went out of breath. The saliva that she couldn’t swallow drooled from their lips down to Erna’s bre*sts. 

After a while, having finished exploring inside Erna’s mouth, Kalion pulled himself away. He was about to kiss her again, but as he noticed Erna desperately trying to catch her breath, he was slightly bummed out and just licked his lips.



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