Chapter 19 (Rated 18)

Chapter 19 (Rated 18)

Erna quickly walked to her bedroom to check the time and then returned to their marital bedroom and looked at the grandfather clock. The time on the two clocks was different. It was not until she found another clock on the mantelpiece above the fireplace that she figured out that the old grandfather clock wasn’t working.

“What, there’s still half an hour left?” That’s why Kalion was not there. Thinking that it was ridiculous how she’d been in such a rush earlier, she pondered what to do next. After bathing with warm water, her body had become tired and she couldn’t help but yawn. She thought of taking a small nap but knew that she wouldn’t wake up in time.

Erna looked longingly at the four-poster bed, originally made for both her and Kalion but which now represented a wall between the two of them for the last decade, and about a week ago, a place where Erna had gotten drunk and passed out. To be honest, the bed itself wasn’t a good memory nor a bad memory for Erna. However, she did feel like she’d gotten used to it after spending time here during the week.

Erna agonized for a moment and then went up to the bed. Possibly because the servants cleaned every day, the thin blanket smelt fresh, almost like sunshine and she climbed inside the covers. The slightly rough but clean sheets were a bit cool at first but soon warmed to her body temperature. I’ll take a nap here for a while and I’ll wake up when Kalion comes in. So she thought. She wasn’t drunk so she felt it would be easy to wake up when she heard him. Overconfident in herself, Erna drifted off to sleep.

Erna woke up and blinked in surprise at Kalion lying next to her, “What is going on?” Is this a dream? Why is this man next to me? Erna was puzzled and rubbed her eyes trying to focus better. As she stirred, Kalion opened his eyes, and just as she was about to ask him why he was next to her, he unexpectedly grabbed her by the wrist and his face approached hers.

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“Hey, what are you doing!” Caught off-guard, Erna tried to scream, but her voice was swallowed up by the soft lips that pressed against hers with a tremendous force. The moment Erna realized it was Kalion’s lips, she felt shivers down her spine. He must be crazy! Or maybe this isn’t Kalion?

There was no way to explain this situation. Astonished, Erna tried to push him away, but her body, which had just woken up, didn’t have enough strength. Kalion didn’t budge and it didn’t stop there. His lips opened and a warm and wet tongue pushed into her mouth. Erna’s eyes grew bigger as she felt a strange tingling sensation. She was about to shout, ‘Hey you lunatic!’ But all that came out of her lips was a crushed mo*n. Meanwhile, Kalion tightened Erna’s wrists and his huge body quickly covered her, all the while slipping his warm tongue in and out of her mouth.

Erna couldn’t get her act together. The impact of this unbelievable situation was not only shocking, but the stimulation she felt confused her. Kalion’s tongue was violent, breaking into her without permission and it touched Erna’s mouth with great ease. Kalion’s actions were even more stimulating because Erna had never experienced such int*m*cy.

Kalion had been exploring her mouth for a long time and it wasn’t until there was nowhere else he could l*ck that he slowly removed his lips from hers. Out of breath, Erna could do nothing but lie there and gasp. Their mixed s*liva left a silver line across her mouth and Kalion murmured, licking his lips with his tongue, “Delicious.”

Erna was dumbfounded when this unexpected word came from him. Does he think I’m some sort of food? How am I delicious?

Kalion let go of Erna’s wrist but then grabbed her ankle. She felt his long, thick hand stroking her leg and she stiffened, unable to breathe. She had no idea that this was the sensation someone felt when they touched another person’s body so int*mat*ly. All her nerves seemed to be concentrated wherever Kalion’s hands touched. Then Erna met Kalion’s gaze and he had a strange look on his face.

Kalion always had sharp eyes just as any knight would. Every time she moved, he didn’t miss it, following her every movement with that look in his eyes. Erna thought that Kalion would not even miss dust floating in the air. But at this moment, his sharp eyes were now somewhat relaxed. Is he drunk?

But that didn’t make sense. On their first day together, Kalion was fine without a single stumble after emptying a big bottle of alcohol by himself. Drinking a bottle or two would not even make the slightest change to him. He’d probably have to dunk himself into a massive alcohol bottle to even get the slightest bit drunk. But the Kalion on Erna’s stomach did not smell of alcohol at all.

His hand, which was moving up her leg, stopped on her knee. Then suddenly, it moved to the inside of her thigh and he muttered in a low voice, “It was somewhere here,” as he held a hand full of the tender flesh inside her thigh.

“What!” Bewildered, Erna trembled, but Kalion still clung on, not caring.

Then he said with a satisfied expression, “Still soft.”

Erna was really at a loss for his words. What nonsense is he talking about while touching my body?! And what does he mean by ‘still’? Does that mean he has touched me before? She came to the conclusion that Kalion must have touched her inner thigh the day she was drunk, and she momentarily thought about kicking him but managed to cool her temper. After all, tonight was the night it had to be done and Kalion would be well aware of that. This unusual behavior of his may be his efforts to create a successor. When Erna saw the strange look in his eyes again, then she thought that perhaps he’d taken medicine that made him dizzy and not alcohol. I’ll just have to put up with it.

Last time, Erna was guilty of drinking, so she felt she couldn’t argue with Kalion. All she wanted to do was to end this as soon as possible. But why is he constantly touching me? She wondered if it was because she had closed her legs, so she risked her shame and spread them to make it easier for Kalion to settle in. Erna thought that would make Kalion take his hands off her legs…

Far from taking his hands off, Kalion began stroking the tender flesh inside her thighs without hesitation. Hey! Erna wanted to shout to him to stop but as Kalion’s hand trailed up her leg and started touching her most secret area she flinched in pleasant surprise. Perhaps because it was a strong reaction, Kalion briefly withdrew his hands for a moment, but he soon reached out again and pressed the back of his hand against her silky und*rw*ar.

The stimulation from him touching the most secret part of her body made her stiffen. Kalion now clasped her g*nit*ls in his palm, as if enjoying her reaction. Then, his fingers slipped into her und*rw*ar and she closed her eyes tightly. She thought he was going to take off her und*rw*ar but his hand slipped in and out of them before he grabbed the bottom of her negligee and pulled it up to her chest. In an instant, Erna’s legs and stomach were revealed before Kalion’s eyes and he placed his hand on her flat stomach, caressing her white belly as slowly as he had her legs.

“Ooh…” Erna bit her lips and swallowed a groan as a strange sensation spread through her body, as a hand as big as her stomach caressed her. Every time his hand moved, Erna’s body flinched.

Kalion’s hands were rougher than she thought, maybe because of handling swords for a long time. She could feel his hard calluses as they scratched her soft skin and it made her hair stand on end. Every time he moved his palm, the prickly sensation spread all over Erna’s body and her toes curled. Kalion caressed her stomach for a long time as if it were an interesting object.

It wasn’t an unusual act. Sometimes, when children have stomachaches, parents would touch their stomachs with a warm hand to make them feel better; it was just one of the ordinary parts of a person’s body.

Erna just accepted his touch and she noticed that her breath had quickened as if she’d had been running all night. As Kalion withdrew his hand, Erna leaped to her feet. As she was about to tell him off, her gaze fell between his legs, “Hey! You… your…,” she stammered, pointing her finger at his lower body.

Kalion’s pajamas were made of a material similar to Erna’s, a white, thin cloth that was made in the northern mountains of Hessenguard, so when he stretched, Erna could see the muscles of his chest. And now, under such a cloth, there was an outline of something huge between his solid legs.

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