Chapter 52.1

Chapter 52.1

Erna felt like she was going to die.

In fact, she thought she was dying as she lay there on the bed. She did her best to prepare herself after begging Kalion to f*ck her harder. But she never could have guessed just how faithfully he would grant her request.

As he gripped her waist and pulled her down toward him, he thrust up into her. It wasn’t long until Erna heard him making small, strained noises in her ear.

His genitals were like a weapon. Every time he moved inside her, Erna groaned and tears skimmed over her cheeks. He was absolutely merciless as he pounded into her body. 

Erna started to feel overwhelmed by everything; all the feelings and emotions she was experiencing. She tried to push him away by grabbing at his hips and pressing him away from her. She wanted to get up and run. But she wasn’t strong enough to fight against him. As her strength waned, Kalion lay her down on the bed beneath him.

Erna groaned and moaned as her body tightened every time Kalion thrust into her. He held her tightly in his arms, hugging her to his body as tears spilt down her cheeks over and over again.

She felt like she could barely breathe. And as long as Kalion kept moving, it felt like she would never be able to breathe again.

The next morning, Erna didn’t even have the strength to lift a finger.

“Water…” she said in a sleepy, hoarse voice. 

The cup next to her bed wasn’t out of her reach, but it was too much effort for her right now.

“Did you say you want some water?” Kalion just managed to hear a murmur of what she said. He reached over and picked up the cup. But she couldn’t even muster the strength to take it out of his hand. “Oh, my,” he said in shock when he saw what state she was in.

He held the cup in one hand and lifted her up with the other. The motion pulled the blanket off her body, revealing her bre*sts. But she didn’t care.

“Drink.” Kalion pressed the cup to her lips. 

Erna struggled to lower her head and take a few sips; some of the water leaked from her lips and spilled down her chest. Then she turned her head away to show that she was finished.

Kalion reached out to wipe her chest dry but paused when he saw the red marks on her pale skin. He swallowed heavily, barely managing to say, “Erna?”

Erna had already lowered her head again. She gave no response.

Kalion leaned over to see why she wasn’t answering him. Perhaps there was some problem… But then she took a deep breath and her body relaxed. She had merely fallen asleep. 

He studied her face as she rested, marvelling at how quickly she had dozed off again.

As he took in all her features he thought, not for the first time, that she was pretty. She had soft blonde hair that framed her round face with its cute, sharp nose and red lips. Her long eyelashes cast spidery shadows over her fair cheeks as she rested. 

She wasn’t ugly in the least bit. But she still had the type of face that made it look like she was ready to hit him with a bouquet at any second. 

“You’re ugly,” Kalion said, pulling gently at her cheek.

Erna whined as if he were seriously irritating her and wriggled closer to him, pressing her face closer to his chest. Now he could see all her facial features in greater detail.

Her eyelashes were still wet, and there were still tear streaks on her face because of how much she’d cried. Kalion reached out and wiped her eyelashes gently with the tips of his fingers.

Later when she woke, she stared at him so intensely that it looked like she was unwilling to ever let him go. This only made Kalion move harder and faster. And as he did, Erna shed more tears. 

He thought by now she would at least show some weakness; but she only stared at him all the more fiercely. So, Kalion f*cked her harder, until she was crying and calling out his name.

“I can’t be…” Kalion hurriedly thought back to the faces of the knights before his movements became dangerous. The thoughts made him feel uncomfortable, and thankfully, calmed him.

With Erna still firmly locked in his arms, he enjoyed the tired feeling that overtook her body. He had no idea how long it had been since he’d moved his body this wildly. Not even during a battle, or when he was confronting the Knights did he move like this. It felt like he had lost his mind a little.

Kalion reached out and swept her golden blonde hair off her forehead, to find that her skin was wet with sweat from their antics. He buried his face in her neck, drawing a deep breath. Strangely enough, she didn’t smell much like sweat. If anything, she still had the fragrance of the flowers from before; and it smelt like it had gotten stronger.



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