Chapter 11.2

Chapter 11.2

Erna’s body flinched and twitched as he once again pulled her negligee up. Looking down, all he saw was a tiny waist, long well-shaped legs, and plain white p*nti*s which covered her wom*nho*d. The decision to ‘finish quickly and get out of this room’ was instantly shattered as he looked at her mostly exposed body. When he had entered the room earlier, he had been certain he could get the job done and leave in no time. That was no longer the case.

What was it about a n*ked woman’s body that made him feel this way? It was made up of flesh and bones just like a man’s body. If Cedric heard this, he’d stare directly into Kalion’s eyes, and with a humorous look on his face, say, ‘Sir, you cannot be serious.’ 

But he was being serious now, although he just couldn’t understand why he felt so agitated. Was it perhaps that she was curvaceous and thinner than him? No, that wasn’t it. It was the same person, whether or not she was clothed or half undressed. His eyes were locked, staring blatantly at the curved lines that couldn’t be found on a man’s body. The more that the reality of the situation sunk in, the more he clenched his jaw. 

His mind tried to convince him that there was nothing to it. He just needed to pull her p*nties off and spread her legs, and insert his m*nho*d into her after getting an erection… that was the problem though, he couldn’t get ar*used. 

“Shi*t,” he blurted.

Even Erna, in the intoxicated state she was in, flinched at the harsh sound that emanated from the back of his throat.

Kalion had confirmed it to himself, he couldn’t touch her. A war was raging in his mind, he knew he had to try one more time. He was about to lift his hand to grab her p*nti*s, but he struggled to bring his hand close to her, let alone touch the flimsy und* rgarm*nt. 

Was it embarrassment or shyness? Never before had he felt such confusing feelings, and desperation to reach an outcome. For what reason should he be hesitating like this?

And then, finally, it struck him, like a solid blow to the head… Hatred!

Ten years ago, hatred was the sole emotion that had flowed between Erna and Kalion. The memory of her yelling out, ‘I’ll kill you if you touch me on this bed!’, was still vivid in his mind. It all made sense now and he hurriedly hoisted himself up and got off the bed. Erna followed suit, lowering her negligee and grabbing a woolen blanket to wrap herself in; just as she had done ten years ago. After a long and awkward silence, she fell flat on the bed without saying a word.

Kalion approached the four-poster bed, unsure of how to proceed but Erna seemed uninterested in his advance and curled her body up into a fetal position, a subconscious defense mechanism. Kalion backed away slowly and returned to the emerald green sofa, taking a deep swallow of whiskey to settle his nerves. History had just repeated itself. Their appearances may have changed, but their behavior was no different from that of a decade ago.


Erna’s breathing stopped briefly when she opened her eyes. Her body was tightly bound by something. She squealed frantically, “What the hell is this?”

A pain immediately shot up from inside her as she spoke, forcing out a groan. Her mind was desperately trying to find an answer. 

 What’s happening? What is this place? What in the world has happened to me? This doesn’t look like the grand duke’s castle. 

Something like this could never happen to her in the grand duke’s castle. Erna blinked her eyes, trying to adjust her vision. With a throbbing headache, she began to realize, little by little, what kind of situation she was in.

She let out a sigh of relief as she said, “A blanket.” 

She honestly thought she had been bound, but then she realized it was a woolen blanket that kept her trapped. Wriggling her neck about, she managed to stick her head out completely and took a deep breath. Instead of the hot and stale air from inside of it, fresh air now filled her lungs. She scanned the surroundings while taking more deep breaths. 

Despite her hazy vision, Erna realized right away that she was not in the familiar comfort of her room, and when she tried to get up, a pain hit her that almost made her faint.

“Ouch!” she yelled loudly.

While grabbing her forehead and sitting upright, she recalled the fruity liqueur she had downed the night before. “Why did I drink that?” she cursed herself.

At that moment, she heard a voice from behind her.

“You are awake,” said Kalion sarcastically.

Erna jolted at the unexpected sound of a man’s voice, prompting her to turn around quickly. Kalion was sitting right there. She was about to scurry back, but she got caught in the pesky woolen blanket and fell back. Rolling on the bed like a caterpillar, she struggled out of it and shouted, “What is this? Why are you here?”

“I guess you’re still out of it… You remember what happened last night, right? You should at least remember up until the liqueur kicked in,” he said.

Kalion’s voice was strained as if he’d been to hell and back. At his words, Erna started to recall, one by one, the events of the previous evening: the letter sent by the two kingdoms, and the agreement between the married couple; entering the room for the first time in ten years; drinking the liqueur, and the attempt at int*rc*urse.

She quickly patted her body down. Fortunately, she had worn her silk negligee during the act, or at least she thought she had but she couldn’t quite remember. She was checking between her legs when she asked Kalion, “Did we do it?”

“Do what?” he asked.

“I asked: did we do it?!” she said in a demanding tone.

Like someone had removed a piece of her memory, she couldn’t remember a thing after drinking the fruity liqueur. But one thing was certain, she had laid down on the bed at some point and ordered Kalion to do it.



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