Chapter 58.1 (Rated 18)

Chapter 58.1 (Rated 18)

Kalion couldn’t believe it. The fact that Erna had lowered her head and placed her lips down below. At the same time, he felt betrayed. That’s not where I wanted you to do it! Why, all she did was put her lips on what was in front of her. So, what?

He thought somehow that he had to push her away. However, Kalion had no choice but to stop moving due to the sensation felt from down there.

What the— What is…. He knew that Erna’s body was warm and soft everywhere. If there was one place he didn’t know, it was only her lips. And right now, what sparked his curiosity was this feeling all over his body. This feeling of soft, moist lips slightly nibbling on his manhood.

His body trembled heavily. His vision turned white as the wall in front of him shone brightly. His heart pounded like crazy, and he couldn’t see or hear anything as if his thing touching Erna’s lips was the only active part of his body. Unable to come back to his senses, he gripped the bedsheet like a madman the moment her tongue licked the tip of his pen*s.


A moan mixed with heavy breathing came from him. A contradictory sense of tickling and stinging penetrated Kalion’s head. He thought that he had felt most of the senses that a human could feel in his life when he first had s*x with Erna. And now he believed that there would be no more intense impact than this. That was a complete mistake.

Kalion’s reason, which still had one strand left, was desperately shouting at him: “Stop Erna, now! Push her away and end this vile act!” That tiny shouting, however, was trumped by the sounds of Erna’s heavy breathing, sending it to oblivion.

Kalion thought that everything happening at this moment was terrible.

The disheveled blonde hair that tickled his abdomen; her breath that tickled the tip of his pen*s; and her lips that slightly nibbled on it. These were all too terrible for him to endure.

“Ahh… Ohh…”

A moan that hadn’t even flowed out of his mouth when he had had his arm ripped off by a demon seeped through his clenched teeth and out his lips. This unexplainable, complex feeling pulled on him from below. Every muscle in his body became stiff with agitation and his nerves straightened his back sharply, forcing him to take all the stimuli more sensitively. Kalion knew that he could completely rip off Erna’s scalp right now. But she is nibbling on my… He clenched his jaw even tighter.

I didn’t know. He had heard about a few acts that brought on pleasure. However, each time he couldn’t possibly imagine the act.

Every so often when he woke up in the morning there were times when he had no choice but to relieve himself in the bathroom because the feeling wouldn’t subside at all. What he felt at the moment of org*sm was the same pleasure followed by displeasure and a sense of shame he felt this very minute. That’s why he couldn’t understand why others felt immense pleasure from such a thing. Even worse, the act was being done not by himself but by someone else. It gave him goosebumps just imagining someone else touching his private part, and he couldn’t believe it was making him feel good. He wondered if this was what being a pervert felt like.

The present Kalion, however, decided to acknowledge it. That if his feeling pleasure from this act was considered perverted. No doubt he was probably a sick, twisted pervert.

But… this is really… Kalion struggled to raise his hand like a poorly made wooden doll. Then, placing his fingers in between the strands of Erna’s moving head, he pushed softly.


As soon as her soft hair wrapped between his fingers like waves, he pulled her hair back, thinking it shouldn’t be like this. It was a touch full of desire. I wish you would do this more. Erna, just a little bit more. To me.


His action sent Erna’s lips further, his pen*s deeper down her throat. Surprised, her teeth slightly scratched his shaft. When that happened, it grew even larger inside her mouth.



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