Chapter 67.2

Chapter 67.2

Erna, though half asleep, hugged his neck. Somehow proud that Erna was trusting and relying on him now, Kalion hugged her more firmly. Having passed through the hallway, he pushed the stone door with all his strength with his back.

Unlike his expectation that it would be heavy due to its size, the stone door opened lightly as if it’d been waiting for him. As a result, Kalion’s body faltered greatly. Fortunately, not falling, he looked into the room.

“I knew it.”

This place also looked the same as when he had received his room in the Grand Castle for the first time. No, it was almost the same. Similar furniture, similar layout, similar decorations. Although it was his first time here and it had the same appearance as if he had gone back in time ten years ago, he felt a sense of surprise.

I’ll have to find out when we get out.

At this rate, there must be a record of the Grand Castle. Kalion thought he had to find the records of the furniture that had been sent elsewhere at that time. Of course, that is, when they got out safely.

Upon discovering a bed, Kalion set Erna down onto it. He became more worried about her body drooping. He wanted to go to the Grand Castle right away, give her a bath, and lay her down comfortably to sleep.

“Hold on just a moment.”

Erna, perhaps too exhausted to reply, closed her eyes after looking at him. Kalion hurriedly rummaged through the room. Desk. Chair. Writing utensils. Books on the shelf. When he saw the books on the bookshelf, half of them were books he couldn’t even read. The moment he was about to grab one that looked like it was about the ruins, the magical lights on the wall went out at the same time.


As soon as it became pitch black in all directions, Erna yelled out his name like a shriek. Kalion, while feeling around him, immediately found her and got closer. Her heated body retreated deeply into his arms.

“The l-l-lights…”

It was dark now, so Erna could summon the light again. When she waved her hand around to do so, Kalion grabbed her hand with one hand and placed the other over her mouth. As soon as she lifted her head at this abrupt action, she heard him give a quiet “Hush!” in the pitch-black space.

What happened? With her body frozen, she slowly turned her head.

If Kalion hadn’t put his hand over her mouth she would have screamed out right then and there. In the middle of the darkened room was a gray, ghost-like figure of a person.

It was Erna’s first time in her entire life to ever see something like this. The ghost wandered around the room in the dark. Though it was a ghost, it didn’t make her melt with fear like she’d imagined.

If it weren’t for the glowing gray light, it was just a clear ghost believed to be a person standing there. He looked about 40 years old; a skinny man with a rather beautiful appearance.

If it were a ghost it might have noticed the presence of Kalion and Erna, but it slowly walked around the room without giving a glance to them. Then, it went through a drawer in the desk and put something in its pocket. Kalion narrowed his eyes as he watched the figure.

He too thought it was a ghost at first. But upon a closer look, there was something different about it. The sight in front of him now felt more like he was witnessing someone else’s memory than a ghost.

It was like someone else was showing what had happened here in the past, blanketing Kalion with an odd feeling. The moment he studied the ghostly figure, he realized something familiar in its face.

Who is that? While Kalion tried to remember where he’d seen the man, feeling like he’d run into him a few times in the Grand Castle, the ghost started to move.

Stepping slowly, it went out and walked the hallway. He thought about just letting the ghost disappear like this, but his instinct whispered that he should follow it now.

Kalion lifted himself and started walking, still holding Erna. Fortunately, Erna seemed to hesitate for a while, grabbed him, and walked together with him.

The lights in the hallway had also gone out, turning it pitch black. Thanks to this, however, the ghost’s figure was seen more clearly.

The ghost was wobbling like a seriously injured person. Its walk, which seemed to be exhausting and made the figure look like it was about to fall right away, made Kalion feel sorry for the ghost, forgetting his fear for a moment. The ghost slowly walked down the middle stairs.


Kalion following behind it tripped on the edge of the step, summoning a loud noise, but it didn’t turn around. Like someone who hadn’t even heard it.

At the sight of that, Kalion snapped his fingers. But the ghost still didn’t turn around. When Erna grabbed his sleeve as if asking what the hell he was doing, he straightened his shoulders which had winced with tension, and said, “It can’t hear us.”

“But…” Erna, who tried to stop Kalion and had freaked out as soon as he spoke, said carefully after confirming that the ghost continued to move without caring about the two, “But that person…”

“You know who it is? He looks familiar, but I don’t really remember.”

“You don’t remember? We’ve seen him several times,” said Erna, as if shocked that Kalion didn’t know who the figure was.

“Richard Hessenguard.”

Kalion, as soon as he heard her say that name, stopped dead in his tracks and thought about where he had seen him. The last portrait hanging in the corridor of the Grand Castle.

The 17th grand duke, who had taken his own life.

Richard Hessenguard.

He was definitely the ghost walking ahead of them.



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