Chapter 39 (Rated 18)

Chapter 39 (Rated 18)

Erna had managed to regain her composure after the initial shock of Kalion asking how she’d get used to his thing. “It’s because I haven’t seen it before! Wouldn’t you be scared too if something that you’re unfamiliar with was going to enter your body?” Erna had snapped.

Kalion had replied without thinking, “It shouldn’t be a problem if you’re familiar with it then, right?”

Erna had stared at him, looking baffled by his words. And then Kalion had said something that he never thought he’d say aloud to any woman, “What I meant is that the problem will be solved if you’re familiar with my p*nis.” In his mind, it had made logical sense. If she was scared of his thing, because she was unfamiliar with it, then she just needed to get to know his p*nis better.

Kalion had spoken more mindfully to her after that, and once she’d listened to his suggestion, Erna had all but freaked out! “So you want me to touch and examine your p*nis?”

“Yes. Of course, it will take a bit more time because of you, but we can make a start.”

Erna had narrowed her eyes at the words “because of you.” They’d agreed to have a child, but this had been delayed, and it sounded like he was implying it was because of her.

If she was honest, Kalion was correct in what he was saying. And whether or not it was because of the demon’s poison, Kalion was raring to go! Erna was the one that said she couldn’t do it with him at the last moment. So she couldn’t very well say that she wasn’t going to try to get familiar with his p*nis.

It wasn’t a responsibility she took lightly, as Archduke of Hessenguard. But yet, she was straying away from the most important and necessary procedure each time Kalion tried. Erna reflected on her actions and realized that it wasn’t something she could keep avoiding because of fear.

“I’ll do it!” She’d proclaimed.

“I beg your pardon?” Kalion had asked, looking stunned.

“I said, I’ll do it.” Erna had pushed her fear aside and had grabbed Kalion’s pants. “I’ll get used to your thing, starting now!”

The picture she had in her mind was of having to touch his p*nis once or twice and then stopped. But that was not the case, and from that day onward, Erna held it daily. When she touched his p*nis in the beginning, her face scrunched up in disgust, as if she were stroking a demon with her hand. And as she watched his thing grow, Erna looked frightened, and there was a possibility that she might cast a spell and blow it up!

But as time went on, her face began to show interest. And from then on, she acted like a curious wizard. She held onto his thing and did all kinds of things with it in her hand.

Kalion was told by a friend, that wizards were people who found everything in the world interesting, but he did not think his p*nis would become the object of someone’s affections. Kalion had no choice but to be still and allow her to play with it.

* * *

Kalion returned from the flashback to the present moment and looked at the hands that grabbed his throbbing erection. What small hands. Erna couldn’t hold his entire shaft with one hand, so she used both of her hands to rub his erection up and down. It wasn’t a complex hand movement but rather a simple rubbing up and down. But to Kalion, that was enough, and he was excited just by that.

After a moment, Erna let go and then stepped back, which meant she was done for the day. Feeling somewhat disappointed, Kalion stared at her back while she was facing the other way. Erna had a tall, slim figure with curves in all the right places. He noticed that she’d sweated somewhat after rolling around with him on the bed because the back of her pajamas was wet and clung to her back. The thin cloth revealed her sensual body, and suddenly, Kalion was curious to see her completely naked. She’d rather die than show me.

Kalion undressed her almost entirely, to the point where there was no sense in having the remaining clothing on, but Erna never took her clothes off completely. Kalion had suggested removing them all, as it might bother her, but she’d said she wouldn’t consider doing that. It seemed to be pride that prevented her from doing so.

After washing her hands, Erna turned around to face him. Her cheeks were red, and he wondered if she felt embarrassed. As she walked toward him, her long, untied hair reached her waist and tumbled over her round bre*sts that were visible through the open buttons. Kalion immediately felt desire stirring in him again, and he suggested to Erna, without thinking, “How about we do it today?”

“Do it today? Do what?”

“The thing we said we’ll do on the sixth day of the week. It seems like you don’t need more time to get familiar, so if possible, trying a bit more every day would be good.”

Erna lost her words momentarily, and she wondered if he’d finally gone insane. Attempting this once a week was difficult enough, but now he wanted her to go further every day. After some thought, Erna realized that she couldn’t argue with his suggestion again. The time they spent together, from the first to the fifth day of the week, was meant for them to get used to each other, and feel comfortable touching one another. Things had progressed since they couldn’t even stand being in the same space together initially. So they’d overcome the first hurdle, and touching was no longer a problem.

Erna rubbed her aching bre*st with her hand. Kalion was now licking them every day because of all of this. She didn’t know why she was annoyed even though she’d shortened the time of her “trying” period. Perhaps she’d shortened it too much. Erna replied powerlessly, as she couldn’t find a reason to say no, “Okay then.”

But Erna still had concerns, even though she’d said yes. It still seemed like it was going to hurt, and she wondered if she’d be okay. What if he forces it in, saying he finds it too annoying to hold back any longer? After thinking about different scenarios, Erna said to him as he was getting up. “You stay right there.”


“I’m going to do it this time.”

Erna’s going to do it? As Kalion wasn’t comprehending what she meant, Erna got back on the bed and approached him on her knees.

“You lower your hands and hang onto the bedsheet,” she instructed.

“Why the hands?”

“So you don’t grab my waist and my legs. Please don’t grab me.” The last time he’d held her, she remembered that she couldn’t move at all. So she felt better to have him in a position where he couldn’t grab her at all, so she could therefore escape at will.

Kalion did what Erna told him to do. It was a weird sight to be exposed with his half-erect p*nis while sitting on the bed. A short while later, Erna lifted her nightgown slightly and then tried to sit on him. Kalion finally understood what she meant by she’ll do it.

Her bottom, which was hidden by her nightgown, slowly descended on Kalion. As her most private part touched his throbbing hard-on, they wriggled simultaneously. They had been unable to prepare themselves for the skin-on-skin contact because her bottom was covered by the nightgown. Therefore, they couldn’t see how close they were to each other, so they were both taken by surprise by the sudden stimulation.

“Don’t you dare move,” Erna said.


Feeling comfortable with his reply, Erna moved her body so that she could put his thing inside of her. She had spent a lot of time studying the theory of intimacy. It didn’t matter who moved their body because only one person had to insert the man’s p*nis somehow. I’ll remove it if it hurts too much. If she left it up to Kalion, she wouldn’t be able to do anything if he just rammed it in. But if she was in control, she could at least take it out when it hurt too much. If anyone heard her thoughts, they would put their hands on their forehead and shake their heads, Erna thought, as she lowered her body slowly.

“Ah!” The moment the head of the p*nis entered her, Erna let out a moan because it felt stiffer than she’d expected. At the same time, as her body swayed, she grabbed onto Kalion’s shoulders. “Ouch!” Although only the tip of his head entered her, Erna teared up as she felt pain between her legs. Kalion lifted his hands, but she stopped him, “Don’t grab me!”

His hands were hanging in the air as Erna screamed at him, surprised by his movements, and Kalion wondered if he’d accidentally stumbled into hell. The part of him that had entered inside of Erna was wriggling and yearning for more. At the same time, he could feel liquid leaking out from the head of his p*nis because he liked the warmth and softness. It was just the tip inside her, but Erna stopped moving and breathed deeply, and it seemed like she felt some pain. But to Kalion, even her breathing was stimulating. An intense fiery sensation could be felt when either of them moved, even slightly, and it spread throughout his body.

Erna, who was breathing hard, decided to be a bit more courageous. She thought that if she could put it in a bit more, perhaps it would be easier then. Erna bit her lips as she held onto Kalion’s shoulders. But she bit them too hard, and now they were covered in blood from the cuts caused by her teeth. As she lowered her body again, Erna threw her head back and screamed! She’d sat on him too quickly, and half of his raging hard-on went inside her, causing her to yell, “Ouch!”

At first, she only felt pain. It was a pain she thought she’d experience if her body got split in half and a club entered in between her legs. And then, as she slowly breathed, she could feel another sensation. But she still couldn’t move her body.

“It hurts,” Erna said in tears as she held Kalion’s shoulders tightly. She couldn’t do it. She had to lift her body. Erna stopped immediately after trying to get off him. His thing inside her was scratching the sensitive area, and Kalion’s wriggling wasn’t helping.

Kalion was desperately collecting his patience and was hoping Erna would move. Either take it out or put it in, please! But after not being able to move for a while, she started sobbing, and he sighed heavily. “What are you doing? Please hurry up.”

“I can’t move,” Erna whimpered.


“I can’t move. Don’t you dare move!” Erna shouted as Kalion tried to lift his body. But it was too late, and Erna felt his erection entering her even deeper, and she screamed in pain. “Even a little movement is too much!”

As if to suggest her words weren’t a lie, Erna’s face was pale, and her body had stiffened from the pain. She also seemed to be battling to breathe. “Why are you so big?” Erna spoke as she gasped for air, “In the book, it says it’s smaller than this?”

Erna was complaining about how big his p*nis was and that it was causing her pain. And for some unknown reason, his erection inside her grew in size. Kalion smirked when she stared at him in shock, and her eyes widened.

He’s smiling? Erna thought for a moment that perhaps she’d seen incorrectly. In ten years of being married to Kalion, Erna had never seen him smile like this.

Brushing his fingers through his sweaty hair, Kalion said, “It doesn’t matter if it’s too big. You are married to me.”

“Why does that matter?”

“I’m the only one you can be intimate with, so,” Kalion smiled even more wickedly, “get used to my p*nis.”

For a long time after he’d spoken, Erna had to stay on Kalion’s thing. For so long that she wondered if her insides had changed to the shape of his p*nis. Eventually, once Kalion had calmed down, his erection got smaller, and he was able to take it out with ease.



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