Chapter 100.2 (Rated 19)

Chapter 100.2 (Rated 19)

Erna’s body trembled at his sparking face and eyes as he restrained his lust. Her thing below also trembled while holding on to his. 

Erna tightened down below and Kalion’s face frowned. 


He looked down below. He then reached his hands to Erna’s private area and began to press on it.  


Erna gasped and her body shook at Kalion’s movement. Erna instantly bent her back as Kalion touched her aroused cl*toris. 


The buzzing sensation crawling inside her body made Erna tightened hers even more. Kalion’s frown got deeper. 

“How much tighter do you get?”

“Hey, don’t… talk like that… haghh! nngh, ughh!”

Kalion continued to rub his finger against her c*itoris as he enjoyed the pressure that Erna put on him while she struggled. 

She was now far past the fireworks; it now felt like large bombs were blowing up in her head. Her body flinched and shook as if somebody was hitting her. As she was losing her mind, Erna could not notice Kalion examining her different reactions when he touched certain areas. 

Kalion moved his hand faster. His finger rubbed her swollen bud and then entered her warm insides and pressed onto her inner walls. 

“Hagh, ngh, nnnghh!”

Her body had been aching with just his thing inside her, but now with his thick finger added inside her, she completely lost control.

She shook her head telling him to stop, but that only made Kalion more obsessed on pleasing her. His manhood also grew in size. Tears gathered in Erna’s eyes as Kalion’s tool expanded and scratched her insides. It was already overwhelming before! How much bigger is it going to get?! 

She smacked his shoulder with the palm of her hand, but only her hand was in pain from the embellishments. 

Eventually, Erna wrapped her hands around Kalion’s neck. Then, Kalion buried his face on her bre*sts. His warm and heavy breath felt outrageously good on her skin. 

Erna slid her fingers in Kalion’s hair as he growled like an animal. She then whispered into his ear. 

“Kalion, not too rough, okay?”

Her voice made it sound like she was begging. It was a voice that Erna barely used on Kalion. 

Kalion let out a deep breath as Erna talked in a voice he found too adorable. Erna is talented in making people go wild, he thought.

“How do you expect me not to… when you act like this?”

“Nnggh… slowly…”

“This voice, don’t use it on anyone else, okay?”

“Hah, ughh, nnnghh! Okay… so please, more gently… huh?”

Kalion’s eyes brimmed with love. He began to kiss her again. Erna’s body shook in his arms. Erna was relatively tall, but Kalion was lifting her up and down like a doll. 

The splatting sound from their wet skin hitting against each other mixed with the noise generated from the spell. Everytime Erna’s body lifted, Kalion’s veiny pillar revealed itself. 

The two continued to rub their body against each other in harmony and kissed as they quivered at the same time. 

They just rubbed their lips against each other as they were out of energy to even move their tongue. While they kissed, white liquid dropped down their legs. 

Kalion gently let Erna down. But Erna could barely stand up by herself. She leaned her back on the wall and breathed heavily. Kalion wiped the saliva on her bre*sts and started to draw something on top of her pale white skin. 

“The capital is here. From here, we follow the Southern Road through Fiat and past Angell, and continue down the Southeast…” Kalion’s finger tapped on Erna’s n*pple. “Then, there will be Sentis.” He grinned and clawed on the tip of her hardened n*pple. 

“You, pervert… who told you to explain it like this?”

“Why? Did you not understand? I guess I’ll have to show you again.”

Kalion rubbed on her n*pples again and smiled as if he enjoyed annoying her. Right when Erna closed her eyes, expecting him to claw on them again, Kalion lowered his head and bit her n*pples. 

“Aaah!” Erna screamed and fell as he rubbed her plush n*pple between his lips and bit on it lightly with his teeth.

A while later, followed by a smacking sound, Kalion lifted his head. The tip glistened due to spit and reflection from the lamp light. 

“Do I need to explain again?”

“S, stop! I got it!” Erna hastily replied as she knew he would suck on her more if she said yes. 

“On the 18th, two weeks from now. At 8 in the night, Let’s meet at the front of that village.”

“But if we move together…”

“Yes, we can’t get Adelaide and Ruben suspecting us again after all we’ve done. Fortunately, after two weeks, the knights’ routine conquest begins. This has been going on for years, so they won’t be suspicious of me leaving. There are some traces of ancient ruins over there. You can use that as an excuse to leave the castle. We won’t raise suspicion since I will be leaving before you and we’re going the opposite direction.”

“What if Adelaide wants to follow you there…”

“You don’t have to worry about getting rid of her. Just make sure Ruben doesn’t follow you, okay?”

Erna nodded to Kalion. He carefully combed her sweaty hair behind her ear and kissed her cheek. 

“I’ll see you then, my lovely wife.”



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