Chapter 101.1

Chapter 101.1

After Kalion reluctantly removed his hand, Erna started to fix her clothes. 

It seemed like the intensity between the two disappeared as soon as she closed her top back together. But it only seemed like that from the outside. Erna frowned as she could feel Kalion’s fluids drooling down her thighs. 

It’s too much.

She tried to look for something to wipe it off with, but she could not find anything. 

“What’s wrong?”


She replied with caution as she was afraid that Kalion would jump on her again if she told the truth. She then gently placed her hand on her stomach. 

Every time they did it, Kalion went all in. 

Erna could feel Kalion’s dedication every time she saw his c*m fill her up and drool out of her. She could feel his dedication to make her pregnant. 

Now she started to want a baby. For herself, for Hessenguard, and…

Erna looked at Kalion touching her clothes. She noticed his hair had grown a bit since the past few weeks they were apart. She also noticed his deep blue eyes. 

Erna began to wonder. What would their child look like? Would it be a boy or a girl? What would be the hair color? The eye color? What about personality? Whose would it adapt more? It better not be his. Um, not that my personality is much better.

While fixing her clothes, Kalion was looking at Erna, who looked like she was thinking about something. Erna’s face was not like usual. It looked like she was excited about something. As soon as he was about to ask her what she was thinking about, the loud noise from the door stopped. 

Was it because Erna, the caster, lost control? Normally the noise would have lasted for at least a couple of hours, but it ended way earlier this time. The two could now hear the worried servants crying out their name. 


That sound made them jump straight back to reality. They had their fun. Now it was time to clean up the mess. 

She wondered if she should cast another noise spell, but she changed her mind and began to draw a different magical formula.

And when Erna’s hand completed drawing the formula, the glass windows in the room all exploded into pieces. The glass particles rained down and made loud crashing noises as they landed on the floor. The sound was so sharp and big that it made Kalion flinch. 

Kalion instinctively wrapped his arms around Erna. From the broken windows, a strong wind stormed into the room and made the room into an utter mess. Everything fell to the ground and the papers were flying around the room. 

Kalion looked puzzled so Erna whispered into his ear.

“Just getting some air out of the room.”

“…I can see.”

If the servants had all come in, some perceptive ones might have noticed what the two had been up to. 

But was this really necessary? Kalion thought. This wasn’t “letting air out the room;” it was “destroying the room.” 

“And Kalion, I apologize in advance.”

“Apologize? Hey, you’re not going to…!”

“Just try not to get hurt,” muttered Erna as Kalion’s body flew up into the air.

Right then, the door opened. The servants, having had enough and risking punishment, marched in worrying that someone had been killed. Actually, they were able to come in because Erna had let the doors open. But the servants had no way to know. 

When they came into the room, they could see the ransacked room and Kalion getting thrown to the walls. 

* * *

Adelaide has been busy since the morning.

“Hurry up. It’s all ready, right?“

Adelaide asked the maids with their heads bowed down while the chambermaids helped her dress up. 

“Yes, Madam. The preparation for your leave is done as you ordered.”

The maids further lowered their heads as they replied to Adelaide. 

Maybe her hard work has finally paid off. Recently, Kalion granted permission for Adelaide to enter the knights’ base. Adelaide was flattered when Kalion ordered the knights to send her to his room every time she visited. 

I did it.

At first, Kalion had his guards up in front of Adelaide. So, Adelaide talked a lot to him to get closer. Well, she mostly talked about how Haband was going to run Hessenguard. 

Adelaide was never interested in Haband, Hessenguard, or politics in general. Thus, the things Adelaide told Kalion about were things she had quickly learned before she left. So, when Kalion brought up questions about the knights of Haband, Adelaide called her guards’ leader and requested, “Please answer anything the duke asks so that he trusts Haband as a helping hand.”

Answer anything. It was a dangerous order. Nevertheless, the knight had to follow orders. 

Fortunately, it didn’t seem so bad. Kalion just asked about the knights’ sword techniques and asked if they could teach him some skills. So, the knights of Hessenguard were invited to the gymnasium and practiced with the Haband knights. 

The knights of Haband were tense at first as the knights of Hessenguard have recently been renowned. 

Under Kalion’s command, the knights have grown stronger and stronger. However, there were not many Hessenguard knights that defeated the Haband knights. 

This allowed the Haband knights to steadily loosen up. The Hessenguard knights showed no sign of irritation, but rather applauded the Haband knights. 

Later, when food and drinks arrived at the knights’ base, the mood lightened up even more. 

A glass, become two, which become three, and so one until the knights of Haband became completely lowered their guards. 

But, when the knights began to fall asleep, Cedric quietly walked outside to the corner of the garden where Kalion was waiting for him. 



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