Chapter 52.2

Chapter 52.2

“Yeah… Don’t…” Erna opened her eyes and tried to push him away when she felt his breath on her throat. Her mind was still blurry as if she were in a dream, and her hands were too weak to do anything more than slide over Kalion’s sweaty chest.

Kalion cleared his throat and said with difficulty, “I think we need to wash up.” He could barely take his eyes off her body.

They were both soaked in sweat. But not only that, Erna’s belly and legs were slick with his sticky white seed. It dribbled out from between her legs, creating a wet stain on the bedsheets beneath her. 

That’s why we need to clean up.

There was no way he could sleep comfortably in this state. He tried to hug her, but Erna pushed him away with more strength than she had before.

“I don’t want to,” she said.


“No… I’m going to…” Erna tried to struggle out his arms as if she hated the feeling.

Kalion held her tightly and whispered quickly, “Okay. It’s fine. We don’t have to. Let’s just sleep.”

“Okay.” Erna stopped struggling after this. 

It wasn’t long until she was fast asleep again.

Kalion didn’t sleep. He lay awake, lost in thought, trying to decide what to do. Finally, he moved Erna onto the sheets beside him and went to the bathroom. He left the door to the couple’s bedroom open, so he could keep an eye on her in case she decided to run away.

Fortunately, Erna didn’t move while Kalion went to fetch water and towels. She remained dead asleep. In fact, it was more like she had fainted, rather than fallen asleep. 

Kalion wiped Erna’s body, face, arms, legs and the tips of her fingers clean. Each touch was gentle, careful, and sincere. But when he got to her chest, he felt a small tingling sensation chase through his body.

Erna’s n*pples were red and swollen, and her chest was patchworked with bite marks. Kalion’s eyes darted over her body, taking in all the marks he had made. He hadn’t been thinking when he’d done this; everything had just been so hectic. He had no idea it would be this bad. When Erna woke to see this, he wouldn’t blame her if she slapped him through the face.

But that wasn’t the only problem he had to deal with.

Kalion released a breath and slowly cast his eyes downwards. He couldn’t believe he was getting turned on by looking at someone who had collapsed from exhaustion. How could this be so arousing to him? Had he really become such a beast?

He took a few breaths to calm himself, then reached towards Erna again to carry on cleaning her up.

He repeatedly wiped the inside of her thighs to clean them. It was a little more difficult because she kept getting messy again when the sticky white substance leaked from her body down her legs. 

Kalion desperately tried to keep his raging mind under control as he worked. He tried to keep all his attention on his hands. By the time he had finished cleaning her up, it was already dawn.

Once he had cleaned and folded the towels, he looked towards the door to Erna’s room. He wanted to go and fetch her some fresh clothes but was worried that he would get into trouble if he went in there without her permission. 

After careful consideration, Kalion went to his own room to fetch a comfortable tunic. He dressed Erna in it, then laid her down on a place on the bed that was clean.

Now that she was clean and comfortable, she looked even happier and more relaxed than before.

Kalion was just settling down to go back to sleep when he felt a slight stinging sensation at his throat. He quickly got out of bed and went to stand in front of the mirror. 

“Oh, my…”

No wonder his skin felt like it was hot and burning.

From his chin to his chest were deep scratch marks. But it wasn’t just the marks of her nails on his skin; there was also a bite mark on his shoulder. This was already forming a very dark, accusing bruise.

“She bit me quite hard.”

He had asked her to bite him whenever she had bitten her lips to swallow her groans. He clearly remembered her expression as she arched her back, fighting down the sounds wanting to escape her lips. She hadn’t refused his request. And he hadn’t felt any pain when she’d bitten him. At the time, the sensation had been pleasurable.

Kalion smiled bitterly when he saw the marks Erna had left on him, and he smiled at the thought of what had been left on her. 

He had indeed shown her his unwillingness to lose.

As he was standing there, he had the vague feeling that someone was standing outside the door. When he turned his head to look over his shoulder, he glanced through the window and noticed it was quite bright outside already.


The maids outside were turning the lion statue. It wouldn’t be long until a maid came up here to clean the room. 

Kalion glanced at Erna again. She was still sound asleep. If the daily activity carried on like this, she was going to end up being woken up.

“I should tell them not to come in.” Kalion made his way to the door and opened it.

But he never could have prepared himself for the man he saw standing on the other side.



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