Chapter 51.2 (Rated 18)

Chapter 51.2 (Rated 18)

Kalion leaned down and bit her lips. “Really, you…”

“Why, why…” Erna muttered, feeling uneasy at the low growling of his voice.

Don’t tell me to go slow if you’re going to act like this, Kalion thought, looking down at her  trembling body.

As he gazed down at her tear-stained face, listening to her babbling, he realized that she probably didn’t know what she was doing to herself. It was the first time she had ever moved with him. Kalion stayed perfectly still, gazing down at her.

Erna started to move on her own. 

“Fuck…” Kalion muttered, then bit back the curse. He felt like he was about to lose control of himself in a state of childlike excitement.

Erna was leading for the first time, begging him to pleasure her. That alone was enough to drive Kalion insane. He didn’t mind taking the lead, but now, she wanted more.

He thought he would be happy if she did this to him all day. He wanted to forget about the political affairs meeting, the knight’s group, and everything else. All he wanted to do was roll around on the bed from morning till night. He wanted the constant pleasure to melt his brain and watch how it melted her body.

Kalion hugged Erna and lifted her up when she moaned. He could feel her inner muscles tightening as she gripped him firmly around the neck.

“Kalion…” Erna whispered.

Kalion hugged her even tighter when she moaned his name. She wriggled against him, taking him into her entirely. It was the first time she had ever felt such pleasure, it was the first time he had ever been so deep inside her. She could feel every part of her body become more sensitive; her pale neck, her bre*sts, her waist, her smooth belly…

However, Kalion realized that he was more excited by Erna calling his name than anything else. It was like a drug to him.

Perhaps he was poisoned by her magic. Maybe the poison was actually Erna herself? Maybe that was why he had been slowly getting addicted to her from the moment he had tasted her.

Kalion held Erna’s waist tightly again. Slowly, he lifted her up off his hard erection. She was as light and fragile as a paper doll in his hands.

“Oh, my…” Erna gasped at the loss of him inside her, at the loss of pleasure. She felt empty as her own wetness slid along her inner thighs.

Then Kalion slowly lowered her back onto his erection, slowly driving himself deeper into her. 

Erna tipped her head back, letting her long golden fair spill down her back. Her bre*sts quivered in front of Kalion as she breathed, seducing him even further. Kalion could find no reason to refuse such temptation.

He sucked her n*pple into his mouth, teasing it with his tongue as he eased her down further onto him. As he rubbed against her sensitive inner wall, making her all the more sensitive, she shuddered. 

Then she spoke, “More.”

She wanted him to move faster. She wanted him to be rougher, harder… But Kalion continued to move slowly, just as she had asked him to.

Erna bit her hand to try and clear her thoughts. In this position, she couldn’t move on her own. And, in order to relieve the building desire, Kalion had to move faster… But she had just asked him to slow down.

Erna could feel her body getting hotter and hotter. She glanced down at Kalion and caught his eye as he was lavishing her bre*st. She was sure she could see a smile around the corners of his mouth.

“You…” she breathed.

She could tell by his smile that he knew what she wanted. He knew she wanted something stronger; she just didn’t know what she wanted.

He briefly raised his head and said in a strong, commanding voice, “Tell me.”

“Tell you what?” Erna replied.

“Tell me to fuck you harder.”

“You, you!” Erna stammered as she stared down at him.

Kalion stopped moving his hand, only partly holding her now. “Come on, Erna.”

“You’re awful!”

“I don’t want to be the nice guy anymore… Come on, tell me,” Kalion teased.

Erna closed her eyes at his words. He was a bad guy; the bad guy. He knew what she wanted; he was doing this to her on purpose.

Even though she knew what game he was playing at, Erna hugged him around the neck and begged, “Please…” She gave in, pleading just to get him to move again. “Fuck me harder, Kalion.”

Kalion gripped her roughly, hugging her tightly to him. How many times am I going to spill my seed in you tonight? he thought.

But he knew that the more times he climaxed in her, the higher the chance of conceiving a child would be. Regardless of this, he was going to pleasure her and use her until she was begging him to stop, until she couldn’t take anymore. He was going to fill her up until their passion spilt all over the bed.



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