Chapter 35 (Rated 18)

Chapter 35 (Rated 18)

Kalion laid Erna down on the bed then spread his arms out and laid his hands by her side. He climbed on top of her, as if he was locking her within him.

“I don’t want to be slapped in the face like last time, so I’ll ask you for permission in advance. Can I touch your body?” he said.

Erna considered telling him no, but she remembered that in the books she read, penetration without f*repl*y could cause great pain. She hated being hurt. So, if Kalion touching her body could make it less painful… it wouldn’t be a bad thing. Then, all of a sudden, Erna remembered the prior events.

She glared at Kalion and replied, “As long as you promise not to touch hard.”

“Hard?” Kalion asked.

“Yes. It hurt when you grabbed my legs and do you know how much it hurt when you also squeezed my bre*sts a week ago? Don’t they say it hurts when guys get kicked between their legs? Women also feel pain in that area!”

“I didn’t think I was grabbing them so hard…”

“They hurt for a few days because of you! Your handprints are still there, but you didn’t even know you held them so hard…”

Erna’s face hardened. Apparently, Kalion didn’t seem to know how strong he was. It was clear that he would use his hands as hard as he wanted, leaving his handprints on her body.

Kalion hurriedly redeemed himself, as if he had read Erna’s thoughts. “I will be careful. I will never leave a mark like that.”

“Good. You promised. Don’t forget to put your hands away immediately if I’m in pain.”

Kalion nodded his head violently to the point his head might fall off.

The fact was, he had always been bothered by his strange desire to touch her. But both times, he didn’t get to touch her to his satisfaction. But today, he was sane and they had set each other’s rules, so it was clear that he could satisfy his desires as much as he wanted, but with her permission.

Erna laid down on the bed and covered her face as if she didn’t have anything more to say and signalled him to do as he pleased. Kalion didn’t like it, but he couldn’t say anything. If he asked to lower her arms to show her face a little, for sure she’d be mad at him.

Kalion’s hand touched Erna’s leg. her nervous body jumped that moment. But, as Erna only bit her lips hard and didn’t push him away, his hands began to move a little more boldly.

His hands, slowly climbing up on her legs, slowly lifted up the pajamas that were around her knees. The hand that followed along the gentle curve of the leg moved up a little more. She parted the pajamas covering her chest, only to be met with her underwear. Kalion was troubled for a moment. How am I supposed to take it off?

Her underwear, made with a cloth in the middle and a thin string over her shoulders, was wound around her body more tightly than he thought. He couldn’t tear this off too, so he had to take it off carefully, but he didn’t know where to start and how to take it off.

His hands wandered over Erna’s chest, and finally, carefully, he grabbed her bre*sts over her underwear.


Kalion’s hands were so large that he covered Erna’s bre*sts, which were by no means small.


Erna was the one being grabbed but a sigh escaped Kalion’s lips instead.

He couldn’t believe how soft they were. When he was in his dream state, he hoped that when he actually grabbed her mounds in real life, it would be different and that would lead to his desire disappearing. But the moment he put his hands on them, he couldn’t think of anything else. Erna’s body under his palms was softer and warmer than he remembered.

He felt a desire to hold on to it a little harder, but he was desperately patient, and he resisted the urge. If he did, she would say it hurt like the last time and for sure will tell him to remove his hands immediately.

Erna felt like there were sparkles in front of her eyes as Kalion slowly grabbed her bre*sts in his hands and rubbed them gently.

Last time, she was flustered and it even hurt. So, this time, Erna had to make up her mind and accept his touch. Today, he honestly told her his condition and asked for her understanding, so she allowed it. If he had rushed and laid her down like the last time, she would have casted a spell to make sure he would spend a little more time in bed even though he had just woken up.

It just needs to hurt less than last time. If it was possible to reduce the great pain experienced during penetration, she was going to try to put up with a little bit of pain. But this…

Was it pain? No, it wasn’t painful. But why couldn’t she do anything and breathing felt difficult?

His thick, long fingers moved little by little and traced her sensitive, tender skin. Her mounds, gently pressed under the palm of his hands, moved slowly in circular motions. Then, when his fingers moved again, he scratched the tip of her bre*sts.

At that moment, Erna let out a loud m*an that surprised herself. The hands that were used to cover her face were now covering her mouth. Was Kalion surprised by the sound of m*ans? His hands, which were constantly moving, stopped. Kalion stared at her with an ar*used face.

As Erna was about to breathe a sigh of relief when his hands stilled, Kalion’s fingertips, which had raised his fingernails, pressed the tip of her bre*sts.

Her body shook violently at the unexpected surprise. It was too stimulating. Then Kalion put his knee between Erna’s legs, and gently pressed her thighs apart with his knee. He held her down enough, not too heavy, but with enough weight to prevent Erna from moving.

Having fixed her body with his own body, he again rubbed the tip of her chest, which had hardened through thickness of the silk, with the tip of his finger.

“Ha! Uh!”

Her body fluttered like a fish on land as he pressed on what was protruding under the soft cloth. Erna didn’t know what to do under a stimulus she had never experienced before. So she was clutching on whatever part of the bed sheet she could hold and anchor her body. Meanwhile, Kalion teased her tips to his heart’s content.

He didn’t do anything that hurt. Because all he did was press, rub, and grab a little. The more he did, the harder her tips became. Kalion was going mad at the tender flesh that revealed its existence slowly and clearly under the cloth.

I want to see it. He couldn’t stand it anymore and shoved his hand under Erna’s underwear.

“Hey! Not like… Ah!”

Erna was going to yell at him for putting his hand in without taking off the underwear properly, but the moment his callused fingertips grabbed and rubbed her n*pples, she stopped as if she was struck by lightning.

“Ah, ah…!”

She tried to stifle her gasps as an electrifying sensation spread from her head to her toes. As her trembling body eventually stilled, Erna realized that something between her legs had gotten wet.


Erna blinked her eyes, as she came back to her senses at Kalion’s voice.

Erna? It was her name. A name that other people had called countless times. But now that name sounded more unfamiliar than any other word in the world. Erna soon found out why. Did he call me by my name now?

Kalion never called her by name. His constant “Hey, you” always replaced her name. She wasn’t upset about it. Because she was also calling Kalion in the same way. But why did he suddenly call her by her name? Her fingertips felt itchy and she didn’t know what to do. It was strange to feel such embarrassment even though it was only her name being called.

“Are you okay?”

A voice filled with worry came from above her head. Erna released a deep breath she had been holding back and slowly nodded her head.

“I.. I’m Oka.. Ah…”

Her voice didn’t sound okay, but Erna still answered. What the hell happened a little while ago? She lowered her hand and patted herself below. She could feel that she was wet between her legs, beneath the exposed underwear. Her face turned white, wondering if she had made a mistake because of the strange sensation from a while ago. There’s no way.

If it was though…

Erna made up her mind to get out of this situation, even if it meant was going to use magic to stun Kalion above her. At that moment, his remaining hand came in next to his other hand, which was still clutching one of her bre*sts. Her underwear, unable to withstand his hand coming in, rolled up, revealing Erna’s pale bre*sts under the light.

Kalion, who was about to grab her bre*sts again, raised his hands for a moment and then looked at Erna’s slowly bouncing bre*sts.

It’s not that he didn’t know what women’s bre*sts look like. He had seen it from a painting or a sculpture. He had looked at them, but he never had any special feelings about it.

But Erna’s bre*sts, under his hands, took his reason in an instant. Finally, the flesh he had been wanting to see was now exposed.

Her voluptuous br*asts, which spread slightly to the side were like pure ivory, as if milk had been poured on them. In the center of her chest, the pink tip, pretty as the petals of spring that had fallen, was hardened from his touch.

Kalion swallowed dry saliva without realizing it as he saw the particular exquisite thing on her milky skin. The unknown thirst he felt upon waking up after being poisoned by the demons made his mouth dry again. Kalion was more certain than anyone else that it would not be resolved with water.

He lifted her bre*sts slightly with his hands and brought them back into his own hand. Her voluptuous flesh and hardened nipples slid out between his fingers.


A terribly low, cracked voice called her name. With his eyes flashing with a more terrifying force than ever before, Kalion opened his mouth again.

“I can suck them.”

It was a notice, not a question. Kalion’s lips moved downward slowly.



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