Chapter 44 (Rated 18)

Chapter 44 (Rated 18)

Erna felt as if a lump had formed in her throat when she heard Kalion’s words and she swallowed reflexively. The time had come to make an heir, and if she was honest, the main reason they hadn’t succeeded thus far was because of her fears. If she’d endured the pain and if she was less frightened, then the first time Kalion entered her would have been the end of it. But the thought of something entering her body was still scary. And it didn’t help that Kalion’s p*nis was much bigger than those she’d seen in the books! Complaining about this to herself would do nothing to make it smaller, so all she could do was accept the reality of the size of his manhood.

Making a child was an obligation that needed immediate attention regardless of her fear of pain. Kalion could have ignored her feelings if he wanted to. And she knew he felt a strong sexual desire because of the demon’s poison. Last time, when the tip just entered her, he could’ve been more forceful by grabbing her waist and pushing her down. Or he could’ve moved his body so that he went in deeper. But he didn’t do it. It was probably difficult for him to hold back.

She remembered his expression then, as she’d sat on top of him while facing him. It wasn’t just her who’d been having a tough time. Every time she’d moved a little or even breathed, Kalion had also flinched. And whenever his heavy breathing had reached her shoulders, Erna had become nervous that he would enter her. But Kalion had kept his promise of not hurting her.

Erna could now believe that he wouldn’t purposely hurt her just because he was looked down on her. And as a result, that was the first trust that she gave to Kalion. However, Erna still didn’t like him. The memory of him calling her a pumpkin at their wedding was something she probably wouldn’t be able to forget until the day she died. He was rude and arrogant and had no right to call others a pumpkin. If he didn’t say that, she wouldn’t have called him an earthworm.

If Kalion was someone in a much higher position, then she would have accepted it. But Kalion shared the Archduke title with her. So out of all the people in the world, the two had the same level of authority. And that was another reason why she didn’t like him. The problems which Erna could let go of because of the title could not be dealt with under Kalion’s watchful eyes.

Erna was looking at him as he waited patiently for her answer. And she felt his thick arms trapping her by his side. She then saw the scratch that had been made by a demon’s sharp nail. Kalion didn’t look like he was in pain, even though the scratch was pretty big and bruised. Instead, he seemed to feel tickled when she touched it.

Hearing Kalion’s words about being affected by the demon’s poison again made Erna think he was a bit pathetic. But at the same time, she also felt somewhat sorry for him. Of course, it wasn’t like he wanted to get hurt on purpose. Especially not by a demon with venom, which had nearly killed him the last time.

“Okay.” Erna slowly nodded her head. And then she waited for the pain to come.


In the beginning, Kalion’s touch was soft like before. He had caressed her waist and then moved up without hesitation. Erna flinched as she watched the hands that were groping her supple bre*sts. But his hands didn’t stop moving, and his palms pushed her bre*sts up. The palms of his hands covered both her voluptuous bre*sts, and he squeezed them harder as if he was entitled to explore what was his.

“Ah!” Erna moaned when his grasp tightened, but it didn’t hurt, and she ran her tongue across her soft lips. Her breathing quickened as his fingers skimmed across her bre*sts and found what they wanted. As Kalion teased her hard n*pples through the thin clothing, it felt like her bre*sts were going to climax, “Ah, ah!” The calluses on his fingers rubbed on Erna’s sensitive part a little roughly, and her moans grew louder.

Each time Kalion rubbed her with his fingers, Erna arched her back in pleasure. It was the same sensation that she’d felt from his hands over the past two weeks. But she didn’t know why she wasn’t getting used to the feeling. Erna couldn’t come to her senses because stars were flashing in front of her eyes, and Kalion then lowered his head to her chest. And as usual, he bit her bre*st over her clothes.

The pajamas revealed the shape of her body as it became wet from the warm moisture, and they stuck to her skin. Kalion was able to see her n*pples through the clothing, and his thirst for her rose quickly. He didn’t understand why his manhood throbbed while looking at them through the top because she wasn’t even completely naked. Unexpectedly, the word “pervert” went through his mind, but he desperately erased that thought as he stuck his face between her bre*sts. Kalion began to moan and groan with pleasure himself now.

As he nibbled and sucked her n*pples with his soft lips, Erna shut her eyes and shook her head. Her thick blonde hair was untied and spread across the pillow. And as she moved her head, her hair moved too, and he thought it looked sexy.

It was a pitch-dark night, and Kalion thought for a moment that her hair flashed in his eyes. There had to be poison left in him for sure. Or there must be another problem otherwise, he couldn’t explain why he wanted to have all of Erna so desperately.

After biting her voluptuous bre*sts for long enough, his rough hands grabbed her thin waist. He didn’t know what to do first. Because he also wanted to feel the hair that was spread out on the bedsheet. Like a child who’d fallen into a giant candy jar, Kalion wanted to grab onto all parts of Erna at the same time!

Suddenly, Kalion dug his face between her bre*sts again while gripping her waist. Of course, his mouth kept sucking on what it desired, and the thick skin under the wet clothes slowly turned red.

Erna’s body shook with him as he instinctively rolled his tongue more roughly, and she started to let out short breaths. Erna’s body soon froze, and then she shook. And then she became limp. Kalion was not surprised by that anymore. It was the same reaction he’d seen for the past two weeks.

Kalion gently caressed Erna’s waist as she was breathing heavily. And as he did, Erna’s body felt the stimulation, and she flinched. Even then, she didn’t avoid his touch. Kalion knew now that they were both ready for more intimacy.

The moment he knew, he straightened up. And then his knee went between Erna’s legs. He maneuvered himself between the limp body that couldn’t even instinctively resist and carefully lifted her leg to spread her legs. Kalion could see Erna’s vagina because the pajamas were now by her stomach. And she wasn’t wearing underwear. It opened up by his touch and was sopping wet from her juices.

Kalion thought he was going insane as he brushed his lips with the back of his hand. No man wouldn’t go crazy from this sight. And he had a barbaric desire as he looked at the body, that was limp from the constant stimulus. Kalion got undressed in a hurry as if his clothing was an annoying chain that was holding him captive. He used to only take off his pants before. But now, he threw off everything he was wearing.

“You, why?” Erna suddenly came to her senses as Kalion’s body was revealed under the light of the lamp, which he’d turned on. It was a threatening body that resembled a large beast with wide shoulders and a hard chest. His abdominal muscles were solid and perfectly shaped. And then her eyes landed on the excited p*nis between his legs. She thought he might shove it in her, but he stretched out his hands and grabbed onto her pajamas. Kalion looked like he wanted to rip her clothes off, and Erna shook her head, “Kalion, don’t rip it. Slowly, please.”

Kalion’s eyes flashed at her suddenly, “What?”

“I said, don’t rip my clothes.”

“No, not that. What did you say before that?”

She had to think for a moment, and then Erna carefully said, “I said Kalion.”

It was his name. But he didn’t know why he was reacting as if he heard it for the first time. As Erna mumbled it again, Kalion bit his lips and acted like he heard something unthinkable.

Erna found it a bit funny, so she said in a bit of a teasing tone, “What’s wrong, Kalion?”

At that moment, his body froze on top of her, and Erna felt a bit awkward, so she mumbled his name again, “Kalion, Kalion.” It was a name she’d heard enough over the past ten years. A human being that she called “you” or “hey,” or even stupid dry earthworm. A name that belonged to the master of the Hessenguard Knight’s Order, and the same name as the Archduke of Hessenguard. And, of course, her husband. It was a name that encompassed all of those titles.

As she was thinking about how she’d never called his name in ten years that she could remember, Kalion grabbed her hands and their fingers interlocked. She’d held his hand before, but this was the first time they’d intertwined so intimately, so she looked at him with surprised eyes. Kalion held onto her hands and pushed them down beside her. And Erna then realized she was trapped underneath him.

“You!” Her voice sounded like the deep cry of a beast. “Why?” As she was about to ask him what he was doing, his erection brushed against her, and then the thing she’d waited for, for a long time, slipped deep inside her. The most secret part of her had been closed up until now. But it opened to its limits and swallowed his throbbing hard-on.

Erna couldn’t think for a moment because of the shock of it entering her all at once. She opened her mouth and couldn’t even breathe from the unbelievably big shock. The pain was in the unrecognizable radius and paralyzed all her senses as Erna screamed!

Suddenly, tears started to fill up in her eyes. She slowly felt the pain from between her stiffly open legs. And then the pain swallowed her like a wave, and she cried. It wasn’t the first time he’d entered her. But last time, Kalion only put half of his thing in her, which she could manage to take. When his erection entered Erna all at once and filled her body, it was like the previous experience had no meaning. She couldn’t do anything. Even if she breathed and she froze from the pain that spread through her body. Tears kept streaming from her eyes. It hurts. It’s hard. I’m scared.

Kalion slowly bowed down and whispered into her ear, “Erna.”

The moment Erna heard her name, she understood why Kalion was surprised. Her name that came out of his mouth sounded very unfamiliar, and his whisper tickled her ear.

“Erna, slowly. Breathe.”

His words gave her some courage. And the breath that was stuck was released, and then the pain was felt by Erna. But other sensations stirred in her too. Slowly but surely, Erna became aware of her surroundings. The familiar scent of the master bedroom, the crackling sound of the fireplace, the hard warm body covering her, and his heartbeat felt through her hands.

“Erna.” Kalion seemed to be having a difficult time like she was.

Unbelievably, Erna thought this whole experience wasn’t that bad. “I, I’m. Okay. So, tonight,” she said despite herself, “let’s finish it.”

At that precise moment, the last bit of logic that remained in Kalion disappeared.



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