Chapter 4.2

Chapter 4.2

Translator: Ailee

In the past, there had been some people who married and also had children at this age. But, having children at a young age risked the lives of both the child and the mother. So recently, people didn’t have children until the age of twenty.  She thought she wouldn’t have to go through the wedding night for the next few years, at least until she had turned twenty. Besides, before departing for Hessenguard, Marquess Canavan, who was incharge of this operation from the Haband’s side, had already discussed this with Erna. He had assured her that she wouldn’t have to share the wedding night with Kalion for a while. Why all of a sudden?

Erna saw what was in the hands of the maids approaching her. It was a very thin negligee. She didn’t know from what material it was made of, but it was almost transparent. 

“Now, you have to wash up and change into this.’

“No, I don’t want to,” she refused.

“Grand Duke, this is a very important matter. It is imperative to complete the agreement between the two kingdoms. You can’t just decide whether to do it or not because of your personal feelings.”

The maids did not listen to her at all, as if they knew Erna was going to rebel. They grabbed Erna and forcefully led her to the bathroom, holding the negligee in their arms.

“Let go of me! Marquess Canavan himself said that there will be no wedding night! Bring him in! Something must be wrong!”

“Marquess Canavan gave me a special order to help you prepare for the wedding night. You! What are you doing? Why aren’t you taking the Grand Duke to the bathroom?”

The maids, repeatedly calling Erna ‘Grand Duke’, made her feel very annoyed. It was clear that they still didn’t respect her and addressed her as the Grand Duke only for formality. It didn’t seem like it mattered to them whether she was a princess or a Grand Duke.

She thought she wouldn’t experience this kind of rudeness after the wedding, but now facing the same behavior again, Erna fiercely resisted with violence. But strangely, the maids strongly retaliated and dragged her into the bathroom. As Erna screamed and protested, her voice leaked out of the bathroom and rang through her room and hallway.

After a while, a maid went out and bowed to a man standing in the hallway.

“My lord, I have done what you told me to do.”

“Alright, good job.”

The man standing in the hallway was Marquess Canavan, who was incharge of this operation from the Haband’s side. Hearing Erna’s screams, he clicked his tongue. He said slowly, “A member of the Haband royal family is behaving in such a way… It’s so embarrassing. Before the Haband Kingdom, before the Aether Kingdom. And also before the Duchy of Hessenguard. Don’t you think so?”

The maid bowed deeply when Marquess Canavan asked for her opinion. “The princess, no, the Grand Duke is still young, so she doesn’t know how to behave as per her status. I think the Marquess should give her a lot of guidance.”

“Of course, of course. That’s why Your Majesty sent me here as a representative of the delegation. The duties assigned to me by Your Majesty also includes providing guidance to the Grand Duke. As we all know… she lacks etiquette and manners when compared to the other royal princesses.” Marquess Canavan recalled the princess’ actions during the wedding while touching his mustache. A pride which he had trimmed dozens of times. “This brazen girl! Does she think now that she has become a real Grand Duke, she can do whatever she wants?”

Before they left the Kingdom of Haband, Marquess Canavan was very pleased with Erna. Erna, who had been accustomed to the cold treatment of the royal family, was a weak woman and did not dare to express her opinions. A princess who had a noble status but didn’t much stand out. She was a perfect scarecrow.

“I don’t expect much from her. Even if she dies, I won’t hold you responsible. Your job is just to keep an eye on Hessenguard and Aether.”

Before sending Erna to this deathtrap, the king had said so to the Marquess. Thanks to this, the Marquess was able to come to Hessenguard without any worries. The previous two attacks were targeted only at the royal family members. So even if something happened again this time, it would be only Princess Erna who would die. All in all, he would be safe. Of course, it was even better that Erna was alive. Now, by giving the excuse of looking after the little princess, he could take over her duties and live like the Grand Duke of Hessenguard.

Marquess Canavan frowned as he recalled Erna’s quarrel with Kalion at the wedding. She didn’t even realise what kind of terrible aftermath that situation could have. Moreover, her words were childish and crude. He shot her several warning glances, reminding her to behave properly, but Erna ignored him completely and behaved as she wanted. It was as if she had become a completely different person.



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