Chapter 21

Chapter 21

Kalion could hear Cedric’s voice in his head, “If you’re the only one enjoying the moment, it’s violence. You need to have fun together to fully appreciate the intimate experience. Now I’ll tell you how you can make it an enjoyable time for the both of you. First of all, gently car*ss her body with your hands and your mouth.”

Kalion looked at Erna’s flat white stomach underneath him and instinctively thought that he wanted to cover this area with his own body and he gently touched her. I hope she’s not surprised. The skin on her stomach was as soft and smooth as the flesh inside her legs and seemed to possess some kind of power that made it difficult for Kalion to take his hands off of her. He felt that he could touch it every day. Then, he noticed a throbbing sensation in his lower body. It was a rather familiar feeling; sometimes he would feel this sensation when waking up in the morning. His eyes watched as the woman raised her body in response to his touch. Even under her pajamas, Kalion could see a chest that looked voluptuous and inviting. Until now, other parts of her body had been very soft and he wondered how soft that area would be. He genuinely thought that all of this was happening in a dream and so he reached out boldly and grabbed the woman’s chest.

“As expected, this is the softest place,” he murmured. He enjoyed the full mass in his hands but this alone would not completely satisfy him. All he wanted to do was tear the thin piece of clothing apart and see her body as it was underneath. The moment he made up his mind and tried to take the nightdress off, her familiar voice yelled, “Hey, you punk!” Kalion’s ears rung as her hand connected with his cheek and stars flashed before his eyes.

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Left alone on the bed, Kalion couldn’t believe the whole situation, “So that was not a dream… I did do that!” This whole situation was ludicrous and he was so sleepy that he couldn’t tell reality and dreams apart anymore? Had he done what he thought he’d done in his dreams?

Kalion touched his swollen cheek, the after taste of blood inside his torn mouth was vile. He looked at his hand slowly, and coming to his senses, he remembered what it felt like to hold Erna’s breasts in his palms, and how they’d changed shape so easily in his hands. At that moment he felt a stiff throbbing pain below his waist. Looking down, it felt as if his p*nis was full of anger and his er*ct*on was so hard that it felt like it was going to burst through his pants. His er*ct*on often woke him up in the morning, however, it was the first time that the blood vessels had become so stiff that they felt like they could explode at any moment. Kalion bit his lips as he struggled out of bed and walked uncomfortably to the bathroom.

It was a long time before he came out again and cold drops of water dripped from his hair, but the heat remaining in his body did not easily dissipate.

“Oh, my goodness,” Kalion was out of breath and he vowed to himself to keep what had happened in the bathroom a little while ago, a secret for the rest of his life. He had to because if someone found out that a twenty-six-year-old man had to get rid of his er*ct*on with the tingly touch of his own hands, several times, he would be downright humiliated!

Kalion looked at his hand, which had held Erna’s chest. He’d washed it several times with soap, even purposely hitting the bathroom wall, but the feeling of her soft ch*st that he’d held greedily didn’t disappear. “D*rn it!” He felt extremely frustrated.

Without wiping his wet hair, he hurriedly packed his clothes and ran out of the room at a terrifying pace, as the cool night air coiled around his body.

After a long time, he eventually arrived at the command post of the knights. Kalion looked around, grabbed a wooden sword, and rushed toward a wooden pole that was set up for practice and he attacked it with full force, trying to relieve his frustrations.‘You bastard!’ The sound of Erna’s shouting echoed loudly in his ears. He wanted to die. What in the world did I do?


Early Sunday morning, Erna visited the library in Hessenguard, which was being used jointly with the Parliament. She spoke with the librarian and said, “There’s a lot of material to look for, and a lot to think about quietly.” Those words meant for the librarian to leave. Of course, no one could ignore the order, after all, the owner of the library was the Grand Duke of Hessenguard. The librarian hung a big sign in front of the archives which read, ‘No access today’, and promptly left.

Having repeatedly checked that the door was locked securely from the inside, Erna quickly began to wander around the archives. After a while, she sat down at a large black desk with the very thick books she’d collected from the various shelves. ‘Human anatomy’; ‘The mysteries of the human body’ and ‘The amazing secrets of the body that we don’t know,’ were some of the books she’d chosen. Erna first picked up the book titled, ‘Human Anatomy’, and quickly began to turn the pages. It was a book not usually looked at by others in the library, so it was in pristine condition. It was a book read by doctors generally, but most doctors used their libraries which housed collections of professional books from their chosen field of expertise.

It was a very professional book, but that didn’t matter to Erna because she was only looking at the pictures in it. She glanced over pictures of muscles, bones, joints, and so on, until her eyes finally rested on one picture in particular and Erna looked at the large writing at the top of the page, ‘P*nis’, she felt relieved to have found what she’d been searching for. The drawings in the book were very detailed because they were for professionals in this field and Erna blushed a little as she slowly began to read the explanation written next to the p*nis, ‘The length and thickness vary widely from person to person, and the average length of men in Hessenguard, published by the medical center in a ten-year survey, is about six and a half inches long.’

The book was kind enough to mark the length of six inches next to the cross-section of the p*nis and Erna put her hand on it. As soon as she looked at it, a harsh sound escaped her mouth, “Good grief… so Kalion’s p*nis is more than twice the average length?” The book also circled the average thickness underneath it. “Good heavens, don’t tell me his p*nis is twice as thick too?” She marveled.

Reflecting on that eventful night, Erna couldn’t help but constantly think of the mysteriously large thing under Kalion’s clothes. “Is it natural for someone that has a big body to also have a larger p*nis?” As Erna continued to read on, a bold sentence in the book answered her question, A large body does not necessarily mean that the p*nis will be large.’

So it’s just him that has a rather big…thing. Erna unwittingly stretched out her hands to gauge the size of what she’d seen last night. The more she thought about it the more curious she became. After seeing Kalion’s, Erna wondered if all married women accepted such a hideous-looking thing. Does that all go in? She viewed the married women among the wizards and sorcerers differently now, they appeared brave to her. I mean, how can one do that? Does it not hurt? Is it not scary?’

Erna could tell from the book that Kalion’s p*nis was most certainly bigger than average and she became resentful. It was already mentally burdening to have to spend time with him but adding to that, being physical with him was an overwhelming thought, it was too much for her to handle.

With the book open, Erna was deep in thought. She knew now that a man’s genitals grew bigger and became erect. But unless it was like dried seaweed, there had to be some sort of basic size, a foundation for it to grow large from, “How does he carry it in his pants?” She was perplexed.

Erna recalled what Kalion’s lower body was like and it dawned on her to take a look at that area when he wasn’t ar*us*d. I think  I’ll secretly look at someone’s lower body because I care about the size of a man’s p*nis now. Isn’t that p*rverted?

“No, it’s academic curiosity. Just for academics.” She convinced herself.

She was grateful that she didn’t have to visit him during the day. She would probably only see him the next evening. I assume he won’t be er*ct when he walks through the door, so I’ll take a look at it then.

“Do I have to see him tomorrow though?” Last night she’d slapped Kalion so hard across the face that he’d nearly stumbled and she felt somewhat embarrassed. When she’d arrived at her bedroom later, she’d looked underneath her pajamas and found a red hand mark on her chest where Kalion had held her. Should I have kicked him between his legs instead of slapping his cheek? Or should I have blown a magic attack even though I know the castle forbids it?

Erna organized the other books she had brought with her, after finding the answers to her questions, and decided to return them to the bookshelves. The librarian would usually pack them away if she left them on the table, but Erna didn’t want to deal with a curious librarian who would no doubt wonder why she was so interested in books about the human body. As she was putting the books back in their places, she lost her balance and one slipped from her hand. She rushed to see if the book was damaged and then saw what page it had opened to after it landed on the cold stone floor.



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