Chapter 72.2

Chapter 72.2

By the time the snacks piled on the plate were about to bottom out, the Grand Castle’s chef led his disciples to Kalion’s office, holding a tray full of all kinds of sweet things. After he asked what in the world led them to bring such things to his office, the chef replied with loads of emotion.

“My Lord, you dropped by my kitchen a few days ago and swept up all the snacks I made. No, you wanted to eat that much, but I wondered how did you endure it…? So I showed off my skills like this, My Lord. Please give them to the knights as well.”

“Even so, this is…”

What is this, food for an elephant? Who would eat all of this?

The chef who didn’t notice Cedric’s silent scream left after setting down a pile of snacks not only for Kalion’s office but for the entire knight order.

Kalion then told Cedric, “From now on, you eat ten at a time.”

“How am I supposed to, sir!?”

“I can’t throw out what’s already been made,” Kalion replied nonchalantly.

“Then you eat some, Lord Kalion,” urged Cedric.

“I said three is my limit. But I believe you will be a deputy who shows himself challenging his limits.”

Since then, the sweet smell had not gone away from the knights’ quarters. The faces of the knights, who’d eaten them because they were good at first, became pale the more they ate. Often some people entered the knights’ building but came back with their mouths covered in sweet crumbs.

Eventually, Cedric had no choice but to ask for help to defeat the sweet and evil things that filled the knights’ quarters.

“What is this? Why didn’t we get any of this?”

The wizards that had come with Orpé were the knights’ saviors. Even so, they said that they craved sweets after using magic, asking “Can we take them all if you don’t eat them?” as they took entire plates.

When Cedric was deeply thanking them for their help, Kalion, who looked at the documents, mumbled, “The delegates are coming in too fast.”

“I know, sir. I thought they’d take longer, but there will be two more pieces of luggage to carry.” Cedric grumbled, saying, “I hope the bee that stung Marquess Canavan attacks once more.”

Kalion discovered something strange while going over the documents. Last time, Marquess Canavan’s name was at the top of the delegate guest list. This time, however, the representative’s name wasn’t there; just a few of the same aristocrat’s names. What’s going on?

In this case, it was one of the two: either there wasn’t a special representative or they didn’t want to let him know who the representative of the delegates was until they arrived.

Is it the latter? Haband was drooling to swallow Hessenguard by any means necessary. On top of that, when the cost and resources for restoration after the war were needed, there was no way that Marquess Canavan, who was in bed, would be left as the representative.

Who on earth is coming? He hadn’t expected the representative to be a secret. He couldn’t guess how much they were trying to send someone unexpected.

Then, a bell rang, signaling that it was six o’clock in the evening.

“Then go home and rest for today. I should get going too. Take the plate when you leave and put it in the kitchen.”

“Yes, Lord Kalion.” Cedric quickly grabbed the plate and left, just in case Kalion changed his mind or said something else.

After deciding to sit in the office a little more, Kalin organized the documents and stood up from his chair. His thoughts drifted to Erna. Was she still in her bed? He still hadn’t seen her since this morning. Perhaps she wouldn’t be there even if he went back tonight, but he had said he wouldn’t see her for a few days.

It was so that she could rest peacefully and comfortably, but Kalion wanted to slap himself in the mouth for saying that. He wanted to see her, but he was embarrassed to go back because of what he’d said.

Today I’ll have to sleep in the couple’s bedroom…

Expecting that Erna’s scent might be permeating the room, he headed to the main building of the Grand Castle. Then, he heard wizards’ voices from a distance. Assuming the nearby wizards were just returning, he was about to pass by. But there was a voice so annoying to his ears amid the mixture of high-toned laughter.

A man?

Erna’s team of wizards mainly consisted of women. Since she was bedridden now, no way there could have been a newly-appointed wizard; who in the world was that?

Kalion looked at where the voice was coming from. He could see the wizards walking with their backs turned to where he was standing far away. There in the middle was a wizard who seemed new. A man dressed in clothing not that of the Grand Castle’s wizards.

All he could see was his back, so Kalion kept looking over, but they disappeared around the corner of the building without turning around. Who in the world was that?

When Kalion couldn’t pick his feet up because he was thinking about the man who’d disappeared, Orpé, walking from the main building, discovered and greeted him.

“Lord Kalion? What brings you here?”

“What brings me? More important than that, that man among the wizards—”

“Madam Erna is okay now, so he was looking for y—”

At that moment, he bolted to the main building before she could even finish speaking.



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