Chapter 56.2

Chapter 56.2

Erna recalled the punishment she’d seen earlier. They had said this kind of accident happens sometimes. During the breeding season, bees become particularly violent. She heard that some of those who trek the mountains don’t end up so lucky and lose their lives.

The bee had been looking for a place to build a house, when it seemed to have hovered in the garden of the Grand Castle and inevitably entered the marquis’s room. And of all people, he had been the one to provoke the violent bee. There was no one to blame for the accident.

It would have become a complicated problem if the marquis had been discovered by servants in the Grand Castle.  He probably would have been poisoned instead of stung by a bee.

Thankfully the witnesses were Haband’s delegates. They were the ones who had learned how to catch bees. It was because of them that Hessenguard didn’t have a big responsibility in the matter. Just care for the unconscious marquis and comfort the heartbroken delegates with generous food and appropriate compensation. Of course the Piece of the Sea was not needed to console them.

Erna held out the crystal to Kalion as if telling him to take it now. All the while her eyes were still planted on the thing. It wasn’t valuable solely through its beauty and amazement alone. Sloshing around inside the crystal was compressed magic.

They say it’s equivalent to the power of a hundred magicians.

So during a war, while each country gathered its magicians, the Piece of the Sea was also held desperately. Because if you had this, the other magicians could use their powers. However, this was also not used indefinitely, and it was only used in important wars because it was so precious. And Erna only looked at it, she had never held it in her hand.

Though she thought of giving it back, that was disappointing. Should I too go find the ancient site?

It was Erna who had stayed mainly in the Grand Castle until now because it hadn’t been long since the magician team moved. She would be more likely to find the entrance of the ancient ruin only if she had to travel around wandering from place to place in Hessenguard like Kalion.

As she was still looking at the Piece of the Sea with a disappointing face, an unexpected answer came back.

“You take it.”


“I don’t want to take something back that I’ve given. So, just, you take it.”

Erna’s jaw fell open at his answer.

“Are you nuts? Do you know what this is? It’s not just some pretty stone. This thing is really expensive and rare.”

“Who doesn’t know that? I already know that.”

“Then why give it to me?”

Kalion was speechless at Erna’s question. He knew well enough that the crystal was precious. That’s why he had felt like the worst thief in the world this morning when he had told her to let go of it. And now he was asking Erna to take it as if it were a stone that had been dropped on the sidewalk.

Kalion’s head spun round and round. Why am I trying to give this to her? Why? For what? Soon he found a decent answer.

“I heard that magicians can use powers through that.”

“That may be true…”

“Since it’s something I can’t use anyway, you take it and make it useful. So—uhhh… Isn’t there something for your body or something? Recovery powers or something like that.” Kalion, finally finding a decent answer, spoke first before Erna could get a word out. “Your body couldn’t hold out for a long time. You always lose consciousness too easily.”

“That’s because you—”

“So, with the magic powers of this, you can endure longer in bed. I’m worried if this will only give us a proper successor.”

At his words, Erna ran her fingers over the crystal in her hand. How can he just give this away so easily? Erna knew very well that Kalion was eager to have a child.

He detested returning to his home country as much as she did. There weren’t many nights where they could make love, but Kalion had tried several times one night.

Erna recalled his semen that had been sprayed inside her. Kalion had continued to release himself inside her as if letting her know what the word overflow means.

Kalion, too, must be desperate.

He must be hoping that she gets pregnant soon and that a child would be born. To preserve the top position of Hessenguard. However, she couldn’t hold out every time and fell asleep as if she fainted, so it was natural for him to complain.

“…all right.”

Erna lifted herself to set the Piece of the Sea on the nightstand.

Perhaps because of the aftermath of yesterday’s event, she was about to tell Kalion today that she doesn’t think she’s in the mood. On top of that, her body still felt cold, and she was so tired that she had been sleeping before Kalion came. Looking at the Piece of the Sea, however, she couldn’t let those words come out of her mouth.

Kalion was so faithful in making a child he had given her that crystal. On the other hand, she tried to say that she couldn’t do it because she wasn’t feeling well. Somehow she didn’t seem to be fulfilling her duties.

That wasn’t a good thing. If something had to be done, she had to endure it even if it was difficult. That was obvious, and she has always been that way. Thinking that Kalion too would think the same, she got close to him and said,



When she called his name out of the blue he flinched and stared at her. Then in an earnest voice, she said, “Let’s have s*x.”



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