Chapter 50.1 (Rated 18)

Chapter 50.1 (Rated 18)

Erna realized too late what Kalion was trying to do. She struggled in surprise, but Kalion had already pinned her securely between his legs. He reached up and started unbuttoning his robes, his hands flickering over them hastily. Annoyingly, Hessenguard’s traditional robes had quite a lot of buttons to undo.

Kalion eventually lost his patience and tore the rest of the buttons off. He laughed when he saw Erna’s look of surprise as she watched one of the buttons roll across the floor. Why is she so surprised? Her clothes are going to look like this soon anyway.

Kalion quickly removed his shirt, then reached towards Erna’s collar. She looked at his hand for a moment before she lowered her eyes.

“You tried to kill me the first time I touched you,” Kalion said.

He clearly remembered the first night he’d met Erna in this room. They had drunk that day because it was awkward and painful to be together at first. Neither of them could remember what it felt like the first time he touched her body. All they could recall was the way they’d wiped their hands on their clothes as if they had touched something they shouldn’t have. But…

“You got used to it.”

“Used to what?” Erna said suddenly. His words made her look up at him expectantly. In the dim gloom of the lamps, her green eyes glistened in an almost magical way. 

Kalion thought they were rather beautiful. As the thought settled in his mind, his hands slowly stopped moving.

When was the last time he thought something was beautiful?

“You aren’t avoiding it anymore,” Kalion added.

Erna grabbed hold of Kalion in surprise and tried to shove his hands away from her collar. But Kalion wasn’t going to relent; she already knew this.

He let go of Erna’s top button with a small laugh.

“It’s too late to pretend you don’t like it,” Kalion chuckled.

“Get your hands off me!”

At Erna’s cry, Kalion gently reached out to her. In a soft voice he said, “There’s no reason for me to undress you when you’re planning on doing it yourself.”


“Are you going to stay fully clothed while we make a baby? If you don’t take your clothes off, I’ll have no choice but to rip them off you.”

“You…” Erna was utterly speechless at his sly response.

Strange. The old Kalion wouldn’t say things like this. Aside from the basic, required words and expressions during political meetings, Kalion never really said much. And when he did speak, Erna often laughed at how simple his dialect was. She always thought it was because he preferred to spend time practicing with his sword rather than talking.

But now she had to erase her prejudices. She was utterly speechless by what he’d just said. Since when had Kalion learned to smooth talk like that?

“What do you want to do?” Kalion asked.

Erna was silent.

“Do you want to take your clothes off yourself, or do you want me to do it for you?”

Erna turned her face away without answering. The cool feeling of the sheet under her cheek made her realize that her face was burning.

She must be angry. She had to be angry. There was no other reason why her face would have warmed at Kalion’s words. Usually, she would laugh at him for saying such vulgar things.

But she stayed silent.

Eran fisted her hands in the bedsheet as Kalion’s hands fiddled around at the collar of her clothes, slowly loosening the buttons.

He had torn his own clothes off, but he was undressing her slowly, revealing each part of her previously concealed pale skin. Once he had popped the button on her chest open, he slid his hand into her shirt through her open collar.

Erna sucked in a deep breath but otherwise stayed silent. She was nervous, wondering if Kalion wanted to touch her bre*sts again. 

His hand skimmed under her bra until he found her hard n*pple. He slowly began to tease it as he unbuttoned her the rest of the way.

Erna felt frustration building in her body at his attention. That’s it? You’re not going to do to me what you always do? She knew she should be glad, but she couldn’t deny that the n*pple he was teasing felt itchy and hot, like it was yearning to be touched.

His casual unbuttoning motions had reached her belly button now. He fisted his hand in the material, pulling it away from her so he could rub his palm over her smooth skin. He hummed in satisfaction.

Erna twisted her body, her movements opening her clothes the rest of the way.

Kalion made a noise of disapproval. He knew he should have been glad because he didn’t have to go through the effort of unbuttoning her anymore, but then he realized something. This was no longer a burden or labour for him, he was actually really enjoying himself.

But come to think of it, it had always been like this with her.

Before he kissed her properly, he touched, sucked and nibbled her entire body, making sure to never hurt her. Everything he did was pleasurable, everything warm and soft… 

As he ran his hands over her like a person possessed, he managed to quickly pull himself together. He had to keep himself in control, because the real pleasure hadn’t even started yet.

The hand he’d been caressing her stomach with dipped down. Erna twisted away and closed her legs.

She had only ever slept with Kalion once, but her body vividly remembered the experience. She was already wet, and he was only touching her. She would be ashamed if Kalion found out about it; about how much her body yearned for his touch.

She tried to convince herself that it was nothing. This was nothing more than an obligation to make a successor, even if she didn’t want to. It was better to just get the whole thing over with. She had never thought doing this with Kalion would be pleasurable. But she was confident that she would be disappointed if Kalion’s hands moved away. Of this, Erna was ashamed. She would rather die than be caught in such a compromising position.

She pushed his hand away where he was busy undoing her buttons below. In a shaking voice, she said to Kalion’s enquiring expression, “I’ll do it.”



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