Chapter 45.2 (Rated 18)

Chapter 45.2 (Rated 18)

The two hands that were intertwined gripped tighter. At that moment, they clenched each other’s hands harder as if there was no one else to hold on to in the world. “Ahhh!” They both yelled at the same time as they climaxed together. Kalion’s hot liquid filled her each time his body shook from the intense orgasm.

Kalion thought of the mornings when he couldn’t calm his er*ction down after waking, and he’d had to resort to self-pleasure. But when he was rubbing himself to release the build-up, he didn’t feel as satisfied as he did now. And he’d thought about this act even more as a result. But now, he felt such pleasure that he could do this until he died. Kalion then pushed himself inside of Erna, even further, to release the remainder of his hot s*men in the deepest part of her.

Their bodies stayed together for a long time after they’d reached climax, and his er*ction became soft. Finally, Kalion slowly lifted his waist, and his thing slipped out from the place where it had been gripped by her. And the white sticky liquid poured out her opening and trickled to her bottom. Kalion was shocked by the amount of s*men seeping out of Erna, where his big thing had been just a moment ago.

But he didn’t miss a moment of this. It was the most exciting and lewd thing he’d seen in his life. And Kalion felt an unspoken satisfaction from watching the image that he had created.

A long time later, Erna came back to her senses and tried to close her legs. But Kalion, without letting go of the hands which were on her legs, put his body between her legs. 

“You, why?” Before Erna could finish asking why he wasn’t getting off her, she felt something touching her pained bottom. It was the thick, big thing that she’d been clenching between her legs not so long ago. Erna’s eye’s widened as she realized what had touched her.

“You, you! Why did you become big again!” Before she finished her question, the big thing opened her vagina, which was just about to relax and close. However, at that moment, her body, which was remembering the pleasure vividly, started to react again. It was a crazy naughty act. To rub one’s g*nitals on another person’s g*nitals had seemed bizarre at first. Erna felt shame at the lewd act that she hadn’t been able to see in a book.

Their mixed body fluid made naughty sounds as their skin rubbed together. And heat shot up to Erna’s face making it feel as if it was going to explode. The first time around, Erna didn’t know what was going on, so she was swayed by his actions. But now that her senses were back, everything was embarrassing. Even the hands that were intertwined felt out of place.



“You said it clearly. That you want to go all the way.”

“But we, we did!” He’d exploded inside her, so wasn’t that the end?

Kalion spoke in a deep, sexy voice, “I’m not finished with you as yet.” As his words left his mouth, his solid er*ction slipped inside Erna, and she gasped in surprise.


Kalion carefully lifted his head off the soft pillow. Judging by the amount of light coming through the curtains, it still seemed to be dawn. He got off the bed and retrieved his clothes on the floor. While he was getting dressed, he heard a soft mumble coming from the bed.


When he turned his head, he could see the outline of Erna’s body underneath the light-blue blanket. Kalion smelled the room momentarily, and an embarrassingly thick scent of sp*rm lingered. But there was nothing he could do about that since he’d kept on ej*culating last night. Although he’d shot all of it inside of Erna, her insides could not contain all of the s*men, and it had freely flowed out.

Kalion hadn’t lost sight of the goal of all of this. A successor was needed, and therefore Erna had to be impregnated. So it was only right that he kept pouring his s*men inside her. And it was the right thing to do to ensure that he released enough inside her.

After he got dressed, he realized that his p*nis hadn’t calmed down entirely. It was a wonder how there was still desire left even though they had s*x until it was dawn. Kalion approached the bed and looked at Erna again as she tossed and turned a bit. The blanket was below her bre*sts now. The bre*sts he’d held and sucked to his heart’s content last night were completely naked. Although almost the entire part of her bre*sts was red, there weren’t any marks.

Kalion ignored his throbbing c*ck and lifted the blanket to cover Erna’s shoulders. As he watched her sleeping, Kalion recalled that the room was always kept spotless by the maids. But he didn’t know when the maids came to clean, but if they arrived now, they would disturb Erna’s rest. Kalion walked softly to the master bedroom door and gently eased the door open. And thankfully, the hallway was quiet. He quickly turned the lion ornament in front of the door to the side, which was a sign that they were resting and were not to be disturbed. So Erna should be able to sleep deeply now, in peace.

As he was about to return to Erna’s side again, he noticed that the crystal water bottle on the table was empty. Last night, Erna had drunk quite a bit, which wasn’t a surprise as she’d cried quite a bit too.  She’ll drink more when she wakes up. He thought for a moment and then took the empty bottle to his room. Thankfully, the bottle in his room was still full of water, so he filled the crystal bottle he’d brought with him and then returned to the master bedroom. 

Kalion couldn’t believe last night. The way they’d made love until the early hours of the morning felt like a dream. His face blushed like a well-matured red apple as he remembered what he’d done with her. It felt like he’d discovered the ultimate sensation of his life! I should do it more for a while.

Kalion was thinking about doing this until a child was conceived. So when Erna awoke, he’d check her condition and then take it from there. But when Kalion opened the bedroom door, he stopped dead in his tracks. The large four-poster bed that Erna had been lying on, mere minutes ago, was empty. 



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