Chapter 65.2

Chapter 65.2

Erna saw the blanket splayed out below. Kalion left out only one of the many things he had brought and laid them next to her. This was the same Erna who would normally refuse, but today she received whatever Kalion gave her. I don’t want to argue.

What if Kalion suddenly were to leave her alone here, saying he was annoyed? The problem was the fact that it didn’t mean that he wasn’t angry.

Sitting silently, what had happened prior to falling into the ruins kept lingering in Erna’s head. The way Kalion had looked at Freya, to be exact.

A tear rolled down her cheek.

On top of having been dragged out here when she was supposed to be resting, her body was overwhelmed with fatigue, having used up so much energy handling the demons. She had fallen on the ruins and walked around with a lot of tension, feeling numb from her neck to her shoulders and legs. She felt upset.

Erna gathered her knees and buried her head in between them. How can this situation make me cry? She realized that she was a strange person. She had no idea why in the world she was so emotional these days with everything going on.

Sitting opposite her and watching her sit silently with her head buried in her knees, Kalion didn’t know what to do. Then, as soon as he heard a whimper he asked her a question even though he knew that it would be best to keep his mouth shut.

“Are you crying?”

Erna winced at the sound of his voice, but replied a few seconds later sounding like there was a lump in her throat.

“…not crying.”

Sure. Not crying. Anyone could tell that her voice was completely absorbed in tears.

“The passage is gone, but we aren’t dead; there is no reason to be afr—”

“I said I’m not crying!” yelled Erna, lifting her head after wiping her eyes with the back of her hand. However, even though she was able to wipe the tears away, she could not hide her bloodshot eyes.

Kalion got up and approached her, grabbing her wrist and bringing her face close to his for a look, as if telling her not to cover her face.

“But you’re crying.”

Has this man seriously lost his wits? If he wasn’t a person, she’d expect him not to be one. Erna quietly gritted her teeth as she turned her head.

“Don’t tell me it’s still because of what happened with me and that woman.”

At those words, she turned back around and grilled him. Still? That woman? Listening to him, it seemed like he was talking like someone who had been holding on to a small problem for a long time. Heat rose from inside her. This time she really felt like crying, so when she tilted her head down Kalion forced her chin up with a hand and said, “I said it was a misunderstanding.”

“Oh, right. It was a misunderstanding. But frankly, I don’t really care whether it was a misunderstanding or not. The law doesn’t stop your affairs, and it’s not something I can intervene in. Still…” Erna tried to speak as calmly as possible, but in the end, tears were falling on her cheek. “…shouldn’t you be considerate?”

At her words, Kalion was rendered speechless.

“How… How could you try to get with another woman while sleeping with me? You don’t care, so you think you can just relieve your s*xual desire whenever you want? If you’re going to do that, at least do it after you get a successor! From then I won’t have to even think about you!”

She continued, glaring at him after she lifted her head, “You know that we won’t need to see each other after we have a child anyway. Because like you, I too will enjoy my time meeting somebody else…”

“What?” Kalion’s face, which had shown embarrassment a while ago, was distorted immediately. “What did you just say?”

“What I said was I too will enjoy my life.”

Amongst the aristocrats, there were lots of married couples who, after having children, stopped caring for each other and found respective side lovers. As long as no problems emerged, no one minded it. Would there be a problem if Erna also lived like that?

She recalled in her head the names of several male aristocrats who always chased her. She could easily count at least ten. She thought about how she could fill a year if she changed boyfriends once a month. Wait and see. Erna would have many more lovers than Kalion. Because she never ever wanted to lose against him!

“Don’t cry, Erna.”

When Erna was making up her mind to decide her men from January to December, Kalion growled in a cracked voice, “You think you can do that to me?” He grabbed her wrist tightly while staring at her. Beyond his eyes were balls of flame.

“I’ve said it clearly that you are the only one I hold. Even from now on. So,” he lowered his hands and wrapped them tightly around her waist, pulling her into his arms, “you too have to hold only me.”



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