Chapter 51.1 (Rated 18)

Chapter 51.1 (Rated 18)

Erna was struck speechless by the sudden penetration. She was helpless to do anything else aside from bite her lip against the burning sensation. It didn’t help that she hadn’t eaten much and was nearly faint from the pain.

She’d already had a hard time handling Kalion’s erection when he was only halfway in. She had cried. But when she’d recomposed herself and looked down, it was to see their bodies were tightly pressed together now.

She stammered as she tried to speak. Slowly, her senses returned to her. Now she could truly appreciate just how girthy he was. Her mouth opened in a gasp, it felt like she couldn’t breathe. She hadn’t even done anything wrong, yet she wanted to beg for mercy.

Even now, Erna couldn’t understand how such pain could bring pleasure. She also wondered how in the world Kalion managed to fit such a large pen*s in his trousers.

“Ah… Kalion,” Erna said, trying her hardest not to moan.

She wanted to move away, but Kalion kept on pressing himself into her body. As he slid deeper into her, Erna could do nothing but pant like a beast that had been stabbed. But gradually, she calmed down.

She could feel a strange beat pulsing through her body. It didn’t fit the beat of her heart, but the longer they stayed pressed tightly together, the more in sync the beating of their hearts became. 

“Are you okay?” Kalion asked.

Erna nodded at the affectionate question. But in truth, she wasn’t alright. Kalion was too big for her, and the oppressive heat of his body made that fact clearly known. What bothered Erna more than the pain was the incessant tickle when she stayed still.

As initially promised, Kalion always checked on her. Just a little while ago, he had incessantly asked her if she was okay. For some reason, this gave Erna the ridiculous idea that Kalion thought she was weak.

“Yeah…” Erna moaned, clenching her itchy fingers.

“Then I’ll continue.” When they had first started this, Kalion’s voice had been stiff, as if he was complying with an order. But now it was quiet and soft. It was almost like he was speaking to someone he loved. However, his actions conveyed a different message.

Kalion pulled his hips back before he thrust into her again, knocking up against her bottom. She could hear his heavy, strained breathing as he rocked in and out of her. She could feel her soft, inner walls being repeatedly stroked and teased. She tried not to moan. But before long, she couldn’t help it.

Whenever Kalion pushed into her, she would exhale an excited moan. She had been wet and ready before he’d started, but every movement on his part only made her more excited. The sound of him pushing into her made her want to cover her ears. She couldn’t believe her body made that sound. Well, not her on her own. She couldn’t believe that Kalion could get her body to make that sound.

She remembered the first time she and Kalion had done this. She remembered what she’d said, What’s so great about this? Can’t you just put it in and ejaculate?

Back then, Erna hadn’t known what sex entailed. She didn’t know it was a process, that this was what had to happen. She didn’t know it wasn’t just something that could be over in a few minutes. There was a lot to do, and so much to feel throughout the entire process. 

Erna felt tears gathering in the corners of her eyes as Kalion repeatedly thrust in and out of her. She could feel her body tightening in preparation for her orgasm. She tried to grip onto Kalion, but she couldn’t. She fisted her hands in the bed sheets, pulling them into a wrinkled mess as waves of pleasure swept through her.

“Stop,” she groaned.

“Does it hurt?” Kalion asked.

“Yes… Just go… Go slowly,” Erna said with a nod, barely able to speak through all the sensations coursing through her.

Kalion smiled down at her. “I’ll do whatever you want.”

His was very kind, and she thought that, perhaps now, she would be able to think straight. But she quickly realized she was wrong.

She thought that by slowing everything down things would be easier. But Kalion slowly slid himself into her again…

Erna groaned in pleasure, her body trembling. Now that he was moving slower, she could feel every inch of him. She could feel him caressing the inner, most sensitive parts of her body with every stroke.

Erna cried out as she twisted her body. Her vision turned white, then throbbed with an ever-threatening darkness. Red kept splashing across the darkness as she tried to regain control. 

Kalion was taking off her bra now. He gently cupped her excited bre*st and pinched one of her hard, rosy n*pples between his fingers, rubbing it gently. He couldn’t resist the temptation of bowing his head and taking it between his lips.

With the overbearing sensations of Kalion teasing her n*pple while slowly taking her, Erna could barely think. But if there was one thing she knew, it was that it wasn’t enough. It wasn’t good enough. She wanted more…

Erna started rocking in time to Kalion’s thrusts as he entered her again.



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