Chapter 54.1

Chapter 54.1

I think I’m going to die.

Erna lay on the sofa in her office and thought the same thing as dawn. Her body would be used to doing this much by now, but why was she still hurting? Anyway, the good thing was it seemed to hurt less than the last time.

Will I get better after a few more times?

Erna, who had pondered for a moment, was surprised and jumped up. But then she ended up lying back down because of the pain in her hips. Wait, what do you mean more!? But… not that she thought about it, it was something she had to keep doing.

Erna softly pressed her fist down on her waist while lying down. Of all the magic, why wasn’t there one to make physical pain go away? This made her wonder if she should invent it.

There won’t be a need for that. Come to think of it, these muscle cramps were certain and quick to get help from others; better than using a complicated magic spell. So it was just like how Kalion used to rub her body in the past.

“Crazy bastard…”

A slew of curse words flew out of her mouth as soon as she thought of Kalion.

The last time they slept together, Erna knew that Kalion had moved later than usual. However, she didn’t know that there would be more time left after lunch today. She had thought he had something left to say, so she had told him to tell her if he had anything to say, but Kalion had hesitated and talked about what happened in the morning.

Thanks to that she was able to wake up at once.

“Then those scars were seen by everyone!”

It was Erna who wanted to die of shame even though she hadn’t shown it.

Of course the servants of the Grand Castle would already know what the couple did in their room. Weren’t they the ones to tidy up the messy bed? But something else had revealed that completely. On top of that, Kalion didn’t exactly say it, but he never seemed to have told Marquess Canavan decently.

“I want to hit him…”

Erna wanted to punch the hell out of his chest that he had openly revealed. Then she felt something rolling in her pocket and took it out. What she now held in her hand was a bright, transparent sea.

To be exact, it was a refined stone called Piece of the Sea that could only be obtained from a very special ancient site. 

Erna lifted that above her head. Upon closer look, a deep blue crystal was seen. But when she shook it a little, she could see the blueness inside sloshing around like water. The magic contained in the stone was shaking.

That was what Kalion had given to her this morning.

Erna, who had gotten a rough explanation from Kalion after waking up, grabbed her hair and screamed, “I was going to endure it while the marquis stayed!”

As soon as she yelled that out, Kalion sucked his teeth and replied, “Is there a reason to endure it?”


“Even I know that you lack physical strength. That’s why Haband is still bowing to Aether. However, that did not mean that Haband would bow to the envoy.”

“What does that…”

Before Erna could question what the hell he was talking about, Kalion said, “You could be angry that the envoy was treated poorly. But if we send valuable things to Haband first before they contact us, the story will change. Of course, along with the letter that has been written moderately and long, saying that you are worried about the prestige of the country because of the rudeness of the envoy they sent. Then the royal family will notice that there is friction and think about which hand to raise. As those who offer tribute obediently and those who do not offer anything cause problems to the envoy. Who do you think they’ll choose? On top of that, Haband’s king… seems to have lots of doubt.”

His words were not wrong.

There was something he noticed when Kalion had greeted the marquis in a place far away from the capital. That some of Haband’s delegates had particularly looked at the marquis. Perhaps the king of Haband didn’t trust the marquis, so he had placed extra eyes on him.

Erna was deep in thought for a moment when she opened her mouth to speak.

“It’s insufficient through that alone.”

Kalion quietly waited to say whatever else she had to say.

“…It should also be said that the marquis was taking a separate share here.”

Mistrust is like an ember, the more the wind blows, the faster it grows. He is a king who does not trust all marquises. If the marquis was stealing the things he had tried to dedicate to the king, sending precious things separately… at least the king of Haband would seriously start considering changing envoys.

Erna, who was rolling her head, wrapped up in the blanket again and muttered, collapsing on the bed, “By the way, there is a problem.”



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