Chapter 62.1

Chapter 62.1

“Damn it.”

Inside a tent installed in the campsite, Kalion grumbled as he cupped his chin. He had been in the same condition since this morning.

No matter how often demons appeared, once he showed up, it became quiet for about two weeks, but he didn’t know they’d show up again so soon. For the ones that didn’t have any particular threat, he could send Cedric or his knights, but for the flying types. he had to grit his teeth and leave his castle.

It was possible to hit them with arrows, but they had an extra defense. So he didn’t miss the moment when a flying demon swooped down to the ground, and it was quite difficult to catch because he had to attack it.

No matter how few demons there were, his unit of soldiers could be exterminated if they lacked the skills and techniques to deal with them.

And the most annoying thing to Kalion about the demons…

“…taking a long time.”

They sometimes had to be caught over the course of several weeks if there were enough of them. It made Kalion nervous thinking about how a few years ago when he had gone to catch about ten of them and spent two months stuck in the mountains waiting for them.

The Piece of the Sea that he had left on the nightstand crossed his mind. 

I wanted to watch her wake up before coming here.

He thought about how Erna had begged him to wait a little longer when he had given her the Piece of the Sea for the first time. Erna hadn’t a clue what to do when he’d given her only one. She had told him to take it back because she didn’t need it, but Kalion had seen that her gaze wouldn’t look away from it and the way she held onto it when she fell asleep.

It was something he had gathered because it had made him wonder if she would need it later. Kalion had taken it out of the safe in his room and placed it on the nightstand. She would like that, he thought. 

In front of others, she tended to show off like a true grand duchess, but in front of him, Erna was disorganized. Somehow she may have jumped from the bed, saying how good the stone was. If he were really there with her, she would say to him “You’re really giving me this? Thank you!”

Kalion ran his hand down his crimson face. Nothing had happened, but somehow his cheeks were hot and tingly as if something had touched them.

Alone in his delusional thoughts, he looked down between his legs after a while. Since Erna was not here, it was well stored in his pants. Kalion stared sincerely at that part of his body, and he thought about the time when someone’s red lips were wrapped on his manhood. That feeling was so amazing that he could die right away. But where he wanted her lips to be was not there. Why on earth did she choose to look down instead?

He let out a sigh as he closed his eyes. Night patrols were fair from Kalion to the new recruits, so he had to get a little shuteye now, which was break time. Shortly after, however, he opened his eyes back up as he tossed and turned. He kept thinking about his time with Erna whenever he closed his eyes to try to go to sleep.

I couldn’t go to the end. 

Last night, as they rolled around together, Kalion had sought Erna’s lips over and over. Erna had turned her head every time, however. In the end, he had even failed at kissing her lips. They had had s*x as much as he wanted, but why did he have to complain to himself because he only remembered that moment?

Does she… not like me? Kalion could not understand. Wait— So she didn’t want his lips on her lips, but it was okay to lick her down there? Does that make sense? He turned over again and closed his eyes. This time he thought of something else.

Erna’s words that she would work hard were not false. Aside from the part when she wouldn’t kiss his lips, Erna had really moved aggressively during everything else. She had hugged him, moved her body with him, even giggled in surprise when he ej*culated inside her, placing her legs around his waist. Kalion could thrust himself deeper inside her.

To be honest, he felt the pleasure of his brain melting even when he moved alone, but when Erna’s body joined him, the pleasure seemed to have doubled or multiplied tenfold.

Their sweaty flesh rubbed on one another, but far from being unpleasant, he was impatient because he couldn’t reach more. When his finger had interlaced with her fingers and he began to thrust firmly, she moaned and her v*ginal walls tightened. Every time that happened, Kalion had to concentrate with all his might. If he didn’t, he probably would have ej*culated too early on.

When Erna, who had run out of stamina first after going at it for hours like animals, was exhausted and sprawled on the bed, Kalion had taken her in an embrace and put her on top of him. Her voluptuous bre*sts were sagging over his chest, giving him pleasant pressure. Her sweaty hair covered his stomach like a blanket, and Kalion gently raised his hand to tidy up her hair. Then, as he patted her tiny head, Erna’s eyes slowly fluttered closed.

Soon, he hugged her, who fell asleep breathing softly, and he was overwhelmed in pleasant fatigue. Before long, his fingertips were softly tapping her back. Somehow, he felt good that she had fallen asleep without knowing he was touching her like this. Kalion grabbed her body and raised her.

If he kissed her like this…

As he stared blankly at her sleeping face, however, he carefully placed her body back on top of him again. He didn’t want to covet someone who didn’t know what was going on because she was sleeping. He wanted to see her reaction to his behavior when she was awake. Though she may slap him across the face.



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