Chapter 46.2

Chapter 46.2

“Can’t you do it properly! Again!” Kalion shouted.

The knight in front of him squatted when he heard Kalion’s angry voice. Then he stretched out his arms and legs, lying down, and yelled, “Just kill me!”

Kalion narrowed his eyes at the knight that was daring him to kill him. Then the knights close-by took his side and yelled simultaneously, “Yes! Just kill us!”

“Why are you like this morning!” One of the knights asked.

“If you have complaints, tell us! Don’t beat us like a dog!” Another knight shouted. These were the knights that had already sparred with Kalion, who had won.

“Don’t sound so weak and soft!” Kalion yelled back.

“At this rate. If you fight any more seriously, you might kill someone!” The knight that got punched in the chin by Kalion yelled as if it was unfair. And the knights that hadn’t sparred as yet whispered to each other while looking at Kalion. They seemed to wonder what was wrong with Archduke.

“Tsk.” Kalion realized that everyone was looking at him with resentment and stopped. “Rest for an hour and start again. Stay alert until then!”

“Tyrant!” A knight yelled.

“Coldblooded!” One of the other knights bravely shouted out.

The knights booed at Kalion’s words. So he stopped, turned around, and bellowed, “Starting in ten minutes!” The knights that said those words were then tackled by the surrounding knights. As the sparring ground became a mess, Kalion left the Knight’s Order building and returned to his room.

He was exhausted and well aware that he was taking out his anger on the knights, using sparring as an excuse this morning. Kalion was in a bad mood because Erna had disappeared from their bed as soon as he’d walked out of the marital bedroom.

The moment he’d seen the empty bed, he’d been stunned and at a loss for words. Then he’d looked around and had seen the pajamas that Erna should’ve been wearing, still crumpled in the corner. Because the blanket was gone, it meant that she’d wrapped herself in it and then left. He’d then approached the door to her room, and when he’d turned the doorknob, all he heard was a clicking sound. The door locked, and since then, Kalion’s heart was in confusion.

As he analyzed the events of the previous night, Kalion couldn’t figure out why she’d left without saying a word. Although he’d acted like a crazy person until dawn, he had hugged her again and again. If she didn’t like that, he wasn’t going to do it next time. But when he’d pulled her waist, Erna had hugged his neck and yelled as if she were enjoying what he was doing. From that moment, Kalion had let go of all reason.

But Erna had encouraged him to do more to her, and she’d even yelled he should go faster. However, when he’d come back to his senses, Erna was sobbing. The problem was, instead of stopping at that sight, he’d moved even rougher. Kalion covered his face with his hands, “Was I too rough?”

It was a concern he had for the first time in his life. Of course, because he hasn’t done it with anyone until now, it wasn’t something he’d had to think about before. Kalion couldn’t relax at all. Honestly, he couldn’t think of anything awful that had happened last night. It was a good experience. To be more honest, it was a wonderful experience.

Kalion had always frowned upon the knights who wanted to meet women all the time. But now he could understand why. And he wondered if there was anything in the world that could compare to the sensations of intimacy. The warm, soft, and squeezing feelings he’d felt had been pure ecstasy. And he vividly remembered the feeling of Erna’s thin arm wrapping around his neck so tightly.

Kalion’s face immediately turned blood-red, and he shook his head crazily, attempting to get rid of the image in his mind. The priest that Vanessa brought must’ve been a fake. There had to be demon’s poison in his body still, or else there was no way he would lose his mind like this.

After denying everything to himself for a while, Kalion returned to his senses and turned his stiff neck while he sighed heavily. He had a strong body that didn’t hurt easily, even after a long session of sparring. So if he was feeling such pain after last night, he could only imagine what Erna must be feeling like now. 

He could guess Erna was experiencing muscle pain and probably thought that she might be dying. 

It was a pain that Kalion knew well. It hadn’t been a long time since he’d arrived in Hessenguard. And he had barely recovered when he started to train with his sword. As he’d moved his body without resting, his body started to become more muscular, healthier, and firmer. For Kalion to become bulkier, the muscles in his body had been ripped, damaged, and had then regenerated. And in order to have a solid body like this, he had to go through hell and had experienced a lot of pain in his training.

He thought of Erna saying how she’d die from a papercut. And then, one day, she had gotten one while paging through a document as she’d sat curled up on the emerald-green sofa. The way she’d cried and overacted had been something else. If Erna had reacted like that after getting a small nick on her finger, then Kalion didn’t want to think about how she was behaving now. She probably couldn’t even breathe. While he was obsessing about Erna again, there was a knock on the door.

“It’s me, Cedric.”

“Come in.”

Cedric spoke to him as soon as he walked into the room. “The council has requested for the knights backup. But this time, I think you’d have to think long and hard about who to pick.”

“What’s happening?”

“That is, well, Haband’s delegation is coming.”

Kalion lifted his body at that, “From Haband?”

“Yes, and the leader of the group is, let’s see,” Cedric looked at the paper handed from Vanessa, “it says, Marquis Canavan.”

Kalion remembered right away that he was the one who’d brought Erna here some time ago.



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