Chapter 59.1 (Rated 18)

Chapter 59.1 (Rated 18)

Erna’s pajamas instantly fell beneath the bed. There was no time to scream or stop Kalion. He quickly took off everything she was wearing and laid her down on the bed.

“Hey, w-wait a sec…!”

The shocked Erna gripped his arms, but that wasn’t enough to stop him. Kalion, in fact, had already mentally left this world.

He had always been the one moving in the relationship. Erna had moved first a few times, but it was only a handful. Most of the time she would lie down quietly with her eyes closed, just waiting for him. So sometimes Kalion was anxious. Was it actually that he was terribly bad at it? Wasn’t it true that doing something a lot didn’t make you good at it?

Kalion thought that this kind of behavior from her was inevitable, since she wasn’t doing it because she wanted to. But gradually he felt sorry for her. Now, he was feeling pleasure from her that he could not refuse.

Recently, except for the demon subjugation, nothing about work had kept him up late with his knights. Unlike before when something happened, he had handed over most of his work to Cedric, returned to his room sharply in case he was late, washed up, and came to the couple’s bedroom.

The more he enjoyed his time spent with her, the more he thought about Erna having to constantly endure this place. It wasn’t like they would continue to have s*x unless a baby was born anyway. That’s why she didn’t need to think too much about the s*x. Unlike the first hard time, which had been difficult, wasn’t it good enough now to spend the night together without any problems? But Kalion came to find out that he was wanting much more.

He wished that Erna would moan louder. It would be better if she screamed his name. And he wanted her… to want him like he wanted her.

At first, he thought it was a self-confidence problem. Because he had thought he looked ugly and needy when he grabbed the motionless Erna and moved his waist on top of her. That’s why he had urged her to move more. If only they could enjoy this time together; if only she got pleasure from him.

Kalion spread Erna’s legs again and a tingly feeling in Erna’s nether regions returned. She was already wet down there. If he were like last time, he would have tried to stick his erect manhood inside her. But not this time.

Kalion lowered his head and slowly licked her inner thighs.


Then, the surprised Erna twisted her body. Kalion’s eyes glistened. As expected, her body was sensitive when she was scared. So that made it even better.

“What are… uh, you trying to…”

Her voice trembled slightly at this different-from-normal behavior of his. Kalion carefully placed his lips in the same spot as if comforting her. Erna let out a short moan each time he did. At the same time, Kalion could see it; the wet, contracting form of her v*gina, which he had been inside countless times before.

He swallowed dryly. He felt the sense of urgency from long ago he got every time he hugged Erna. An urgency that never went away no matter how much water he drank; no matter how many times he licked and kissed her body. His lips moved to a deeper place. The moment Erna, who had noticed what he was trying to do, wiggled in surprise, but Kalion held her legs tighter and moved his lips to the place he wanted. 

His nose seemed to open the wet opening and his thick tongue penetrated her.

“Ah! Ah!”

Erna’s arms tapped the bedsheets like crazy. But all there was to grab were wrinkled sheets. Because he held her legs tightly, she had no choice but to struggle like a beast caught in a net trap.

Kalion, getting what he wanted, licked her v*gina like he had begged for it.

“Oh— St-stop it! Kalion!”

She tried to push his head that was shoved in between her legs, but he didn’t move. She had no choice but to accept the stimulus that hit her from below.


And the moment Kalion’s tongue hit a sensitive spot inside her, her eyes widened and her body shook. Erna realized that something was coming out of her, and Kalion was swallowing it!

“Hey, why—”

An unbearable sense of shame and humiliation made her mind go blank. She had experienced an org*sm several times before. Today, however, was different. How— How could he… Shocked and ready to scream, she realized something at that moment: Hadn’t she done this to him a little while ago?

At a loss of words, she placed her two hands over her mouth. A star flashed in front of her and her waist trembled finely. A thunder-like tremor hit her every time Kalion moved his tongue. It was until after a long time that he lifted his head. She felt deathly embarrassed as she soon figured out what the liquid that stained his lips was.

Lifting his body, he laughed as he wiped the back of his hand across his mouth.

“Let’s do it, Erna.”

Erna had never been so afraid of him, whose smile looked innocent like a child who knew nothing.



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