Chapter 107.1

Chapter 107.1

Not every marriage in the world can be beautiful and filled with love. Especially if it was the marriage of the most powerful person.

As with all royal marriages, the marriage of the grand duke of Hessenguard was given priority over love as time passed. No one was to blame for it. It was inevitable. However, compared to other countries, Hessenguard has continued to take care of its own people. This was because there were no special conditions for the marriage partner of the grand duke.

Since the grand duke’s spouse did not necessarily have to be a nobleman, the dukes were freer to choose their opponents. With the creation of the Council, the grand dukes and nobles were less likely to clash with each other, so there was less pressure to consider the political aspect like other kingdoms.

It was a good thing. Not everyone was too worried about the grand duke’s partner. They thought that he would meet his companion without any problems as it has been. But people soon realized how complacent they were.

“I shall get ready to get married soon.”

As soon as the former grand duke returned from a hunt that took longer than usual, everyone was bewildered. He was the grand duke who showed a bitter reaction to the recommendations of those around him.

Still, he was a grand duke loved by everyone because he had a beautiful appearance, a good personality, and the ability to carry out his duties as a grand duke without any problems.

Not long after, the grand duke went to the local baron and proposed to the young girl of the family.

“I remember your kindness on that day. Please accept it.”

It was only natural that the baron, who warmly welcomed a stranger knocking on the door late at night, turned over. He merely thought he was a nobleman in his demeanor and words, but he was a grand duke! The baron, who had been quiet all his life in his countryside, had not recognized him and immediately bowed his head. The baron’s daughter, who had received the proposal, was at a loss.

How can a little kindness bring so much? Everyone envied the fortune she had gained–except for herself. The baron’s daughter secretly went to the duke who was staying with the baron and told him to retract his courtship.

“I have a lover. Please withdraw your proposal.”

To that, the grand duke replied in a friendly voice.

“I know. But what’s the matter?”

Everyone forgot for a while because of his easygoing personality, but he was a ruler from the moment he was born. Since he could get anything he wanted, he didn’t have anything special to be obsessed with.

Then, for the first time, he encountered a difficult existence. Love was no different from obsession.

The grand duke was a man who could be cruel as he could to the man she loved, but not lay a hand on her hair.

When she learned that her lover had disappeared, the baron’s daughter took the grand duke’s hand two days later and left for the grand duke’s castle. The man who disappeared has returned. But he doesn’t remember what happened, he said.

After that, the man lived quietly as if nothing had happened. But in the absence of people’s gaze, he looked blankly at the capital, where the grand castle was situated.

Shortly thereafter, news of the grand duke’s marriage also came to the village. The day people ate and drank as it was said to be the success of the village, the man closed all the doors and locked himself in the house.

Time passed quickly. After three years had passed, the grand duke became a little nervous. He wondered why he bore no children between himself and the grand duchess. The doctor had said there were no problems with either of them.

There was indeed no problem. The grand duchess was as bright and beautiful as when they first met, and she performed the duties of the grand duchess without fail. Very occasionally the grand duke would remember the man she had loved in the past, but she cared no more.

After all, the grand duchess never spoke of the man’s existence after marriage–like someone who didn’t exist.

Meanwhile, the issue with producing an heir became increasingly problematic. Because of that, the grand duchess looked particularly tired. As her husband who loved her wife, the grand duke asked her.

“Is there anything you wish for?”

There was nothing he couldn’t do in Hessenguard. The grand duchess replied with a weak smile at his words.

“I want to go home after a long time.”

“Then come with me next week…”

“No,” she refused, “I want to go quietly.”

Seeing how tired she looked, the grand duke replied that he understood. The grand castle has been noisy lately. She would need the quiet and warm arms of her family.

A few days later, the grand duchess went quietly to her hometown in a modest carriage. A week later, the grand duchess returned to the castle a week earlier than the scheduled day.

She smiled and shook her head at the duke as he asked her if there was anything wrong with her.

“No, but…”

The grand duchess was hesitant, but she told him nevertheless.

“Can you hug me tonight?”

As the grand duke, there was no reason to refuse. Besides, for the first time since her marriage, she first looked for him. He left everything behind and headed to the couple’s bedroom with the grand duchess. And he did not come out for a few days, and he coveted her beloved wife.

“Did something happen?” he asked the grand duchess.


“But I don’t know why you behave so differently than usual.”

At the words of the grand duke, the grand duchess trembled. She seemed like someone who made a big mistake. And then he stroked her neck and caressed her hair.

Since then, the grand duchess wanted to go to her hometown more often. When she returned, she clung to him, so the grand duke willingly allowed her to go out. Then, when his scheduled responsibilities came to an end, he impulsively headed for the grand duchess’s hometown.

He was in heaven these days. A beloved wife, a peaceful duchy, a passionate council. Once they bore a successor, everything would be perfect.

When the grand duke arrived at the baron’s house, the grand duchess was not at home.

“Did she go for a walk?” he asked.

“Well, I guess so. She must have been to the forest.” The baron answered, the corner of his lips strangely quivering.

“Which way is the forest?”

The baron pointed to the forest connected to the baron’s house. The grand duke nodded and left the baron’s mansion. Then he went into the forest the baron was pointing to, and then stopped.

The grand duke was not an idiot. He had already noticed that the baron was acting strangely. He immediately induced magic. The magic of finding his wife was not difficult for him.

A bright light flew in a completely different direction from where the baron had spoken. The duke thought for a moment. Should he run towards the light?

He hesitated for a long time, unable to move. After a while, he saw a man rushing out of the woods towards which the light was headed. He’s a man I’ve seen once, he thought, a long time ago.

And who followed him was his beloved wife.



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