Chapter 58.2 (Rated 18)

Chapter 58.2 (Rated 18)

Actually, Erna, as much as Kalion, couldn’t get her head on straight.

This isn’t what I was thinking. But the moment Kalion mumbled something after meeting her gaze, Erna took turns thinking about the pen*s in her mouth and what he had said and then came to an arbitrary conclusion.

So, do it with my mouth?

If this were normal, she would throw a fist at him and ask if he was crazy. However, Erna, whose head was already mixed up with embarrassment due to her initiating this blowj*b, had no time to think rationally. And most of all, the problem was Kalion was staring at her.

He only had two ways of looking at her: When he was annoyed and when he laughed at her. But today he was different. The way he stared blankly at her now made him seem like he was eager for something. It was Erna’s first time to see him so serious and desperate.

She had no choice but to move at that stare. He looked at her with that face, but he had decided to be aggressive today anyway, so she thought she should pay him back for the effort he had put in alone…

Even though she had made up her mind, she too didn’t know much about how to please him. All of her knowledge about it had come from the love novels she secretly peeked at when the other wizards weren’t around. That’s why she felt repulsive when she had grabbed his thing and put her lips around it.

Never once in her life had she thought that she would put her lips on a man’s pen*s. And the fact that it was Kalion made her feel even worse. She then glanced up at him.

Kalion had a look on his face that Erna had never seen before. His crimson cheeks, heavy breathing, and twisted face. Gasping with a dreamy look, he reacted violently just by Erna’s slight movement. Under the light from the lamp, she could see drops of sweat flowing down his chest. His heavily expanding chest cast a shaking shadow over the bed.

And at that moment, Erna didn’t think this act she was doing was difficult anymore. Kalion’s body shivered even at the tiniest movement from her. His face was redder than it had been a few seconds ago. That’s why Erna, forgetting about the rising heat in her head, stayed concentrated on sucking and licking.

It was so large that she could only fit so much into her mouth.

Am I… doing this right?

From Kalion’s reaction, it didn’t look like she was doing a poor job, but seeing that all this was her first time, she couldn’t tell if she was going too slow or too fast. Then, Kalion’s hand grabbed her head and pressed down as if asking to do it better. Due to the sudden movement of her head, Erna, taken aback by his sudden action, ended up scraping her teeth on his pen*s.

Kalion let out a shriek before shoving her away. Having been suddenly pushed, she felt scared. Did I do something wrong? Her face sunk. It wasn’t on purpose. All he wanted her to do was suck it better.

At that moment, Kalion’s p*nis, which had extended to its limit, shot out fiercely a large load of sticky sem*n. The warm liquid landed unapologetically on Erna’s stomach, chest, and chin.


She didn’t say a word as she was sprayed with thick sem*n, only sitting calmly staring at it.


Kalion was the first to speak; muttering clumsily as he struggled to stand up. His face distorted and blanched with fear. Seeing him that way made Erna even more hesitant to move. Did I do something wrong? Don’t tell me I hurt him just now…

Suddenly left alone on the bed, she slowly wiped off with her hands what had been sprayed on her body. This isn’t the time or place. First wipe it off, then…

Because of the heat growing in her head, however, she couldn’t pull herself up accordingly. Eventually, as soon as Erna, who was about to get up, staggered and fell back on the bed, Kalion’s voice came from across the room.

“Hey! Hold still.”

She thought he had left the room. Kalion came running from the direction of his room. While watching him scurry over toward the bed she noticed a wet towel in his hand. As soon as he arrived at the bed, he hurriedly wiped her body down with it.

“Sh*t. That was my fault. I didn’t intend to do that. Seriously!” He exclaimed, wiping her down frantically. Erna opened her mouth to interrupt his gibberish and asked, “You didn’t want to do that?”


“Just now… you were frowning.”

“Oh, uh… It’s not like I didn’t like it or anything.”

Kalion replied in a hurry. He didn’t know why she acted this way all of a sudden, but he instinctively realized now that if he answered here that he didn’t like it, he could never feel the crazy pleasure from a while ago again. And it wasn’t something he didn’t like. It had just embarrassed him. Why was Erna doing this to him?

Before she knew it, Kalion had wiped her entire body. Then his fingers fiddled with the buttons on her pajamas. If this were the normal Kalion, she would consider him weird and just fix her own buttons and go to sleep. But she didn’t want that today.

“What is up with you today?” he asked.

“I just… thought I’d try to be diligent. Since y-y-you’ve been putting in so much effort.”

Erna’s face turned even redder.

“So, are you ready to put in the effort now?” she asked.

“Y-y-yeah? That way we can make a successor…”

He couldn’t finish speaking because Erna’s body had fallen backward. As he climbed on top of her, he began to take off his pajamas with one hand.

“You said you’re trying to be more diligent, didn’t you?”

He took off his shirt and grabbed Erna’s pajamas.

“Keep your word.”



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