Chapter 45.1 (Rated 18)

Chapter 45.1 (Rated 18)

Any shred of logic Kalion had left soon flew out the window the moment his fully erected p*nis entered Erna. The way her insides wrapped around his manhood was like nothing he’d ever felt before. It was warm and soft, and the way it squeezed his throbbing hard-on was driving him out of his mind. The moment he reached Erna’s deepest part, Kalion felt like the thirst he had had for the past few weeks was finally quenched. 

It was the moment he’d been building up to, and it was so worth the wait. All of Kalion’s senses focused on the intense feelings below his waist, and it felt like he and his genitals had become one. There was nothing he could see nor hear properly. The only thing he could feel was the pleasure that Erna was giving him.

“Ah!” A tingling feeling ran down his spine with each breath he took. And at the same time, he felt all of his senses were mushed and mixed inside him. It felt as if his brain had melted. Kalion knew that was a true passion. Being inside of Erna was pure ecstasy, and he felt a newfound fondness for her. He bit down on his lip as he wondered why he hadn’t known how good this could feel until now.

The way her narrow inside seemed to grip his hard-on was delightful and satisfying, and it wasn’t letting go. Kalion also felt the aching of his er*ction, wanting to explode inside her warmness. As he slowly moved his waist back, the thickest part gently rubbed against her inside as it was coming out.

“Ah!” Erna sucked in a breath and moaned loudly. Even though it was a careful movement, it felt like the world was shaking for Erna. An unfamiliar pain slowly woke her momentarily paralyzed body as the sharp thrusting pain started to add some heat. 

Kalion slowly pulled his er*ction out. “Mmm.” 

The head of the p*nis got stuck at her opening and the place that was opened to its limit hurt. Erna sucked in a deep breath, and her eyes opened wide.

Now, if I pull out just like this. However, Kalion stayed there for a moment and rubbed the head of his pulsating p*nis against her cl*toris before slowly easing himself back inside her soft flesh. 

Erna’s head moved from side to side on the pillow as his er*ction followed the wet path and pressed inside her deepest part. There were tears in Erna’s eyes. But it wasn’t because of pain. The sensation that felt like a fire wrapping around her entire body started from the deepest part of her stomach. What, what is this?

It was a sensation she’s never heard about nor felt before in her entire life. And the fact that it was Kalion who was making her feel this incredible amount of pleasure confused her the most. Erna looked at him as he stopped momentarily, and the expression on his face was one she’d never seen before. She let out a high-pitch moan each time he moved his waist. And she thought he would scoff at her. But each time Erna let out a loud cry of delight, Kalion moved even more carefully. And Erna’s voice started to sound heated as his thing slowly moved back and forth. 

When Kalion’s waist movement started to speed up, Erna’s insides squeezed around him harder because she was getting used to him. As her stiff body became more relaxed, the pleasure started to conquer the corners of her body fast. And then Erna’s breathing quickened when she felt a tingling feeling in the tips of her fingers, which went all the way to her toes.

Erna didn’t know what she could do to calm the heat down. Slowly, the breathing of the two of them started to overlap. The body’s that were trembling on their own started to move together as one. And the pleasure heightened as they moved in perfect rhythm together. “Ah!”

The moment Kalion rammed his waist against Erna, she let out a loud moan as she bit her lips out of surprise. Kalion then moved his body insanely fast as if he was saying he wanted to hear more moaning. His movements got faster and rougher. But now, Erna no longer felt pain. Faster! Erna hoped that he would move more quickly and was stunned at such thought. She had initially thought this would be a terrifying experience and that it was an act that had no emotion. And also, that it was only done by couples to bear a child. In other words, something that was no different from an act of a beast.

The day her body interacted so intimately with Kalion was a day Erna would never forget. And the misery of the last ten years melted away. She hadn’t wanted to remember anything, so she’d forcefully drank alcohol in the beginning so that she could perform her obligation. But now, what she thought was a terrifying act, felt opposite to that. Erna was sharing her body and her breath with the person on top of her who she’d hated the most in the world. But it didn’t feel bad. She even thought it was good. 

“Erna!” Kalion called her name at that moment as he slammed his waist hard against her.

“Ahhh!” Erna’s eyes flashed at him as she clenched her body and tightened her insides. She thought she heard Kalion’s moan. Erna wanted to cover her ears. Don’t call me. If you call my name again… But Erna’s plea was ignored by him, and he called her name. 


The corner of Erna’s heart tingled at the same time because he was the only person who could call her without any title, and Erna blushed in response. As Kalion moved his waist faster, his breathing continued to quicken, and beads of sweat rolled down the sides of his handsome face. Erna started to wonder if it was a giant beast riding on top of her. Erna knew that something inside her was getting ready to burst when Kalion rammed her harder and harder.



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