Chapter 11.1

Chapter 11.1

 “You’re drunk,” said Kalion as he yanked his sleeve out of her grasp. There was no way that she’d lay a hand on him if she’d been in a sober frame of mind.

Erna lashed back at him, “Of course I am! How else do you expect me to do this? Just get it over with or are you incapable of doing it? If that’s the case, just be honest and tell it as it is!”

Kalion had to bite his lip at Erna’s outburst which was not her usual provocation. They had a knack for getting on each other’s nerves. Her continued mocking words about his inability to get an er*cti*n reverberated in his mind. It felt as if someone had taken a sharp-edged sword and sliced deeply through his pride.

Adding fuel to the fire, Erna mockingly said, “You’re not all that great anyway. Just get hard, put it in, and ej*cul*te. If you can’t even do that…”

At that moment, Kalion snapped. He lifted his hand to her forehead and pressed down hard with his pointer finger. Erna, who was now standing, toppled over onto the large four-poster bed. He couldn’t believe she had stumbled from just the force of his finger. When she opened her eyes again, his massive body hovered over her.

“Right, I am not great at this,” Kalion said, gritting his teeth, “So just deal with it!”

Still reeling from her icy words, he roughly spread her legs open with his solid knees. Erna’s face went paler than usual as his beefy body found a comfortable spot between her legs, and she held her breath in fearful anticipation. It felt as if he was about to devour her alive!

A sense of shame rippled through Kalion’s body as he hesitantly reached out to grab her thin negligee, trying to avoid touching her as he pulled it open to expose her slender body. Their relationship was based on an agreement, yet he felt as if he was r*ping her and her drunken tears made him more conscious to avoid touching her in any other way than was needed.

Does it have to be like this? Do I have to go through with this? he thought regretfully.

She refused to open the negligee herself, perhaps feeling as if it was a command from him and he felt like dying in many ways as he did it himself.

How could he feel so dirty?

While he was clenching his jaw and moving his hands, Erna, no doubt uncomfortable from having her legs forced open, started tossing and turning beneath him. As a result, both their bodies touched, skin on skin and surprised by the unexpected contact, he lost his balance. On impulse, he held his arms out to steady himself. However, what was under his hands was not the bed’s mattress but the bare flesh of Erna’s legs. Kalion, whose hands were now gripping soft, delicate thighs, hastily removed his hands off of her body and impulsively brushed them off as if he’d accidentally touched a lump of hot coal.

He questioned if what he had just touched a moment ago was a real person. Why did she feel so smooth and so soft?

Touching Erna’s skin unexpectedly felt unusually pleasant to Kalion and it was a sensation he was unaccustomed to feeling. He knew very well what it felt like to squeeze another person’s flesh. Didn’t he wrestle with other knights every day to train himself? As knights, they not only learned sword skills, they trained their bodies too to avoid bodily damage during a fight without a sword, so physical fitness also had to be studied and practiced as a skill. Twisting arms behind the back, neck strangulation, and learning how to break legs were part of his daily routine, and having practiced these skills for so long, he knew exactly how skin, muscles, and bones felt in his grasp. He naively assumed that a woman’s body would feel the same.

While still brushing his hands off, he looked down at the flesh he had just held a moment ago. The area above Erna’s long, thin, pale legs had turned a light red color.

How absurd. How could skin change color like that, almost instantaneously, just from the touch of another person? And how could it be so smooth? 

The skin he’d felt a few seconds ago was most certainly different from the knights’ rough skin, this was a smooth texture he’d experienced for the first time. If he had to find a similar feeling, it was almost like the silk outfit he sometimes wore at events. It wasn’t a bad feeling, it just caught him by surprise. However, Kalion now wiped his hands on his clothes like a madman because it was Erna’s flesh, which unsettled him.

Erna sighed loudly after seeing his reaction to her body, and in a defensive tone spat at him, “You’re not the only one who feels like sh*t you know!” 

Kalion, who was about to say he was more surprised as opposed to feeling shitty, clamped his mouth shut. It didn’t matter how he felt anyway. He tried to get his act together again. The goal was still the same: Finish quickly and get out of this room!

Whatever happens, don’t be shocked, and don’t stop until the deed is done, he thought.



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