Chapter 59.2

Chapter 59.2

Kalion stared over at Erna who was in a deep sleep. He couldn’t remember how many times they had done it. All that he could remember was that they had explored one another’s bodies like crazy. He caressed her body, which still hadn’t cooled down. Erna had left on his body as many marks as he had left on hers. Kalion slightly raised the blanket that covered her body. Underneath, he could see her body covered in reddish marks.

He recalled Erna crying on top of him, with her body full of bruises. He had purposely placed her on top. The moment she had fallen down exhausted, not knowing what to do, her face had twisted terribly and she also…

“…were so cute.”

At that moment, Kalion jumped up in surprise. Because of that, the mattress shook, and Erna curled her body up with a groan. He hurriedly pulled the blanket over her again before standing up from the bed and sitting down in a chair next to the bed.

What did I just say? Cute? Her?

He bowed his head with his hands deep in his hair. Heat spread to his ears, causing his eyes to burn. But no matter how much he shook his head, no matter how much he rubbed his face, he couldn’t get the image of Erna’s face at that moment out of his head. He then grabbed the innocent armrests. Crack. There was a sound of tree bark splitting.

Did I injure my head without realizing it?

If it wasn’t because of the poison of the demon, as the priest had said, wouldn’t it mean that he just had weird things going on in his head? But why? Why just now? Was it the feeling that people talked about? If he slept without someone else besides Erna, would it go away?

Kalion absently placed his hand over his mouth. It was very brief, but if his wife wasn’t Erna… If he had faced this situation with another woman…

When he thought up until there, a physiological disgust turned his stomach upside down.

Actually, Kalion had gotten a lot of temptations. It was especially when he went out to conquer the demons and stayed nearby because it took a long time. There were times when landowners and their daughters seduced him. Each time, Kalion stared at them with a face like he had heard the most blood-curdling sound in the world.

He had never wanted anyone before. But how come now… Of all times…

He scratched his troubled head as he turned his body. His thoughts turned to Erna. He had called her a pumpkin when she was young, but now she was a beauty acknowledged by anyone in Hessenguard. Erna had been tempted by others just as much as him. Perhaps there was a foolish person who thought that his seed would grow in Erna’s womb and later become the future Grand Duke of Hessenguard.

Snap! One armrest of the chair which had shaken under Kalion’s grip a while ago eventually broke this time.

Who was it? Wait, I don’t need to know. Because I’ll just snap his neck if I see him.

Kalion burned his hostility by huffing and puffing at an imaginary opponent, who might have been there for a long time or not. Then, he saw the Piece of the Sea that Erna had placed on the table in the corner of his eye. It glistened brightly as it was absorbing the morning sun rising over the mountains.

Kalion squinted his eyes. Don’t tell me Erna changed her mind because of that thing. He recalled her, who was still asleep, grabbing it and hesitating as she said she would give it back to him.

It was the most versatile thing among the relics found at the ancient site and was sought out by many. And most of all it was pretty.

All of a sudden, he remembered when Erna had said that she was thinking of trying harder. Don’t tell me it was because she found that, he thought.

Stopping there, he shot up from his chair. The broken armrest rolled around on the carpet, but he rushed to his room without looking at it. And after a while when he returned to the couple’s bedroom his face had a proud smile. Until Cedric came to his door, knocking urgently.


“Mmm…” Erna felt thirsty as soon as she woke up. “Kalion. Some water, please…” She called out to him naturally but didn’t receive a reply. She rolled over to the edge of the bed and raised herself, stifling a yawn.

As she opened her eyes, she could feel it. Her condition was different from normal. At first, she thought that it was because she and Kalion had had s*x like crazy, but the dizziness was more severe than the soreness. Thankfully, having curled her body up for a bit, the tingly feeling disappeared, but she was still thirsty.

Forcing her eyes open, she scanned the room. But Kalion was nowhere to be found. She wondered if he had gone to his room for a bit, but there was no sound of his return. In the end, Erna forced herself out of bed, put on her pajamas which had been flung to the floor, and headed to the table where the water kettle was. Something flashy caught her attention right when she reached out to grab a cup.


Looking down at the table, her eyes grew twice in size. There was the Piece of the Sea. So it wasn’t a problem to have it. If it was a problem…

“Did they multiply?”

The Piece of the Sea, which had obviously been one piece, had somehow become five pieces.



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