Chapter 115.2

Chapter 115.2

Adelaide’s carriage passed through the gates and headed for the guest house. At her arrival, the maids greeted her politely.

“You were tired, weren’t you? I have a bath ready.”

The maid in the front sneaked a glimpse at Adelaide’s countenance. Adelaide had stayed outside for a long time. At times like this, Adelaide would be irritable. Despite being uncomfortable, she refused to leave her room if she was too plain.

And today must have been more tiring.

She had attended a meeting with Hesssenguard’s council, as well as Erna. The maids had stayed up until dawn to dress up Adelaide.

In addition, Adelaide was always in a bad mood every time she encountered Erna. So, the maid thought that Adelaide would lash at them as she arrived, but contrary to her expectations, Adelaide replied to her with a smile.

“Good job. I want to wash up right away.”

When she reached the bathroom, Adelaide undressed with the help of the maids and stepped into the bathtub filled with bubbly water at just the right temperature and floating red petals. The maids had also lit an incense for her relaxation.

Adelaide, who stirred the rippling water around her chest, waved her hand to her maids who were standing next to her.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief at the sight of her in a good mood, a rare sight in recent times.

A maid lathered a balm on Adelaide’s shoulder and began to massage it gently. A pleased moan came from Adelaide as her taut muscles relaxed.

When another maid arrived, bringing with her a cool refreshment, Adelaide said, “I should send a letter to my father. Get ready.”

“Yes, madame,” replied the maid.

“Ah, please be mindful as this is a letter that must be sent very quickly.”

The maid bowed her head. A letter to be sent very quickly was a code between the two.

After the bath, Adelaide entered her bedroom in comfortable sleepwear. She then instructed everyone except the maid, whom she had just ordered, to leave.

“What have you done?” she asked the maid.

“I have it ready.”

The maid pointed politely to the desk. There was an ornate box lying on top of the table.

King Haband had given Adelaide something of value before she left for Hessenguard. On the surface, it looked like a rolled piece of paper. However, it was a magical item requested by the king of Haband from the Wizard’s Tower. What she wrote on the paper was supposed to appear on another piece of paper in the king’s possession.

It is said that it is so complicated and requires a lot of energy, and that some wizards do not understand even the magic of it, let alone make it. Even the great head of the Wizard’s Tower took a long time to create one. Also, the magical item cannot be used more than once.

Furthermore, only one member of the royal family could use it. So when she received it, Adelaide felt the fear and pride of her mission.

As Adelaide sat at her desk, the maid stepped back and bowed her head. Adelaide opened the lock comfortably and took out the paper. Holding her pen, she was lost in thought for a moment.

It hasn’t been decided by the Council yet, but…

When they met in the morning, Vanessa, the president of the Council, was in favor of Haband’s intervention. However, after returning to the meeting after the break, Vanessa showed a lukewarm attitude. Because of that, Adelaide’s suggestion did not receive official approval.

She was dissatisfied but seeing Vanessa and her members treat her more politely after the meeting, she decided to put aside her discontent for a while.

Although she hasn’t completely gained the trust of the Council, she was not the only subject of their doubt. Weren’t they suspicious of Erna, who had been with Ruben for quite a long time?

The image of Kalion suddenly crossed her mind. He was a man who seldom came over.

If the wizards of Haband will be the first to find Kalion and his knights, their swords will be directed at Erna, who has accepted Aether’s army.

Adelaide imagined Erna and Ruben to be bound in their knees. It was such a pleasant sight that she couldn’t stop a laugh from leaving her lips.

I’m definitely going to send you back to Haband.

Adelaide knew what would happen if Erna returned to Haband. She is a strong wizard. Her offspring will be the same. And under the king served plenty of male wizards. At least one of them will succeed in having children with her.

Adelaide smiled and held up her pen. She couldn’t wait. Right now, she will request wizards from Haband, along with a number of knights as well. If she finds Kalion quickly, he and the Congress will thank her in the end.

Without further delay, Adelaide began writing her demands on the paper.



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