Chapter 46.1

Chapter 46.1


If anyone asked Erna how her body felt today, she would have only one thing to say, “Save me!”

Lying on the office sofa, she moaned and groaned from the aches and pains in her body. And this was one of those rare occasions when Erna was glad her office sofa was as big and as comfortable as her bed. It felt like someone had beaten her body all night long. And her muscles hurt even if she moved only slightly.

Erna usually seldom exercised. So she’d never felt nor thought of where her muscles were attached. But now, her body hurt just by breathing, and Erna discovered muscles she never knew she had.

As she placed her hand on her stomach, her body felt pain just by that movement, and she frowned. 

Erna tapped underneath her belly button. Even though Kalion’s sem*n had left her, she still felt like something was in her stomach. As she groped where it felt empty, Erna let out a moan. Right now, there was something other than her muscles that hurt. If someone asked her how she felt physically, Erna only had one thing to say in response, “I want to die.” She did. And why? Because she was embarrassed!

Erna cursed her fantastic memory. Her brain, which had memorized all the spells in the books flawlessly, vividly remembered what had happened last night. The places where Kalion had grabbed her, how he’d moved, what he’d said, she recalled everything detail of their time together. And what made Erna want to die were the things she’d said, “Mmm, more, faster!”

The moment she recalled that Erna punched the teal sofa, and the muscle pain came back immediately. She let out a tear as she laid back down. The poison that got in his system, is it contagious? The demon’s poison affected people in a variety of ways. She’d heard that the poison could get transmitted to someone else like a disease. That was most likely the case with her. It had to be because there was no other explanation of her clinging onto a fast-moving Kalion out of genuine pleasure. Either way, I thought once would be enough.

Last night, when Kalion backed off after doing it once, she’d thought it was finally over. And she’d assumed that Kalion would calm down a little. But he had done it three times again! Or was it four? She might have lost consciousness in the middle. Eventually, she had cried from exhaustion while Kalion had kept a tenacious grip on her.

The second time around, Erna had realized that one area inside her was sensitive to stimulation, and she’d clung on to him, moaning like crazy, when Kalion’s erection had pressed against that part. After figuring that out, Kalion had continuously aimed for her g-spot. And after all, that, as if something went wrong with her head, she’d started to cry, and Kalion had whispered in her ear, “Let’s do it one last time.” And then he’d pressed his hard-on against that part again.

At that moment, the world around her had turned white. When she’d come back to her senses, she was sobbing in Kalion’s arm. Soon after, she’d fallen asleep. And when she’d woken up again, Kalion was getting dressed.

While Erna had been contemplating if she should also get up, there had been a click on the door, and Erna’s eyes had widened as she knew what the sound was. Kalion had pushed the ornament to the side, and she knew what it meant! It meant that they wanted to rest and were not to be disturbed. If it was another room, that’s what others would think. But this was the master bedroom, and the meaning of pushing that to the side meant that they wanted privacy to do other things.

Suddenly her throat had dried up. Erna had desperately swallowed her words as she’d been about to call him insane! Kalion had come back into the room again and then left for some reason. Seeing this as the perfect opportunity to escape, Erna had rolled out of bed. And she’d then bolted to her room. Erna hadn’t even bothered to get dressed. She had to run away or else face doing it again!

Erna’s legs had felt weak the moment her feet touched the floor, so she’d wobbled as if she was a newborn animal. When she’d made it safely to her room, Erna had locked the door to the master bedroom from her room and had then crawled to the bathroom immediately. 

As she filled the bath with hot water, she watched the hot steam rising. Feeling fatigued, she’d climbed into the tub and laid down and had stared blankly at the ceiling for a long time. After what felt like hours, Erna felt ready to get out of the tub, and she started to get up but then felt a strange sensation between her thighs and looked to the cause. When she looked down, there was a white liquid that was streaming out of her.

At the sight of that, Erna had freaked out and immediately dove into the water in the tub again. How much is in there that it’s coming out! Erna couldn’t leave the bathroom for a long time. Thankfully, she knew Kalion wouldn’t disturb her there.

Jolted from her thoughts all of a sudden, Erna heard someone’s voice and shot up in surprise. But then she grabbed her waist and crashed down on the sofa in agony. “Who’s there?”

“What are you doing?”

“Orpé, when did you come in?” Erna was about to yell, but then she realized that was also painful, so she mumbled instead.

“Just a moment ago. I was going to wake you up, but what brought you out this early?”

“I remembered I had something to do.” Erna couldn’t bring herself to say she took refuge here because she was afraid that Kalion would come to find her and ask to do it more. She had to see him at night anyway, but for now, she had to run. Running was also a tactic. Erna was desperately hoping to validate her actions, but then someone knocked on the door.

“Who’s there? Oh my, it’s Vanessa.” Orpé opened the door and greeted the visitor in a welcoming voice. Erna could barely sit up when she heard that Vanessa had arrived. “Vanessa? What is going on?”

When the head of the Council, Vanessa, came to see Erna without making prior arrangements, it meant she had some important news. After struggling to sit up, Erna turned to look at Vanessa and saw that she had a very stern expression on her face.

“What happened?” Vanessa asked, looking stunned.

“That is,” Erna fumbled for words, “I’ll be out in a moment! You two chat so long.”

Orpé left saying that she’d bring tea and snacks of her choice. And once Orpé was out of earshot, Vanessa took out a rolled letter from her bag. There was a golden symbol on the back, which was stamped and sealed with special wax. 

Erna immediately recognized the symbol. Haband. It was a gold dragon that represented Haband, Erna’s motherland. Erna quickly opened the letter handed to her by Vanessa, and the ripped wax dropped on the wooden table.

Erna’s eyes scanned through the letter quickly. And Vanessa could see Erna’s face quickly turning pale as her hands began to tremble.



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