Chapter 36 (Rated 18)

Chapter 36 (Rated 18)

“What are you doing?” Erna asked, feeling almost limp from the constant stimulation. But it was already too late by the time she understood the meaning of his words. “Hey! Wait !” Kalion’s lips bit her chest. Never in her life had she ever imagined that someone would bite her bre*st like this. Especially not Kalion!

Erna was desperately trying to push Kalion’s head away from her chest. But as the warm, wet tongue wrapped around the tip of her n*pple, just like when he’d been rubbing them, she had no desire to stop him. Erna moaned and groaned as she twisted her body frantically every time Kalion’s tongue sucked the soft flesh in his mouth. The lewd sucking sound of her wet flesh made her feel as if she were going crazy.

“Oh, don’t! Ah! Ah!” Even uttering short words couldn’t be accomplished because she was short of breath. Then Erna realized that her voice was sounding weird, so she desperately twisted her body. Because of that, Kalion lost the bre*st he was biting, and Erna took the opportunity to move her hand quickly. The moment she created magical letters in the air, Kalion grabbed her wrist to stop her. But they were written already, and Erna hastily poured her mana into it.

The magic spell was cast with a bright blue light that almost blinded Kalion, and he clenched his teeth, preparing for the shock that would come to him. But contrary to what he thought, nothing happened. He opened one eye and saw the magic spell hovering at his bedside. Nothing had changed, and he wondered what it was going to do.

Erna stammered as if she had recognized Kalion’s question, “It, it’s to let no sound outside the room!”

It was a bedroom designed for a husband and wife. For the owners to have privacy, the room must’ve been built, so that sounds inside couldn’t be heard by other people outside. Still, Erna wasn’t entirely at ease. She had just made loud noises without intending to do so, and if the sounds leaked out the room, she’d be embarrassed.

While holding her wrist, Kalion asked, “If you soundproofed the bedroom, then you’re not disliking it, right?”

“Now, why would you interpret it like that?”

“If you didn’t like it, you would have blown me up instead!”

Erna couldn’t deny what he said. She thought about it for a moment, and he was correct. If Erna hated it, she could’ve thrown a fireball at Kalion without the slightest hesitation. But just now, instead of attacking him, she’d only stopped the sound from escaping the room.

“Then, I can now!” In a moment of madness, Erna wanted to blow up Kalion, but he grabbed her hand, which was about to draw magic letters, and she couldn’t continue. The moment their eyes met, Erna felt a chill down her spine. He was staring at her intensely, and an unknown desire flashed in his dark blue eyes.

Erna had previously seen a look similar to this. One day, when she’d caught someone who’d been illegally catching animals, the beast she’d seen in the cage had a look like this. They were eyes that searched for a way to swallow their opponent. The beast’s attitude had been cautious and elegant, but its eyes said otherwise; it would swallow up the poacher if there had even been the slightest gap.

Erna realized it was ridiculous to be thinking that she was going to be eaten by him. But at that moment, as if answering her thoughts, Kalion pounced on her. Erna’s body was small compared to Kalion’s, and she toppled over onto the bed. He then greedily bit her bre*sts as he’d done earlier, but his tongue moved more freely than before.

Kalion couldn’t get his mind straight. Erna didn’t dislike it, and the moment he recognized it, he felt that the last wall that remained within him had collapsed. As soon as he knew he could want more and she would oblige, he found what his instincts were craving. His mouth sucked hungrily on her bre*st, like a child seeking milk, and his other hand gripped her supple flesh painlessly. Then he rubbed her taut n*pples between his fingers and listened to her mo*ning in response.

Every time he moved, Erna also twisted her body. With his body now covering her, Kalion felt her every movement beneath him. As his desire to make love to her intensified, he felt a throbbing pain rising below, and his erection grew bigger and bigger.

Suddenly, Kalion felt an urge to burst out laughing. When he first decided to make a successor with Erna, the thing he’d most worried about was that his member  wouldn’t respond to her at all. He’d never had a crush on a woman in his life. It wasn’t that he couldn’t feel emotions, but this was Erna, whom he hated! It was clear to him that it wouldn’t be easy for them to blend, and he recalled what Cedric had often asked, “What will you do if it doesn’t stand up?”

Kalion didn’t have the slightest desire to have Erna’s recognition of his biological masculinity, but that didn’t mean he wanted to hear her say, ‘It’s not getting up.’ He never intended to show her any weakness because it was clear that she would use it against him and ridicule him every day. Therefore, Kalion had been very nervous about doing this with her. But now, he felt calm because all the tension and worry he’d felt had been pointless.

Without moving his mouth from her chest, Kalion began taking off his clothes with his other hand. It wasn’t an easy task because their bodies were in close contact. It would be much easier to remove his clothing if he lifted his head and used his other hand. However, Kalion didn’t want to be apart from her for even a short period.  So he continued with his face buried between her bre*sts.

When he was finally able to untie the laces of his trousers, his erection burst through the top as he lowered the pants. Kalion immediately put his body on top of her again.

Erna sucked in a deep breath, surprised when something erect touched her legs. “Hey, wait. There’s something down there!”

Kalion swallowed his disappointment and raised his head when Erna spoke, sounding like she were out of breath. “Are you asking because you don’t know? Or do you want to check it out?” He asked.

Neither! She wanted to scream, but she couldn’t get it out of her mouth. I didn’t see it incorrectly. The large chunk of flesh, now being rubbed between her legs, was big enough to give her goosebumps all over her body. It wasn’t something she’d seen incorrectly before.

Kalion’s hands now focused on removing Erna’s clothing, and the thin satin nightgown effortlessly slipped down her body. When her bre*sts and shoulders were bare, Kalion’s hands moved down below her belly. Her nightgown had wrapped around her legs, and he pulled it up to her waist. And then he slipped his big hand into her silky underwear.

“Hey! You! How dare you!” Erna shouted. She knew she couldn’t do it without taking her panties off, but for some bizarre reason, Erna felt she had no choice but to stop him. Kalion ignored her words as he placed his fingers on the sides of her underwear and pulled them down.

Kalion pulled her underwear down so quickly that it seemed like he’d done it all his life. Unsatisfied with where they were, he then pulled them down over her ankles so that they wouldn’t inhibit his movements. Without giving it a second thought, he tossed them over the bed, and they landed on the floor. Before Erna could come to her senses, his hands grabbed her knees and spread them wide open. She let out a shrill scream. In her mind, no one could remain sane if their legs were spread wide open in front of another person. Shocked by Erna’s scream, Kalion immediately stopped moving and looked down at her.

Erna watched his chest moving up and down wildly. Then she slowly moved her gaze downward. And the moment she saw his hard-on, she couldn’t help but shriek, “Oh my God!” Erna searched for a God she didn’t even believe in! She could tell by looking that it wasn’t a size that could fit into her tiny body. Erna now regretted that she thought Kalion could put it inside her. It wasn’t a branch but more like a baguette! Whatever it was, it wasn’t something she could comfortably take in.

Erna’s mind went numb momentarily, and then fear rose in her. It would be painful, and judging by the look on Kalion’s face, he wasn’t going to be gentle with her. Erna’s eyes became teary because she felt scared and overwhelmed.

Kalion let go of his hands that were holding her knees for a moment and wiped his face. His erection was so big and firm, and he’d never seen it like this before. And because of that, he felt a throbbing pain which he’d never experienced in the past either. Although no one taught him, Kalion instinctively grabbed his erection and put it between Erna’s open legs. The soft pink flesh that had been tightly closed opened as he touched her wet lips, and it made a lewd sound.

Kalion swallowed loudly, but his mouth was dry, and it hurt his throat. He could feel that his entire body had heated. And as he became more sensitive, he could feel things more intensely. Especially now, as the tip of his hard-on touched the inside of Erna. Kalion’s head felt as if it were boiling.

Erna’s whole body was soft and warm. So even though he thought he was crazy, he couldn’t stop touching her. When he put her bre*sts in his mouth, he thought there would be nothing softer than this. And now, he had no choice but to laugh at his previous thoughts.

Kalion looked below, and each time he exhaled harshly, the tip of his erection slid in and then out of Erna’s cleaved flesh. He couldn’t help but moan as he felt the wet, soft, and warm skin on his. A wild longing he’d never felt before enveloped him. It seemed that he would never be satisfied if he didn’t taste all these sensations beneath him right now. Kalion grabbed Erna’s waist tightly with both of his hands. It was instinctive, which would allow him to penetrate deeper.

It was her bre*sts that he bit and sucked on, but he didn’t know why the lower part of Erna was wet. As he was about to give strength to his waist, imagining the pleasure he would enjoy from now on, Erna’s voice interrupted him.

“D-d-don’t,” she stuttered, sounding shaken. Kalion tried to pretend he didn’t hear her. He’d promised to stop right away if she didn’t like it. But it was absurd to leave things like this and stop, now, especially since he’d felt the incredible sensation of his hardness slipping into her. Kalion gripped Erna’s waist tighter. No matter how much she struggled, he’d be able to keep her in place.

Briefly, coming to his senses, Kalion pondered, Wouldn’t it be okay to be like this? He also thought that if the demon poison had caused these sensations of pleasure, he was happy to live with it. Then he could get this crazy feeling every time.

His member wiggled as if it could no longer wait, and all he had to do was push his waist against her. Kalion was just about to move when he heard Erna’s voice again.

“Stop, Kalion.” When she called his name, his body hardened, and he looked down at her in frustration.



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