Chapter 20 (Rated 18)

Chapter 20 (Rated 18)

Erna suddenly hiccuped feeling somewhat embarrassed and she wondered if the hiccups had started because she was so surprised? Tapping her chest to calm down, her eyes remained on Kalion’s lower body. It’s huge! It was longer than Erna’s fingers and in addition, the thin fabric also showed its thickness. Erna tried to recall what would resemble it the most. An eggplant? She thought of the thick eggplants she’d seen growing in the garden near the Grand Palace, and then she recalled the process of sexual intercourse. When a male’s gen*tali* was raised and thickened, it entered the female gen*tali*… That’s coming in my body? Her face turned white. No, it’s impossible, Erna could tell just by looking at it, that’s not a normal size and thickness of something to enter one’s body. Her instincts shouted for her to run away!

She crept back a few steps and looked sideways at the door leading to the next room. There was nothing left in her head about today’s obligations and promises, the only idea she had was to flee!

Kalion seemed to anticipate her agenda and moved ahead of her and caught her before she ran. She tried to pull herself out of his grasp, lowering her gaze to her chest, and saw that Kalion’s hands did not hold her shoulders, wrists, or legs, but rather, her bre*sts. Erna looked blankly at the big hand that held her chest, his actions were beyond absurd and she stood still with her mouth agape, but no words passed her soft lifts.

Kalion’s voice, still soft and gentle, said, “As expected, this is the softest place.” His hand then roamed about her chest, which was covered by her n*gl*gee, changing the shape of it according to the movement of his hands.

Watching in horror as this all played out, Erna slapped Kalion in the face with all her might and yelled,  “Hey, you punk!”


“You bastard!” Those were Erna’s last words. Fueled by anger, she bolted out of the room as if she were trying to escape the grasp of a monster, slamming the door behind her with all her might. The wall vibrated so much that one would think the Grand Castle might collapse and everyone in the castle might have been woken by the loud bang!

Kalion touched his tingling cheek and looked at the closed door. Although Erna’s hand was small, the slap she’d given him was harsh and his face stung. He could taste his blood as it spread through his mouth. That was most certainly not a dream! He sat back down on the bed and reflected on what had just happened. His last memory was of watching Erna as she slept peacefully, and then drifting to sleep next to her. Unfortunately, his memory didn’t end there.

Kalion stood in a place unfamiliar to him and tried to see his surroundings, but everything was hazy as if a fog settled around him. There was nothing in sight, but the scent of flowers coming from somewhere reassured him. He stood still for a long time, not knowing whether to walk or standstill. Then all of a sudden, the scent of flowers tickled the tip of his nose, growing stronger and he walked toward the enchanted smell. After wandering about for some time, he stopped and wondered what the point was in continuing in the direction of an unknown and mysterious place. Then, through the haze, he saw the back of a woman with long gold hair and she felt strangely familiar to him. Who is it? He wanted to see the woman’s face so he hurried up to her side. However, as soon as he reached out and tried to grab her, she walked away from him, laughing. Before she’d moved away, Kalion was able to see what the woman was wearing. It was a memorable thin n*ghtdress, made of the same material as his pajamas. However, he still wasn’t unsure of who wore it.

Kalion was left with an image in his mind of the woman’s legs which had been visible through the swaying n*ghtdress. And between the gaps in the buttons, he’d caught a glimpse of what appeared to be red handprints on her long slim legs. It was all so strange and he felt as if it could’ve been him who had made the handprint on the woman’s body. He looked at his hand and felt a lingering sensation in his palm as if he had touched something very soft.

He continued walking through the thick fog in search of the woman and caught whiffs of her light scent that smelled of flowers. Lost in thought, trying to put a specific name to the scent, he was startled when the woman appeared in front of him again. On seeing her, Kalion felt a desperate yearning. I don’t want to miss her this time. He wanted to grab the woman, roll up her n*ghtdress and feel the white leg that had passed by his eyes for a moment. He had never felt a desire for a woman’s body in all his life. But now, all he wanted to do was to catch the flesh of the woman as fiercely as a predator that had starved for days. If he caught her, he would knock her down and do whatever he pleased.

Whether or not it was because he was dreaming, all the morals that he’d always adhered to in his life, disappeared in an instant and only l*st remained in him. Kalion was bewildered by this behavior of his but continued to follow the steps of the woman, at the same time thinking he’d gone mad! He was able to grasp the wrist of the woman who appeared and disappeared in front of him, teasingly, and she wasn’t even surprised by unexpectedly being caught by a stranger, instead, she turned around smiling. However, Kalion could not see the woman’s face clearly in the fog. Then, he took her by the wrist and knocked her to the ground. What a rude thing to do, but he felt more satisfied that he’d finally caught her, as opposed to feeling guilty. He searched for the faceless woman’s lips, and on finding them, rubbed his mouth hungrily against hers. Incredibly vivid senses flocked to him all at once. Her lips were warm and soft, and her tongue, which was wrapped around his, gave him an indescribable and powerful stimulation. Feeling as if he had bitten a sweet flower in his mouth, he teased her tongue all the more. In reality, it wasn’t sweet but it tasted sweet somehow. Having savored her as much as he wanted, for a long time, he reluctantly moved his face away and muttered, “Delicious.”

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Kalion could feel that the woman he was holding was shaking and he almost burst into laughter. You shouldn’t be surprised by this. There is plenty more to do to satisfy my needs. He grabbed the woman by the legs and hastily pulled up her nightdress, revealing her long thin legs. Starting at her ankle, he stroked her leg with his hand. This was something that Kalion had never imagined he’d do in his life; holding on to an unknown woman, knocking her down, and now touching her body. By his standards, this act was punishable by death. If someone did this in front of him, Kalion would have cut the person’s head off! He was doing things he thought he hated and he bizarrely felt quite satisfied by his actions.

He grabbed her legs and spread them, whispering, “It was somewhere around here.” Kalion could see a red hand mark on the inside of her silky thigh. He put his hand on the red mark and the size of his hand fitted perfectly as if to show that it was indeed him who had left it. Kalion squeezed the tender flesh, whispering again, “Still soft.” He smiled in satisfaction, feeling the same as he remembered, and continued to enjoy the tenderness of her flesh in his big hand. Then, as if to ask him to do more, the woman’s tightly closed legs, widened. Kalion did not miss the opportunity as it became easier to move and he maneuvered his hand even higher up her soft and supple leg, reaching for the deepest part of her inner thigh.

A soft cloth touched the back of his hand and the body of the woman he was holding lurched forward. In her movement, Kalion saw what he had touched; it was a very thin white cloth covering the secret part between her legs. Kalion hesitated for a moment and reached for it again. A strong desire that he’d never experienced before, burned inside him. Even though no one had taught him, Kalion knew what he wanted, and what he wanted, was to shove himself in the secret part between her legs.

I heard it hurts, and he hesitated for a moment. As much as he wanted to enjoy the pleasure, he also wanted this mysterious woman to enjoy the pleasure as well, after remembering something that Cedric had said. Before Kalion left for war, Cedric would tell stories to the young and innocent knights sitting around the campfire under the clear night sky, about how to deal with women. Kalion had wiped his sword and listened to Cedric, wondering if he should cut out his tongue with it!



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