Chapter 112.2

Chapter 112.2

Contrary to when he had commanded Cedric with a low voice a while ago, Kalion was burning with anger deep within. When he was attacked by a monster for the first time, he thought it was strange. The second time around, he was convinced. For the third attack, he was determined—to behead the bastards behind this scheme once he successfully gets out of the valley.

Kalion leaned his back against the tree and looked up at the sky.

“Damn it.”

He saw a constellation completely different from what he remembered. He glared at the night sky. Then he found the star he recognized. And the other stars that were supposed to be next to it, but…

“It’s completely distorted.”

The space inside the Wynfield Valley has been distorted.

In fact, the distortion of space itself is not surprising. The entrance to the ancient ruins that he and Erna had seen in the past also appeared as some sort of spatial distortion. However, the distortion of the space that took place inside the Wynfield Valley was artificially created to summon the demons and to hinder the movement of the knights.

“Damn you wizards,” grunted Kalion.

He quickly added, “Except for Erna.”

After a moment of thought, he added once more, “Except for the wizards of Hessenguard.”

After excluding all the people who deserved to be exempt from his wrath, Kalion spit out a rather lengthy curse on wizards.

After grouching for a while, he exhaled deeply as if his cursing relieved him.

Kalion groped over his chest and felt the necklace under his clothes. Immediately, an incredibly soft smile came to his lips as if he had not been swearing violently just a minute ago. He fiddled with the necklace a few more times and eventually, his hands fell to his side, hoping for a warm hand to hold. But the only thing he could feel was the coldness of the soil.

I have to go back quickly.

Two weeks have already passed. He was worried what the knights of Aether had done.

I wonder if Erna is doing a good job stopping them.

Erna was undoubtedly livid from the invasion of the other kingdom. Kalion was thankful that it was Erna, who was blocking the enemy’s knights, but there are limits.

“I have to go back.”

While he thought of Erna’s troubles, Kalion felt a throbbing sensation deep in his chest as if I had been stabbed with a sharp knife.

I will definitely return. With the knights to protect Hessenguard.

Kalion turned his eyes back to the starry night sky. Not only were the constellations distorted, but also the roads too. Kalion knew the geography of the place well as he had passed it many times in the past. In addition, there are only a few curves on the road, but it is basically almost a straight line passing through the valley.

But no matter how much they ran and ran, they couldn’t get out of the valley. Besides, they were continually passing the same roads over and over again.

I only heard of it, but I didn’t know that I would experience it myself.

Kalion recalled what he had learned as a child in the Grand Castle. The old mercenary who had taught him various tactics had also told him about the magic of wizards he had experienced on the battlefield.

“It was a pretty amazing experience. Because I was in the same place no matter how much I walked,” the mercenary had said.

The old mercenary had told Kalion that the cursed forest was actually a trap made by wizards. So when asked how he survived there, he gave Kalion the answer.

“If you distort the space, the wizards are also trapped in it together. As a result, they often set standard objects so that they do not become confused. You have to break them down.”

“If you break the standards, does the magic break?”

At Kalion’s question, the mercenary had shook his head.

“If you destroy them, the wizards will be trapped, and so they will disable the magic. Don’t miss that opportunity.”

Kalion thought long and hard, but in the end, his memory wasn’t that of a help. If he had known he would experience it first-hand, he would have asked what the standards were.

Exhausted, Kalion closed his eyes. He fell asleep in an instant, with his hands still clutching the necklace under his clothes.

* * *

Erna looked at Ruben who was lying on the bed.

For several weeks he had been lying asleep on drugs and magic. Now the time has come to wake him up.

“I want to strangle you.”

Erna, unconsciously voicing her sincerity, raised her hand and slapped Ruben’s cheek. Ruben’s head turned sideways with a smack.

She believed that it was Ruben who leaked the coordinates of the Grand Castle to Aether, so she wanted to kill him right away, but unfortunately, she couldn’t.

I must show it to the knights of Aether.

Of course, Erna didn’t intend to just let him go peacefully. It was not worth poisoning him until he played his part.

Erna took a deep breath and began summoning magic in the air. Magical symbols began to glow and soon disappeared into Ruben’s body.


At the same time, Ruben groaned and began to come to his senses. Erna instantly burst into tears and buried her face in his chest.

“Ruben! Do you wake up?”

The play just wasn’t over yet.



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