Chapter 38 (Rated 18)

Chapter 38 (Rated 18)

“We were wrong.” Miel acknowledged, hanging her head in shame. “We will never miss a lecture again.”

Erna looked at the two of them as they bowed their heads in front of her and picked up the floral teacup. As she sipped on the soothing tea, she looked at Alicia and Miel, who were in a mess because they’d had to frantically block Erna’s spells for almost an hour.

Orpé had thought about stopping her but went inside instead and brought the wizards out, saying that it would be a good study for them. Their eyes had widened at first as they’d been unsure of what to expect. On seeing that a spectacle had arisen, they went back inside, returning with snacks, and then sat on the ground, cheering for Alicia and Miel. The poor girls were being worked hard by Erna’s spells.

“So, can you run away?”

“Miel, run! We’re going to be caught by her!”

Little Miel desperately called out to her friends, “Save us,” as she rolled around on the ground.

Alicia, who was older, shouted, “You guys are just watching and not helping us!”

After an hour of being tossed about on the grass, Alicia and Miel weren’t able to move a single finger. Seeing this, the wizards giggled and cast healing spells. It was their way of saying that they wanted to see more.

“Now promise that when you go to the Knights Order in the future, you’ll get permission from myself or Orpé in advance.”

“But…” Alicia started to protest but realized it wasn’t a clever idea. “Never mind. We will go with permission in the future.”

“Then both of you should go and wash up and rest. You look messy.” When Erna said they could go, Alicia and Miel wasted no time, fearing that she might change her mind. As the two disappeared, Erna clasped her chin and asked Orpé a question. “It seems that they have become closer with the knights than I thought.”

“I guess so. It’s not a bad thing, but I am a bit worried. It’s all men over there, which concerns me. In particular, Miel has a fantasy about knights. Every time she says Mr. Knight, her eyes twinkle.”

“Muscle idiots.”

At Erna’s poignant remarks, Orpé smiled, “To a little girl, they would look like princes. Besides, there are people with beautiful looks, like Sir Kalion.” Erna groaned as her expression changed to one of annoyance, out of habit. “It’s not a bad thing like you said. It would be good for wizards to get used to the attack modes of the knights, and it would be good for the knights to know how to avoid the attacks of wizards. I’d like to know what kind of magic the opponent is using. It will be difficult to study that.”

Erna put the teacup down, picked up one of the books stacked on her table, and unfolded the part she had earmarked, “I was going to teach this section today while experimenting with magic I used in Haldis last time.”

Erna looked morbid, so Orpé took the book in her hand, closed it, and placed it on the desk. “Aren’t you overworking yourself? There are limits to your teaching every day.”

“But what should I do? You’re busy with your business, and I’m the only one who can teach wizards.” Erna slumped down in her chair. She then turned her gaze to the Magic Tower that was on the cover of the book. “I need someone from the tower, but I can’t just call anybody.”

Then Orpé spoke quietly, “If you look closely, you will find people who are more blind to money than loyalty to the tower. Would you like to convince them?”

“I would have to pay quite a bit.”

“Leave it to Council President, Vanessa.”

“You say it so easily because it’s not your business.” Erna clicked her tongue, sounding irritated, and got up from her seat.

“Are you going?”

“Yes. Given the atmosphere today, I don’t think the wizards will listen to me. I’ll rather do it tomorrow.”

“Okay. It will be good for you to take a break. Strangely, it seems that you’ve been tired ever since you came back from Haldis.”

“That? Oh, never mind. I’ll go now. There’s no need to walk me out.”

“Do not worry. I will stay put,” Orpé giggled.

“So heartless.” Erna left the room as she glanced at Orpé, who always had something to say.


As night fell, Erna looked at her watch. It was 9:30 p.m. She had some time to herself before the dreaded 10 p.m. meeting with Kalion. She pondered for a moment, holding the papers and books she had not read yet, and opened the door to the master bedroom. As she listened to the sound of the door opening, Erna recalled how she’d wanted to die when she’d first stood in front of it. But things had changed, and she was able to open the door without being overwhelmed by fear.

“You’re here?” Erna sighed. “Of course, you are here early.”

As she entered, Kalion stood up as if he’d been waiting. Erna put what she’d brought on the table next to the sofa and sat down. Kalion hurriedly came over and sat down next to her, but his actions didn’t stop there. He grabbed Erna’s golden hair, which reached her waist, and played with it as if it were fun. Then, he let go of her hair and slyly grabbed her shoulder. Of course, it didn’t end there either. Erna slapped his hand as he slowly descended it towards her bre*sts. The harsh sound ricocheted off the walls, and Kalion held his reddening hand.

Erna said coldly, “When will the demon’s poison disappear for good?” And this was the reason why Erna was tired every night, recently. Kalion, who was still experiencing the after-effects of the demon poison, wanted to touch her body every day! “The healers said they couldn’t be sure, so I asked Vanessa to bring the priest. Because you need priests to cure the poison of demons.”

Although he’d been smacked by her once already, Kalion still reached out his hand again. As she was about to push it back, he said, “After the priests come, we may not be able to do as we are now. So please cooperate.”

“What?” Erna raised her arms as if she had given up. Seeing her surrender, Kalion jumped at the opportunity and reached out to unbutton her pajamas. Erna warned that she’d rip out his hair if he became rough with her again, so Kalion obediently moved his hands carefully as he undressed her. Although he was gentle, his hands seemed to be skillful, and she was soon bare-chested.

The pajamas she’d worn in Haldis, had been thrown away while they were still there because she didn’t want her maids to gossip about it. And when she’d returned to the Archduke castle, she was careful not to have the new set torn apart too. She wouldn’t have an explanation if the maids saw that all the buttons were missing.

Erna had no bra on, and her voluptuous bre*sts could be seen by him straight away. I feel like this crazy bastard is going to bite my bre*sts! Kalion was in the habit of trying to rip off her bra in frustration because he couldn’t untie the clasps, so she’d given up on wearing one under her pajamas. Initially, she’d thought she would die of embarrassment, but it was said by some that humans were animals of adaptation, and it soon became more comfortable not to wear one. Therefore, the amount of time Kalion spent undressing her had decreased.

“Are you going to continue here?” She asked calmly and matter-of-factly. Kalion glanced at the bed as if he knew what she was implying. Erna sighed and got up from the couch. As she walked across the room, Kalion was hot on her heels, and he climbed onto the bed straight after her. She laid down and got comfortable, anticipating what was to come. And just like the previous night, he took her bre*st in his hand and lowered his head until his lips touched it.

“Ah!” Erna began to moan and groan immediately when Kalion’s head moved from one bre*st to the other. The sound of his mouth sucking her bre*sts was heard, and Erna’s toes curled from the sensations. She thought perhaps she’d get used to it if they did it more often. But instead, her body seemed to get more excited, and she no longer felt numb from the stimulation. Surprisingly she seemed to have become more sensitive. Erna lowered her gaze and looked at Kalion. She was now used to doing this with him and felt more relaxed.

Two weeks had passed since their return from Haldis, and the two continued to do what they had promised. They spent several hours a day together in the master bedroom getting to know each other.

The night she’d pushed him away in Haldis, Kalion had taken her words seriously. At the rate they were going, he’d said he didn’t know when they would be able to make a successor. So he suggested that they work together to achieve that goal. By that, Erna knew he meant that she had to make more of an effort, and she had no choice but to agree.

After touching and licking her body for a long time, Kalion sat up, and Erna followed suit. It was time for her to get used to this. “Woah,” Erna exclaimed as she took in a deep breath. She’d done this yesterday and the day before too. So she couldn’t understand why she still felt a bit embarrassed and ashamed.

Kalion sat with his long legs stretched out, resting his back against the headboard. As Erna approached, he spread his legs slightly apart, and she sat down between them. Then she slowly began to untie his pants.

Erna knew what to expect, and she saw that his thing was already very excited. Unsurprisingly, as she pulled down his pajama bottoms, it popped up, revealing its presence. This poison is some work of art. Erna was well aware that the reason he clung to her body and heated up like this was due to the poison of the demons. So she was thankful that she could avoid making such a terrible misconception that Kalion perhaps had feelings for her.

It was difficult for Erna to do all these things. But she honestly thought it was because of the poison and, therefore, intimacy with him couldn’t be avoided. Erna also thought that it would be good for her to have a child while he still had the poison in him. After the poison left his body, she assumed he may no longer be so proactive and would probably turn away from her in disgust. So it was a good idea for Erna to try her best now, to finish the job while Kalion was still clinging to her.

Erna made her mind up and then reached out to touch his thing. Kalion groaned and flinched as she carefully gripped his erection. She studied it closely, looking at its length and her knees felt weak. Moreover, it was so thick that it wouldn’t fit in her one hand. So Erna held it with both her hands and gave a gentle squeeze.

Kalion trembled violently, and Erna quickly said, “Oh, sorry. Did it hurt?”

“It’s not because it hurt, I can assure you,” Kalion replied with a naughty smile on his face.


“Never mind. Continue.”

Erna obliged, moving her hands slowly up and down his shaft. Oddly enough, his thing gradually grew in size the more she rubbed it. After swiping up and down for a while, his erection was big enough to reach his stomach. Erna knew now that this was its full size, and it would ejaculate if she touched it a little more.

Two weeks after she’d returned from Haldis, Erna recalled Kalion’s words he’d said before they’d left, “How do you think you can get used to this?” She’d had no clue how to answer that then. And she never knew things would turn out like this. But here she was, slowly getting used to his naked body.



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