Chapter 72.1

Chapter 72.1

“If there’s no problem… we can do it until one comes up.”

Understanding what exactly that meant after a brief silence, Erna freaked out and tried to snatch her hand away, but Kalion had his fingers entangled even stronger than earlier.

“You, you…”

Kalion burst out laughing when she looked at him as if she was tired of his calm attitude. He hadn’t even done anything yet. Why was he so surprised? Kalion’s eyes stared directly at her while his lips ran down her arm. Erna felt numb from head to toe by the feeling of the hot lips rubbing over her soft skin.

Kalion, who had brushed his lips lightly over her arm, let go of the hand which he’d held too gently. When Erna looked puzzled at his actions that were different from his thoughts, Kalion flashed a bitter grin.

“If only your body weren’t in this condition,” he sighed. “You haven’t been out for at least a week. No, maybe you didn’t go out until it happened.”

There was no need to ask him “Until what happened?” because the gaze full of desire passed over her bre*sts and landed on her stomach. Though he was only staring at that region, the vivid feeling of having her insides filled replayed in her mind.

Her earlobes were as hot as her body that had heated up in an instant. Kalion licked his lips at Erna’s reaction that she might burst any moment. She had turned red as if licking her would make her taste sweet.

Erna thought about the precautions the doctor had given her. However, her body, which he couldn’t help but concentrate on, tasted so sweet when he bit and licked.

But Kalion also didn’t like leaving marks on her body. It was not just a matter of them being seen, but the sensitive parts of her body may become particularly weak, and she could develop skin problems. He didn’t want to stop tasting her, however.

Then there is one thing left. Kalion’s stare landed on her thick, red lips. Just try to get all better. He would embrace her as long as he’d endured. He was planning to taste her and enjoy her to his heart’s content. Erna couldn’t escape. Because she had promised to enjoy her time with him.

Kalion sighed. He felt a tingle down there just through his imagination. Since there was nothing he could do now, however, he had to leave before he did something dangerous.

“I will go now. Rest now, since I won’t be back for a few days.”

“How come?” asked Erna.

“If I stay longer, your assistant and doctors who will be standing outside may do something like slice my neck. And…” Kalion stared at the pile of snacks still on the tray. “Next time I’ll bring something that you like.”

Lastly, Kalion went back with a slightly uncomfortable walk, unlike when he’d come.

In the once-again silent room, Erna looked at the door he’d left through, then crept under the blanket.

Her arm and the back of her hand where Kalion had planted his lips felt hot. Was it because of him? Erna hadn’t felt any other pain that bothered her until his arrival. If I’m a problem…

“I can’t sleep.”

Despite taking medicine, she couldn’t fall asleep until dawn because what Kalion had said rang in her ear like an echo.


After Kalion had snuck into Erna’s room, the Grand Castle was peaceful for a few days.

The delegates from Haband grumbled that the doctor still hadn’t come on time, but after the Grand Castle’s people said they’d look into it they quickly removed their protests from their minds. Because of that, Marquess Canavan’s swelling showed no improvements, and he still wasn’t able to leave the hospital bed.

“That’s none of my business.”

After quickly reading something related to Marquess Canavan from the documents that had been sent to him, Kalion stacked them in one corner of his desk. Cedric, who had come into his office just in time, held out a new document in front of him and said, “Here’s something you should know, sir.”

“What’s this?” asked Kalion.

“A message from the border area. It says a new team of delegates from Haband is coming.”

“Already?” Kalion frowned as he snatched the paper from Cedric’s hands. All the while giving him an order: “You eat the last ones.”

“Y-yes, sir…”

At that, Cedric staggered towards the edge of Kalion’s desk. There, was a plate with a few snacks leftover. Taking a deep breath, he pushed the snacks into his mouth. Thanks to this, only crumbs were left on the plate.

Finally, they’re all gone! Kalion had randomly brought the plate of snacks to his office a few days ago. Then, he had suggested all the knights eat one and leave.

Since Kalion had never suggested anyone to eat snacks up until then, the knights had happily accepted his recommendation, thinking that the snacks contained medicine that would develop their muscles more.

Knights also have a sense of taste. Especially after getting all sweaty, the snacks tasted even sweeter than normal when their lips needed stimulation. Sometimes some people refused to eat stuff too sweet, but Kalion refused to do so.



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