Chapter 57.2 (Rated 18)

Chapter 57.2 (Rated 18)

Perhaps because of what had happened this morning, Kalion had muttered the word several times today. And each time he did the tip of his finger felt itchy, prompting him to tap on his innocent desk or even spar with some knights. Still, the itchiness didn’t go away.

And now his wife was undressing him. The fact made Kalion go blank in the head. What is this, and why is his whole body so drowsy?

All the while Erna’s trembling hands continued to unbutton him diligently. She was embarrassed to death that she was doing this to him. But at the same time, she didn’t understand why she felt this way.

They had already done everything they needed to do, showed each other their most secret places, and mingled in the nude. She had even climaxed while screaming his name. But to be ashamed of undressing him? Why now?

Erna thought about that as she finished loosening the final button. She had to take it off, but Kalion’s arm was stuck.

“…Lift your arm a bit.”

Kalion followed her orders like an obedient child. Rather, because of his position, she stood up from the bed and had to pull it up over his head herself.

His tight muscles were revealed when his shirt was completely off. She could see his broad, wide chest. Kalion hadn’t even done anything, but she didn’t know why she was gasping like this.

Now that his shirt is gone… Now all that was left was his pants. After secretly admiring his chest, her eyes went down to his pants. Looking down at the same way, following her gaze, Kalion turned his head. This was because his thing was so erect it was almost poking a hole in his thin pajama pants.

He hadn’t laid a finger on Erna’s body, but he really felt like he had become a beast full of lust, so he tried to turn around. Erna, however, moved first.

“H-hold s-s-still.”

Her stuttering voice and shaky hands betrayed her, but Kalion again remained still like a gentle sheep and obeyed her orders. Her hand came to the knot on his pants and started to untie it. Because of the raging thing in his pants, however, her hands ended up wrapped around it.

“Hey, you…”

She thought she was going to die of embarrassment, but when she felt a direct stimulation, stars were flashing in front of her.

“I said hold still!”

Erna let out a shriek when Kalion’s body wiggled. So, he just raised one hand and wiped his face like crazy without doing anything. His manhood then grew in size as if he was pleased with this stimulus.

Erna was just as flustered as he was. Is it this hard to loosen a string on a pair of pajama pants? More than that, why is this thing getting bigger?

Seeing that it was bulging more even though the string was being untied, she thought that no matter how good it may be, this was too much. On top of that, her fingers had slipped away several times due to the knot being tied too tightly.

Kalion sat right in front of her, watching her concentrate with her head lowered as she untied it. As his buttonless pajamas stretched out forward, his chest also came into his sight.

Kalion, who didn’t know where to look, eventually fixated his eyes on Erna’s plump, healthy-looking lips. It was because he couldn’t even tell what he was going to do if he looked down.

Her lips poked out as she concentrated. Kalion tried to forget the feeling of her wrist grazing his erect pen*s by desperately thinking of something else. However, remembering what he had to do tomorrow with his knights or the content of the new book he recently read was not enough to make him forget what was happening right now.

So, he desperately began to think about something to forget—like what would it feel like if those lips that he can see now touched his face.

Meanwhile, Erna had already succeeded at untying the knot. And slowly she lowered his pants. When she did, the raging thing in his pants sprung up as if waiting for her.

The stimulation that had continued from earlier had already wetted the tip with glossy liquid. If she stimulated it a little more like this, it would soon bust everywhere.

Normally it was inside of her; seeing it face to face like this was her first time, so she sat calmly, staring at it. Then she slowly lifted her head.

When she did, Kalion, who kept looking at her lips, met her gaze. At his piercing gaze, Erna wondered if she had done something wrong. KalIon opened his mouth.

“Your lips… Nevermind.”

He quickly closed it again. appearing to have lost his mind. Since he had almost asked her if it was okay to kiss her.

While he beat himself up inside, wondering why the hell he acted like this, Erna looked very embarrassed. Did I do something wrong?

Surprised not knowing why Erna suddenly did so, Kalion looked at her absently. Erna, her eyes still roaming around in a confused manner, seemed determined about something and swept her long blond hair behind her ears. Then, slowly, she lowered her head. And right when Kalion thought that something was tickling him, he felt something very slick and smooth touch the tip of his pen*s. He shouted to himself as soon as he realized what it was.

What are your lips doing there?!



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