Chapter 108.1

Chapter 108.1

Isabelle, who had already known about everything, came to the position as the next grand duchess. She had accepted that her fate as the grand duchess position would provide her infinite possibilities. 

Although she possessed magical powers, she had never learned or understood how to use her abilities properly so she had not become a proper mage. If she had remained in the mage tower, she would have been taken advantage of by another’s power. 

Compared to that, being the grand duchess seemed so much better. While she lived, she could live in abundance and above all people. 

So, Isabelle gladly took the position. 

Thankfully, her powers were consumed slower than she had expected. Although she was still the to-be grand duchess as Richard had not yet succeeded, the current grand duchess had passed away a long time ago which practically made Isabelle the lady of the castle. 

Isabelle had come to the mage tower as she had no other means to survive. But now she was promised a life of abundance. Isabelle thought that now she would want nothing more. 

That was until she met Richard’s younger brother, Elias, at the garden in the castle. 

“We’ve met before at the mage tower, right?”


Isabelle turned her head to Elias in surprise. When she looked at his face closely, she could recognize his face as they had passed each other several times at the tower.  

“Why are you here?”

As Isabelle recognized him, Elias smiled in joy. 

“I was at the mage tower for educational purposes. I inherited some of my father’s abilities, so I had potential to become a mage. I used a different name to avoid issues. It’s a relief to see you here. I was worried when you suddenly disappeared from the tower.”

The two instantly became close. 

Isabelle knew Richard was not the blood-related-son of the grand duke. She also knew about the two pillars and other secrets related to the royal family of Hessenguard. 

For this reason, the grand duke was not fond of her spending time with others. 

So, although Isabelle had servants near her, she had no friends. This made Elias the only friend of Isabelle. 

The two became closer as they talked about the mage tower. Having a shared past provided kinship between the two. 

It could have ended there. Just as close friends. Friends who would have tea together every once in a while and talk about past memories. How things should have been…

“What’s this?”

While Isabelle was away, Elias, who had been looking for her, found a paper that Isabelle had forgotten to put away. 

For most people, it was nothing but a piece of paper filled with unintelligible words. However, Elias, who had learned wizardry, recognized that it was a magic spell, and that it was intricately related to Isabelle and Richard. 

Also, that his father was deeply involved in it. 

Elias instantly headed to the grand duke and complained. But Elias only received a cold look from his father. 

“Go back to the mage tower.”

“Father! Why would you…!”

Elias tried to grab the grand duke, but the grand duke pushed his hands away and slapped his face. 

“And never return to Hessenguard! You will only cause trouble to your brother!”

“Your Highness!”

Elias tried to reason with his father, but he left without looking back. Isabelle helped Elias get up and thought that Elias deserved to be the grand duke.

He was the real son, not Richard. 

He was given no magic power, yet carried his own. Elias was the one who inherited the blood of the grand duke. He was the lawful successor of the position. But why…

Isabelle’s hands lost their warmth when she knew she should not talk or even think about such truth. 

But once the thought crossed her mind, she could not control it and make it disappear. 

Fortunately, it seemed like the grand duke had said so in the heat of the moment because later when they bumped into each other, the duke did not tell Elias to leave. However, the duke did order to move Elias’s residence outside of the castle. So, meeting Elias became more difficult for Isabelle. 

Meanwhile, Isabelle’s magic powers were transferred to Richard immediately. As Richard gained the ability to use magic, the duke began to teach him directly, but only knowledge, leaving out the most important truth. 

Richard had a gentle personality and showed a lot of affection. He had been feeling sorry seeing the duke and Isabelle use their magic for Hessenguard.  

Thus, once he gained the power to use magic, he became obsessed with improving his skills so that he could protect his wife. 

As Richard received more and more respect and trust, oddly, Isabelle felt a sense of rage. 

It doesn’t belong to him. Everything Richard possessed was not his. It belonged to someone else. Isabelle was dumbfounded seeing him enjoying all which did not belong to him…

Then, the duke had a stroke. The unprecedented event riled up the castle. However, there were no serious issues as Richard had taken over much of the duke’s tasks. Nothing would change at that point if Richard officially became the grand duke. 

However, right as the duke had a stroke, monsters began to appear. They appeared on such a large scale that Richard decided to go on a conquest with the knights. 

Isabelle thought, this is just the beginning.

This happened because the wrong man was about to take the duke’s position. Then…

Isabelle called in Elias after Richard left the castle. There was no one to stop her. The duke was unconscious, and Richard was gone. 

Isabelle told Elias everything. Richard was the usurper; Elais was the worthy one. 

At first, Elias did not believe Isabelle. So, Isabelle decided to show him everything: from the two pillars hidden by the ancient artifacts in the forest of Irgis to the secrets hidden beneath the castle. 

Elias was shocked as he figured out the truth. Isabelle then told Elias in a serious tone. 

“You are the worthy successor. You have the right to have all this.”

Rebellion happened instantly. Elias and his other brother joined to rebel against Richard.



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