Chapter 5.1

Chapter 5.1

The Marquess was extremely angry throughout the wedding ceremony. He had safely brought her here in one piece, but instead of being grateful, her behavior had gone south. Now that she is a Grand Duke, does she think she can act as she wants? he fumed inwardly.

He had thought that the little princess would forever stay meek, but here she was already trying to oppose him. He felt embarrassed. He had believed that while he would rule Hessenguard on behalf of Erna, she would merely sit still like a doll and follow whatever he instructed, obediently. So, Marquess Canavan called for a maid on his way back from the wedding ceremony.

“It seems Grand Duke has drunk something bad during our short time here. I don’t understand why a person who used to be so well-behaved and listened to everyone in the Haband Kingdom suddenly acted like that at the wedding…”

The maid was a quick-witted person. Even though Marquess Canavan had said it in a roundabout manner, she understood what he wanted at once. The Marquess was indirectly talking about breaking Erna’s spirit.

“Don’t worry too much about it, my lord. Today, after experiencing the wedding night, Grand Duke will very well understand what responsibilities she bears.”

Marquess Canawan smirked, “Alright, is there any better way?” 

The maid looked around and whispered in his ear. 

Marquess Canavan listened to the sound coming from inside. Erna’s voice, which was initially shouting “no” and “go away,” gradually became smaller and soon turned into low sniffles and cries. Marquess Canavan nodded with a satisfied look.

This was only the beginning. Until tomorrow morning, Erna would continue to be humiliated. It didn’t matter even if she was a Grand Duke. After all, she was merely an immature kid who didn’t even know how to properly hold power.

Seeing the satisfaction in Marquess Canavan’s face, the maid continued in a small voice, wanting to show off her skills.

“I purposely prepared some completely see-through clothes. Miss Erna is sixteen years old. She’s old enough to be sensitive to the gazes of the people around her. But now she has to walk in front of everyone wearing those clothes… and then spend the night with the other Grand Duke in that state; it’s going to put a lot of pressure on her weak mind.”

“Yes, that will hurt her a lot. So, you and I need to work hard to take good care of her.”

“Of course, my lord.”

Both of them knew very well that Erna was ashamed of her fat and unkempt appearance. Didn’t she react sensitively to people laughing at her at the wedding?

The maid spoke again, “By the way, will you really meet the requirements of the Aether Kingdom?” Her face, which had been talking excitedly with the Marquess until a while ago, subtly darkened. “We should reject them because it’s very insulting…”

“Oh, you mean, that. We decided to accept it for now and also ask for something similar in return. Apparently, the Grand Duke of Aether was not very cooperative.”

Initially, both sides demanded that before the wedding night, the royal family members from each kingdom should undergo a very old type of physical examination. Both sides knew very well that it could put a lot of pressure on the young royalties involved, but they still raised this demand to insult each other.  

However, it seemed to be too much, and before anyone knew it, the matter fizzled out. Eventually, it was decided that the examination shouldn’t be performed. However, Aether came forward and brought it up again.

Marquess Canavan realized that the situation on Aether’s side was no different from theirs. The gaze of the young prince crossed his mind. Even though Kalion looked like an emancipated dead body, his eyes were fierce when he was glaring at everyone. It was as if he was saying that if his body had been healthy, he would have knocked down everything and left the wedding.

His thoughts were shortly interrupted by Erna’s cries from inside. Marquess Canavan smiled satisfactorily and said to the maid, “I hope the wedding night ends well today.”

* * *

The sound of the door closing brought Erna back to her senses. At the same time, she recalled what she had just been through and realized the state she was in now.

Before coming here, Erna had to meet the maids from the Aether Kingdom. They told Erna to position herself comfortably on a small bed, informing her that they would be confirming whether she had any problem in producing an heir. Erna refused, appalled. But they tried to grab her legs and forcibly spread them apart. Erna screamed and desperately rebelled, but they continued to examine her body, their cold gazes upon her nakedness. The maids said she ought to obediently accept her duty as a Grand Duke. It was not long after a cold silver rod was put in the gap between her legs.

A cry slipped from Erna’s lips. This was the first time in her life that she had faced such humiliation and misery. It was nothing compared to what she felt when she was being whipped by the other queens in Haband, with her head low.



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