Chapter 53.1

Chapter 53.1


The one standing in front of the door was Vanessa. As soon as Kalion came out, she bowed with a darkened face to show courtesy. She normally didn’t come here often. On top of that, there was no more reason for Vanessa to be hanging around in front of the couple’s bedroom, as they might not know if she was in front of their door.

Vanessa bowed deeper, perhaps noticing Kalion’s curiosity, and spoke.

“It appears you’ve come out because of me. I am sorry for this.”

“Why are you here?”

“I, uh…”

The moment she tried to talk, a rugged voice came out from below.

“How long is Hessenguard going to ignore Haban’s envoy?”

It was an arrogant voice full of displeasure. It was none other than Marquis Canavan. Kalion’s face twisted at the marquis’s voice. He questioned how the situation had unfolded this way.

“You are out at this hour because of the marquis?”

At Kalion’s chilly voice, Vanessa bowed her head even more as if the marquis’ visit was her fault.

“Right. I was on my way to the parliament, sir, and the servants rushed out looking perplexed, grabbing me and asking for help. I wondered if something had happened, so I came, but Marquis Canavan tried to go up to see Princess Erna recklessly.”

Talking up until there, Vanessa’s face was just as blanched as Kalion’s.

“I thought you’d be sleeping at this hour, but… I asked them to wait and I came up, but from this point on, I was thinking about what to do by apologizing for coming to you two.”

Kalion leaned closer to listen to the voice coming up from below. From what he heard, the marquis seemed very displeased with the grand duke’s servants blocking him. And even worse there was a slap! The sound echoed all around. Kalion’s teeth clenched at the sound.

An arrogant one. How dare the kingdom’s envoy lay a hand on a servant in the grand duchy’s mansion? The servants here all moved under the grand duke’s name. That meant that they, too, have shared some of the grand duchy’s authority. It was because of that that they received respect whenever they went to the capital. People took off their hats and bowed at the mere sight of the attire of the grand duchy’s attire that they wore, and people greeted them with polite words and behavior. No one could believe that anyone had raised a hand to them as if they were livestock.

Kalion remembered the marquis’ behavior from last night. He had even acted rudely toward Erna. Perhaps the marquis was also aware of his actions in front of everyone here.

And coming here at this hour…

The left wing of the Grand Castle was Erna’s space. He must have known that much, and since it was the marquis who had come here in the past, he would not have taken the wrong way. However, it was obvious that he insisted on using the central stairs to try to find Erna by coming to the couple’s bedroom.

Is it dangerous to check?

Kalion recalled the letter he had received from the two kingdoms. The two kingdoms had spoken like they’d given Erna and Kalion a one-year grace period, but it was actually a notice for them to prepare to leave Hessenguard.

No matter much it was said that the two kingdoms were in chaos because of the war, they weren’t that stupid to not know that Erna and Kalion’s relationship was on the rocks. Even Marquis Canavan knew enough information about that to be here today. But what he saw when he came here would have made him embarrassed because it was the appearance of the grand duke and grand duchess, like it was a stage play.

So he would dare come to the royal couple’s bedroom. To check if the two really slept in the same bed together. Marquis Canavan was flashing his eyes to find flaws in the grand duke and grand duchess of Hessenguard.

Kalion clenched his fists. He wanted to pulverize Marquis Canavan’s head this very second. Something that had happened in the past came up in his mind. About the ones who had taken off their clothes and pushed them into the room. They had returned again to peep into the room.

Throw them out the window and take care of them. The harsh and reckless thoughts that he would never have done if he were his usual self passed through Kalion’s mind. Of course it was an image in his head. He quickly tried to find a reason.

At the same time, Marquis Canavan’s voice was getting louder. Judging from the attitude, the marquis would climb up here even if Vanessa was sent away. If so…

“I shall go.”

Kalion let out a sigh. He didn’t want to wake Erna, whom he had pestered from early this morning. She had cried so hard her eyes had started to swell; who would want to see her like that? He was confident in that part. He had never ever intended to let anyone see her like that.

Suddenly, Kalion felt weird. What did Erna showing herself at her lowest have to do with his confidence? He vigorously shook his head. Having heard Erna’s crying all night, it seemed that his brain was operating strangely.

“Then shall I go down and tell him to wait until Erna is ready.”

“No, we are finished here.” Kalion blocked Vanessa, who tried to turn around. “Just go down.”

After saying those words, Kalion strode down with his long legs. The scratches Erna had given him stung under his loosely hanging pajamas. I’ll show them if they want. 

According to the letter from the two kingdoms, there was no more evidence to prove that the grand duke and his wife were trying hard.



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