Chapter 6.1

Chapter 6.1

Translator: Ailee


It was a strange sight. The two children, who were thrown naked in a beautiful room, were staring at each other with blankets and sheets wrapped around them.

When Kalion – who had wrapped himself in a sheet – moved, Erna shouted, “Don’t come near me! If you move even an inch closer, I’ll kill you!”

“Hah! It’s you who should keep this in your mind. Don’t you dare come to this side,” said Kalion, dismissively. Then he glanced sideways at Erna. Seeing her shivering and shaking, he clicked his tongue. “You better not die,” he said. Seeing Erna opening her mouth to retort, he hurriedly tried to clear any notion that he cared about her. “Because if you die, something much worse than you will come here,” he said.

At those words, Erna yelled at him, “That’s what I should say! The person who seems more likely to die any moment is you!” Even though she hated bickering, she couldn’t help it. She had helped him earlier. Oh god knows why I bothered, she chided herself, I hate him.

Erna was exhausted. She was so annoyed at Kalion and so focused on yelling at him that she momentarily forgot the situation they were in. Kalion bowed his head, leaning back on the bed as though he didn’t want to see her anymore. Equally peeved, Erna sat with her back against the bed. She brought her knees to her chest and then buried her face.

When she was living in Haband, her life had been without much hope. She had expected for things to be better after leaving the palace, but the outside world turned out to be more terrible than she had previously anticipated. 

Erna looked around the room. It was a very luxurious and beautiful room located right at the center of the Grand Ducal Palace. Did they really want the two of them to spend the night together? The fireplace in the room was burning warmly and the herbs on the wall smelled pleasant. So Erna was even more terrified. Her knuckles turned white as she tightly gripped the blanket.

As the night grew deeper, Erna vowed repeatedly that she would never forget today’s disgrace. One day, she would definitely pay everyone back. When that day came, she would kick that wretched Kalion out.

In those vengeful thoughts, the night passed in silence.

Gradually, ten years had passed by.

 * * *

The Grand Duchy of Hessenguard was a powerful territory that was under the control of not only the Grand Duke but also a powerful council body. The Council, which was established about five generations ago, was now an integral part of the Duchy of Hessenguard.

The Council respected and followed the authority and rights of the Grand Duke, while the Grand Duke took the Council’s advice, recognizing the Council as his proxy. They had a mutual understanding of these sorts of things.

During the chaotic time – caused by the suicide of the 17th Grand Duke and the arrival of the two new Grand Dukes from other kingdoms – the people of Hessenguard were worried whether the Council would disappear. From the perspective of the kingdom with strong royal authority, the Council would surely appear as insolent schemers who coveted the throne. However, with the two kingdoms kept in check, the Council still had a strong foundation in Hessenguard. 

Vanessa, who had been serving as the Chairman of the Council for ten long years, sat in the conference room with a worried face. In front of her were two personal letters in ornate boxes. 

Just as she was about to take a sip from a cold cup of tea, she heard the sound of footsteps outside, and soon the door to the conference room opened. Vanessa rose from her seat and cheerfully greeted the person who came in.

“Ah, Miss Erna, you’re here.”

Vanessa looked at her with admiration for a moment. The fine golden hair that reached down to the waist scattered the sunlight coming from the window. With every step that Erna took, a beam of light twinkled over her hair. Erna’s steps were steady.

“How are you, Vanessa?” she asked, smiling brightly.

Vanessa looked at Erna and recalled young Erna from a long time ago. Her bright golden hair and dark green eyes hadn’t changed. Aside from that, everything about her had changed. The pimples that marred her face had disappeared without any trace. All that remained now was clean, unblemished skin. Now that her puberty had completely passed, the features were now properly developed. Round forehead, straight eyebrows, a high and sharp nose, and small, plump red lips. 

The princess of Haband, who was once ridiculed for her ugly and tacky appearance, had now grown into this beautiful woman who could leave people awestruck after a glance.



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