Chapter 60.1

Chapter 60.1

Erna had never heard of the Piece of the Sea splitting into multiple pieces. If so, then this meant that someone had brought more pieces here. Of course, that someone would be none other than Kalion. Because even if she searched the entire continent for the one who had brought this here, there was only one person.

He said that there weren’t any more. She recalled his expression from last time—staring at her like she was crazy—when she told him to give her all of them. He had sworn up and down that there weren’t anymore, but anyone could tell that he had clearly been lying.

But she had said she knew there were more in Kalion’s room, but she couldn’t possibly go through his things because he had found them, so she had given up on getting more. Erna hadn’t forgotten about them, though.

There wasn’t a reason for Kalion to take this and put it here in the first place. So no matter how much she tried her best to doubt it, this was obviously a sign of him giving it to her.

Erna looked down at the crystals in her hand which made a crunch sound as she moved them around her palm. The blue light shone so translucently under the morning sun.

“It sure is pretty.” Looking at the sun rays beaming off the crystals, she realized the blue color looked like something she had seen before. Now, what was it?

At that moment, she remembered. The blue eyes that had stared at her all through the night. Eyes that widened every time she moved her hips; eyes that squinted every time she groaned.

Erna closed her eyes as she fell onto the bed again. It was good that she remembered that the color was pretty, but was she reminiscing about Kalion’s eyes? As she tried to raise herself again, she knew her hip was sore and wouldn’t budge. She had overdone herself last time.

We really did go crazy. She could remember up until the third time, but from then all she could recall were bits and pieces, like someone had sliced her memories with a knife.

Erna fumbled around a little between her legs. Last night, Kalion pestered her with his tongue like a mad man. Thanks to this, she had org*smed several times while crying in shame. After a long time when her nether regions became soft and sticky, he lifted her legs, wrapped them around his waist, and slowly attempted to enter.

Normally, she would have accepted him with a little pain, but it had come inside her smoothly without difficulty. The moment the tip of his manhood reached Erna’s deepest spot, she reached org*sm again.

“Do you know that you are extremely sensitive right now?”

Erna hated how he grinned while talking. Just a moment he was panting between her legs. As she stared at him while trying to catch her breath, the corners of his mouth curled up as if he was having a good time. Then she felt his thing poking around inside, thrusting. After a while, Kalion’s smiling face stiffened.

“You really…”

It was probably from that moment that the two of them started coveting one another like crazy.

Erna, wondering if she should get under the blanket, struggled to raise herself. The room was still quiet and the door connected to Kalion’s room was still closed tightly. It didn’t look like he would return. Erna then felt the vastness and stillness of the room. Was it possible to feel the difference of having one less person in a room?

But he was a bit weird.

She pressed the back of her hand against her cheek. They had done it to the point where she couldn’t tell if they had been arguing or just having s*x. But yesterday, strangely, Kalion kept putting his lips down there. Each time he did, Erna turned her head to avoid his lips. She didn’t understand at the time. Why it was so embarrassing to have his lips touch her while their bodies rubbed together.

So she had pushed him away a few times, but he had persistently taken over her neck and bre*sts with his lips as if he would do it elsewhere if she didn’t like him kissing her face. At the same time, the lower half of his body never rested. Erna hugged Kalion’s neck tightly and also moved together with him in unison.

That’s why Kalion had been rougher than usual, and Erna had taken him all the way inside her.

Then, when he reached climax, Kalion hugged her closer as he released his juice as deep as he could inside her. Around the time when the two of them were catching their breaths,panting, she thought Kalion would let go of her, but not only did he not, he had laid down with her still in his arms. Erna, who had used his body as a bed, had moved to try to get off of him, but he didn’t let go of her. Eventually, she became completely exhausted and gave up on releasing herself from his arms, and he stroked her head as if telling her she’d done a good job.

At that touch, she closed her eyes without realizing it and left her body to him. His hand, which had been stroking her head for a long time, came down to her back and patted her slowly. Erna fell asleep feeling that.



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